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Energy Flow meters are designed for measurement of energy in a conveyance system such as heat or electromagnetic levels.

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  • FLEXIM Americas Corp.

    FLEXIM Americas Corp. is a manufacturer of measurement instrumentation. Products offered include high accuracy BTU energy flow meters. Thermal energy flow meters are designed for applications such as billing monitoring, load balancing, operation control efficiency, building oversight management systems, LEED certification metering and verification as well as building load operations and distribution. Thermal energy flow meters products feature the ability to transmit values to a PC for analysis and display.

  • Dynasonics

    Dynasonics is a engineering and manufacturer company specializing in products for flow measurement applications. Transit time ultrasonic flow meters are available featuring ruggedized aluminum enclousure, large format digital display, Modbus RTU over RS485 communications, bi-directional flow measurement system and slurry compatibility.

  • Onicon, Inc.

    Onicon, Inc. is a manufacturer of highly accurate flow meters and energy measurement systems for applications such as HVAC, municipal water and processing. System-10 BTU meter products are available and feature front panel LCD display, custom calibrated and matched sensors to an accuracy better than ±0.15°F from 32-200°F, compatibility with ONICON's insertion, inline, electromagnetic, clamp-on ultrasonic and vortex flow meters, as well as network compatible serial communications.

  • Clark Solutions

    Clark Solutions is a supplier of valves, pumps and other instrumentation. Available products include sonic flow meters in pipe sizes ranging from 3/4" to 10". Flow meter products are available with alarms, and/or analog output.

  • ABB

    ABB is a power abd automation technology supplier. Flow meter products offered include thermal mass flowmeters featuring modular design and accuracy down to < 1%.