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Coriolis flow meters measure the mass flow ratings of a wide variety of liquids, including: vapors, chemicals, caustic, acids, water, etc.

Coriolis flow meters measure the mass flow ratings of a wide variety of liquids, including: vapors, chemicals, caustic, acids, water, etc.

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  • Emerson Process Management

    Emerson Process Management offers coriolis flow meters in the following configurations: T-Series straight tube, R-Series general purpose, H-Series compact, hygienic, F-Series compact high performance, and 2-wire. T-Series straight tube full-bore coriolis flow meters can handle pressures up to 1450 PSI, temperature ratings up to 300°F, +/-0.15% mass flow accuracies, and +/-0.002 g/cc density accuracies. These meters feature no internal moving parts, process/fluid immunity, titanium wetted parts, and a highly robust construction. Emerson Process also supplies Model D, LF-Series extreme low-flow, CNG050, and ELITE peak performance coriolis flow meters.

  • Bronkhorst USA Inc.

    Bronkhorst USA, Inc. offers standard and mini Cori-Flow coriolis mass flow meters. Standard Cori-Flow coriolis mass flow meters have accuracies up to 0.2%, ranges from 50 g/h to 600 kg/h, Kv-values up to 1.5, and IP65 protected housings. These meters feature integrated totalisers/PID controllers, digital and analog communication capabilities, and an all-wetted stainless steel construction. Applications include: petro-chemical installations, beverage/food industries, and semiconductor processing.

  • Smart Measurement Inc

    Smart Measurement, Inc. offers Model ALCM-LC low cost, Model ALCM-FR standard, and Model ALCM ATEX coriolis flow meters. Model ALCM-LC low cost coriolis mass flow meters feature high rotation frequencies, individual eight point calibrations, and sterilization/purging capabilities. These meters can handle process temperatures up to +350°C, flow ranges up to 1200 ton/hr, +/-0.1% accuracies, and operating pressures up to 64 bar.

  • Siemens

    Siemens offers coriolis flow meters in a variety of configurations. Sitrans FC Mass 2100 coriolis flow meters feature IP66 enclosures, multi-plug electrical connectors, dual-drive pick-ups, and a one-tube bended design. These meters come in medium temperatures ranging from -58 to 356°F, measuring ranges ranging from 0 to 143 lb/h, liquid pressures up to 5,294 PSI, and nominal sizes up to 1/16". Applications include: dialysis liquids, preparation, pastes, ketchup, concentrates, chemical dosing, etc.

  • GE Measurement & Control Solutions

    GE Measurement & Control Solutions offers coriolis mass flow meters for a wide range of applications, including: filling stations, tantalum meters, high pressure gases/liquids, pilot plants, gas/oil flows, chemical flows, etc. These flow meters are CSA/ATEX approved, resistant to process stream gas bubbles, and unaffected by high densities/viscosities. They can handle temperature ratings ranging from -328 to +750°F, pressure ratings up to 13,050 PSIG, flow rates ranging from 0.07 to 3,300,000 lb/h, and nominal measurement rates up to 50,706 lb/min.

  • Brooks Instrument

    Brooks Instrument offers coriolis flow meters in the following configurations: ANSI/ISA-76 downport, explosion proof, NEMA 4X/IP65, and NEMA 1/IP40. These meters come in liquid flows ranging from 0.001 to 13.5 kg/hr, accuracies ranging from +/-0.2 to 1.0%, pressure ratings up to 1500 PSIG, and temperature ratings up to 150°F. They have ultra-low-flow liquid and gas applications.

  • Yaskawa America, Inc.- Drives & Motion Division

    Yokogawa offers 3-Series RotaMass coriolis flow meters for aggressive chemical, sanitary, molten liquid, and cryogenic applications. These flow meters have multi-parameter and multi-measurement capabilities, and they feature a seamless/heavy walled design.

  • Brabender Technologie, Inc.

    Brabender Technologie, Inc. offers CDW 150, CDW 250, and CDW 350 bulk solids coriolis flow meters. Model CDW 150/250 bulk solids coriolis flow meters can handle operating temperatures ranging from -20 to +70°C, speeds up to 750 min-1, voltages up to 400V, and wattages up to 1.1 kW. These flow meters feature an explosion-proof design, vertical shafts, three-phase current motors, and load cells for dynamic measurements.

  • Itron Corp.

    Itron offers coriolis flow meters in a variety of configurations. Model M012 mass flow transducers have the following applications: mobile distribution, distribution terminals, butane/propane, rapid transfers, density cutting, on-the-fly mixing, explosion-proof batching, abrasive paint slurry, etc. These transducers have flow ranges from 0.09 to 9.0 kg/min, wide 100:1 turndown ratios, operating pressures up to 2000 PSI, and temperatures up to 400°F. They feature 316 stainless steel wetted parts, smooth bores, low pressure drops, and patented omega-shaped flow tubes.

  • FLO-CORP (Flow Line Options Corp.)

    FLO-CORP (Flow Line Options Corp.) offers coriolis mass flow meters in a variety of configurations. FCACM Series low volume/mass coriolis flow meters can handle pressure ratings up to 5,600 PSI, temperatures up to 250°F, reading accuracies up to +/-0.5%, and measurement ranges from 4.5 to 60,000 kg/h. These flow meters feature three analog outputs, flange/BSP/Tri-Clamp connections, a vibration-resistant design, and applications for contaminated/aggressive fluids.