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From tensile to signal strength, different cable meters are available per the application.

From tensile to signal strength, different cable meters are available per the application.

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  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger offer over 40 cable meter products, including LAN and A/V cable checkers, Utp Stp testers, circuit tracing kits, cable tester/verifiers, buried cable locators, LAN toners, TraceAll tone and probes, Coax Explorers, and much more.

  • JDSU

    The JDSU TrueLength Cable Length Meter measures distance to opens and shorts, measures conductor length in feet or meters, operates in AWG/mm/mm2, Telco, network, coax, tone generator, and ohms, and provides an audible indicator for shorted wires.

  • Electromatic Equipment Co., Inc.

    Electromatic Equipment Co. offers over a half dozen models of cable tension meters. The CTM is used for bare wire roped and fixed at both ends while the CBM is used for bare and coated cables fixed at both ends. The Model 136-3 is for moving cables up to 30mm in diameter.

  • Albuquerque Industrial

    Albuquerque Industrial offers a half dozen cable tension meters. The QB-10000 is an elevator cable tension meter. The SY is a cable/wire rope design. The 136-3E offers five ranges up to 1000lbs/500 Kg/5000N.

  • June Company

    The Megger cable height meter uses ultrasonics to determine the height of up to six overhead wires and cables. This product addresses specific measuring requirements on cables up to 75 feet. Different models serve different industries (power cable and telecommunications).

  • Toner Cable Equipment Inc.

    Toner offers five models of signal level meters from Sadelco and Sencore. Types include headend distribution and installation (with optional cable leakage indicator), portable, and digital.

  • Hykon Mfg.

    Hykon offers a variety of cable meters and wire handling aids. Types of meters available include wire, cable, measuring, flat cable, cordage, hinged type cable, and cutter. Flat material cable and wire measuring units are also available.

  • Tensitron Inc.

    Tensitron offers four standard (lb) and four metric (kg) cable tension meter models. Products are designed to measure up to 1000 lbs. of tension in flexible cable diameters as large as .625" (cable, wire, rope, guy wires, rectangular wire, bands, and straps).

  • Penn-Tech International, Inc.

    Penn-Tech's cable tension meters measure cable tension while suspended on the cable line with hooks. Applications include utility and stainless steel cables, IWRC wire rope, fiber rope, aircraft cable, Philly strand, Kevlar strand, ASCR cable, fiberglass rod, elevator cable, and many others.

  • Tension Measurement, Inc.

    Tension Measurement offers their BTG-Series of belt and cable tension meters in ranges from 2 to 100 lbs. Products are calibrated to one type of belt or cable and a variety of contact elements are installed to adapt to different cables, belts, wires, and thin straps and bands.

  • stocks over 1000 portable cable TV meters. Products come in analog or digital. Some CATV meters can test the CATV QAM or analog signal in the scan, spectrum, or channel models.

  • Holland Electronics, LLC

    Holland offers the ST-4000D CATV signal level meter with an expanded sub-band range (T7 - T14). This product features full bandwidth operation, a -28 dBmV - 55 dBmV dynamic range, and analog, digital ATSC, and 8VSB measurement capability.

  • First Strike Meters, div of DMS International

    First Strike Meters offers over a half dozen cable meters and devices for maintenance and installation applications. OEM and private labeling is available. Products come in analog and digital formats.

  • J-Tron, Inc.

    J-Tron offers the Psiber CT-50 cable meter that can measure cable length in a box, on a spool, or in a wall from just one end. You can also identify and find the distance of an open or short in seconds. This product is designed for contractors, electricians, low voltage installers, or anyone involved in cable installation or maintenance.

  • HD Electric Company

    The CDM-75 is a handheld cable distance meter for cable sag, cable height distance and overhead clearance measurement of conductors. This product utilizes ultrasonic signals to determine the height of overhead cables up to 75 feet.