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Mass flow meters often use heated elements and temperature sensor to measure flow rates of a medium of known heat and density by guaging the static and flowing heat transfer.

Mass flow meters often use heated elements and temperature sensor to measure flow rates of a medium of known heat and density by guaging the static and flowing heat transfer.

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  • KROHNE, Inc.

    KROHNE, Inc. offers mass flow meters in the following configurations: OPTIMASS 3000 low flow, OPTIMASS 2000 large diameter, OPTIMASS 1000 general purpose, OPTIGAS 5010-C compressed natural gas/liquified petroleum, and OPTIBATCH 4010-C process batching. OPTIMASS 3000 low flow mass flow meters have measuring ranges from 25 to 187 lbs/ft3, flow ranges from 0.733 lbs/min, and process temperatures ranging from -40 to +302°F. These flow meters are easily cleaned/drained, simply installed, and NEMA 4X/IP67 protected. Applications include: engine test beds, natural propane/gas odorization, Co2 dosing/injection, high precision coatings, fragrance dispensing, etc.

  • Brooks Instrument

    Brooks Instrument offers NEMA 4X/IP66, Multi-Flow capable, liquid, and general purpose thermal mass flow meters. NEMA 4X/IP66 thermal mass flow meters feature full scale capacities ranging from 3 sccm to 3,600 slpm, pressures up to 1500 PSIG, temperature limits up to 150°F, and 4-20 mA inputs/outputs. These flow meters have ranges from 0.003 to 2500 lpm, ±1.0% accuracies, and ±0.20% repeatability ratings. Industry applications include: biotech, pharmaceutical, beverage, food, etc.

  • Fluid Components International

    Fluid Components International (FCI) offers Model ST98B-CA compressed air, Model ST98B-AN air/nitrogen, Model ST75/ST75V inline gas, and Model ST50 insertion mass flow meters. Model ST98B-AN air/nitrogen thermal mass flow meters come in pressure ranges from 10 to 50 PSIA, temperature ranges from 40 to 100°F, flow measurement ranges from 1.25 to 125 SFPS, and 100:1 factory set turn-down ratios. Applications include: aeration pond monitoring, air control system optimization, air flow to burner monitoring, etc. These flow meters are CE, ATEX, CENELEC, CNA and FM approved. FCI also offers GF Series thermal dispersion gas and MT Series large line size mass flow meters.

  • Horiba/Stec Inc.

    Horiba/Stec, Inc. offers mass flow meters in the following configurations: analog, high temperature analog, Model SEC-Z500X digital, Model SEC-8000F/D high temperature digital, and LF-F & LV-F Series liquid. LF-F Series mass liquid flow meters have operating temperatures ranging from 5 to 50°C, operating pressures ranging from 5 to 300 kPa, flow ranges from 0.02 to 100 g/min, and measurement ranges from 5 to 100% F.S.

  • MKS Instruments

    MKS Instruments offers mass flow meters in the following configurations: Model M10MB analog/elastomer sealed, Model 579 digital/elastomer sealed, Model 180A ALTA digital/metal sealed, and Model 179A analog/metal sealed. Model 579 digital/elastomer sealed flow meters can handle normal operating pressures ranging from 15 to 60 PSID, full scale flow rates ranging from 50 to 300 SLM, operating temperatures ranging from 59 to 104°F, and currents up to 300 mA. These flow meters feature analog/Profibus DP communications, 1% FS accuracies, CE compliance, and a compact/space-saving design.

  • Kurz Instruments Inc.

    Kurz Instruments offers insertion and inline mass flow meters in a variety of standard, profile immunity, single-point, multi-point, and self-cleaning configurations. K-Bar 2000B Series multi-point insertion mass flow meters feature high temperature ratings up to 500°C, repeatability/accuracy ratings up to 12,000 SFPM, pressure ratings up to 150 PSIG, and an all-welded construction. Applications include: recovery boilers, high temperature air flows, flare gas metering, municipal waste incinerators, coal pulverizer air flow, etc.

  • Sage Metering, Inc.

    Sage Metering, Inc. offers Sage Prism portable, Sage Prime gas, Sage Clear economical thermal, and general purpose/explosion-proof mass flow meters. Sage Clear economical thermal mass flow meters can handle gas temperatures ranging from -40 to 200°F, gas pressures up to 500 PSIG, and flow outputs ranging from 4 to 20 mA. These flow meters feature solar energy usage options, 1000:1 resolutions, ±0.5% flow accuracies, and a rugged/user-friendly construction. They are constructed from 316 stainless steel wetted materials.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers Series 500 digital gas and Series 100/2200/3200 analog mass flow meters. Series 500 digital mass flow meters are capable of measuring gas flow rates ranging from 0-5 SLPM to 0-1000 SLPM, they feature a stainless steel construction, and can operate at pressures of up to 3000 PSIG.

  • Sierra Instruments

    Sierra Instruments offers thermal mass, multivariable mass vortex (for liquids), and gas mass flow meters. Steel-Mass Model 640S inline/totalizing air flow meters feature 3/4" diameter insertion probes, ±0.5% full scale accuracies, a wide variety of process connections, a field configurable design, and a 316 stainless steel construction. These flow meters can handle temperatures up to 750°F, and they have the following applications: gas emissions, custody transfer, natural gas fuel flow, combustion air flow, aeration basin air flow, compressed air flow, etc.

