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Open channel flow meters are used to measure the flow of fluids that are open to the environment and generally consist of a primary device, transducer, and transmitter.

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  • Greyline Instruments, Inc.

    Greyline offers a variety of open channel flow meters. The AVFM 5.0 is an area-velocity design for open channels and pipes where no weir or flume is required. The Stingray is a portable design for sewers, steams and open channels. The OCF 5.0 is a non-contacting design.

  • Teledyne Isco

    Teledyne Isco offers multiple open channel flow meters. The 2100 Series is a modular design for inflow and infiltration studies, river monitoring, and cMOM and AMP data collection. The Signature Series supports technologies like ultrasonic and bubbler. The 4200 Series are portable, battery powered products.

  • Siemens

    Siemens offers a wide range of open channel flow meters, from the MultiRanger, HydroRanger and SITRANS LUC controllers to the SITRANS Probe LU compact units. The OCMIII is highly precise ultrasonic flow monitor.

  • Global Water Instrumentation, Inc.

    Global Water offers their FC220 open channel flow monitor that accepts any 4mA-20mA water level sensor's input. Other features include a 4mA-20mA output signal for recorders or displays.

  • FLO-CORP (Flow Line Options Corp.)

    Flo-Corp offers ChannelFlo open channel flow meters. The ROC OCRM Radar features a sensing range of 2" to 50', accuracy of <2mm, supply voltage of 9.6 to 36 VDC, and a pressure rating of 30 psi (+2 bar).

  • AMETEK Drexelbrook

    AMETEK Drexelbrook offers their USonic-R ultrasonic open channel flow meters. Features include 0.15% accuracy of up to 30 ft. This is a line powered design offering 2 channel input for differential level, 6 programmable relays, pump alternation, batch sample activation, data logging, and totalization.

  • Hach

    Hach offers the Sigma Series open channel flow meter line. Types include portable/field, permanent, interface via computer, user interface, and data transfer units.

  • Rapid Pump & Meter/ Machinery Services Corp .

    Rapid Pump offers open channel flow meters for the water and wastewater, petrochemical, food, power generation, industrial and environmental industries.