  • Sure Flow Products, LLC

    Sure Flow Products, LLC offers Series TM/I, TM/P, and TM/C thermal flow meters; Series GM/GV mass flow meters for air/gases; and Series CM coriolis mass flow meters. Series GM/GV mass flow meters feature +/-1% accuracies, 100:1 turndown ratios, 0.25% repeatability rates, NIST traceability, and an easy-to-use push-button interface. These flow meters have flow rates ranging from 0.5 SCCM to 1000 SLPM, operating temperatures ranging from 0 to 50°C, and +/-10 millisecond response times. Applications include: OEM, laboratory, process control, industrial, medical, leak testing, gas blending, gas consumption, burner gas, etc.

  • Aalborg Instruments & Controls, Inc.

    Aalborg Instruments & Controls, Inc. offers Thermal Mass Flow Meters with SLPM ratings ranging from 100 to 1000. These flow meters come in a variety of materials, including: aluminum, buna-N, Viton-A, 316 stainless steel, etc.

  • ABB

    ABB offers thermal mass flow meters for a variety of test rig and industrial applications that involve precise/quick measurements of gas, including: beverage, food, pneumatics, pharmaceuticals, compressed air accounting, biogas, boiler control, etc. Sensyflow FMT200 Series flow meters feature RS 232 serial ports, IP65 protection, a compact design, and frequency outputs ranging from 1 to 2500 Hz. These flow meters have temperature ranges from 32 to 122°F, voltage ratings up to 24V DC, and measurement ranges from 1 to 100 kg/h.

  • Alicat Scientific, Inc.

    Alicat Scientific, Inc. offers M Series digital/analog mass flow meters. These flow meters feature accuracy ratings up to +/-0.4%, flow range measurements from 0.5 SCCM to 2000+ SLPM, repeatability ratings of +/-0.2% of FS, and 200:1 turndown ratios. These flow meters are capable of response times under 10 milliseconds, and they come with optional full color/back lit TFT displays.

  • Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

    Dwyer Instruments, Inc. offers Series GFM gas mass flow meters for a variety of applications that require totalization. These flow meters have high accuracy/repeatability ratings, pressure ratings up to 500 PSI, and flow ranges up to 1000 L/min. They are NIST traceable, and they feature a 90° tiltable, 3-1/2 digit LCD readouts.

  • FLO-CORP (Flow Line Options Corp.)

    FLO-CORP offers thermal mass flow meters for gas-reading applications. These flow meters feature a metallic/rigid construction, tiltable built-in LCD readouts, NIST certifications, circuit protection, totalizer options, and optional portable configurations. They have flow range measurement capabilities ranging from 9-10 SCCM to 0-1000 SLPM, pressure ratings up to 500 PSIG, 4-20 mA signals, and +/-1.5% full scale accuracies.

  • Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.

    Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc. offers Model FT2, Model FT3, and Model 10A gas flow meters. Model 10A gas flow meters come in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 6", they feature bright LED read-outs, CE approvals, NIST traceable calibration, and remote NEMA 4X enclosures. These flow meters have no moving parts, +/-2% repeatability ratings, 0.9 second response times, and flow measurement rates ranging from 0 to 32,000 SFPM. Common gas applications include: fuel, flare, ethylene, digester, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, compressed air, chlorine, butane, biogas, etc.

  • Porter Instrument Div., Parker Hannifin Corp.

    The Porter Instrument division of Parker Hannifin Corp. offers digital and analog mass flow meters for liquid and gas applications. Model 522 gas mass flow meters feature LED indicators, multi-gas capabilities, digital electronics, a single power supply, and counter/alarm functions. These flow meters have operating pressures ranging from 1500 to 3000 PSIG, operating temperatures ranging from +14 to 158°F, flow capacities ranging from 0-5 SCCM to 0-1000 SLPM, and a 316 stainless steel body construction.

  • Teledyne Hastings Instruments

    Teledyne Hastings Instruments offers gas flow meters in a variety of configurations for high temperature, corrosive gas, low/high flow, and industrial/laboratory environment applications. Customized mass flow meters feature inlet/outlet pressure measurement capabilities, totalizer options, calibration points specified by the customer, custom labels, and polynomial fit improved accuracies.

  • TSI Inc., Flowmeter Div.

    TSI, Inc. offers laboratory and general purpose mass flow meters in a wide range of configurations. These flow meters can measure pressures, temperatures, and flow rates in one measurement. THey are capable of fast response times as low as 4 milliseconds, and they are ideally used for the following applications: quality assurance, product development, research, medical, metrology, product testing, OEM, environmental, etc.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering, Inc. offers mass flow meters in a wide range of co0nfigurations, including: multi-parameter, integral display, stainless steel, programmable, economical, high pressure, air velocity, etc. FMA 3100 Series mass flow sensors feature differential pressure ratings ranging from 15 to 40 PSI, +/-1.5% FS accuracy ratings, ambient operating temperatures ranging from 50 to 122°F, and a 50:1 control range. These flow meters are compact, stable, minimally leaking, and ideal for a variety of OEM applications.