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Ultrasonic flow meters measure the difference of the transit time of ultrasonic pulses propagating in and against flow direction of the given medium.

Ultrasonic flow meters measure the difference of the transit time of ultrasonic pulses propagating in and against flow direction of the given medium.

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  • Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

    Dwyer has a variety of ultrasonic flowmeter detectors, converters and transmitters. The UXF2 ultrasonic flow converter is designed for transit-time measuring systems, and work with two exterior mounted, ultrasonic pulse sensors. The ULF ultrasonic flow transmitter is made for maintenance-free, non-contact operation for open channel measurement and features a 4-digit LCD readout. Dwyer's SX3 ultrasonic flowmeter detector is often paired with the UXF2 and is designed to measure pure liquids without air bubbles.

  • Emerson Process Management

    Emerson Process Management distributes a variety of Daniel ultrasonic flow meters. The Daniel 3812 liquid ultrasonic flow meter is designed for consistent, low-maintenance measurement, for use with petroleum, oil, water and wastewater systems. The Daniel SeniorSonic 4-path flow meter has 100:1 rangeability with an accuracy of +/- 0.1% and are sampled at 32 times per second. The Daniel JuniorSonic gas flow meters are available in one- or two-path, and can be used in both transfer, storage and wet has systems; two path setups check redundancy for cleaner measurement.

  • Sierra Instruments

    Sierra Instruments has a variety of Innova-Sonic flow meters. The Innova-Sonic 203 transit-time flow meter is designed to accurately measure HVAC and irrigation water flows as a significantly lower price than its other systems.  Innova-Sonic Model 205i ultrasonic flow meters have repeatable and highly-accurate flow readings, an easy to read display and is designed for use with many pipe sizes and different types of liquid. Innova-Sonic's Model 210i s a compact, portable flow meter designed for industrial liquid systems with clean or minimal bubble/suspended solids.

  • GE Measurement & Control Solutions

    GE Measurement & Control Solutions has a variety of ultrasonic flowmeters, including Rheonik, Sentinel, DigitalFlow and TransPort designs. Rheonik's Coriolis mass flowmeters are available in multiple sizes and calibrations, and can measure liquid, sludge and gas. Sentinel Custody Transfer Gas flowmeters are built for measuring transmission, compression metering and pipeline balancing of gas. TransPort portable liquid flowmeter has a sealed enclosure with a built-in data log that can store up to 100,000 points and is designed for all types of liquid, from clear water to raw sewage/slurry.

  • KROHNE, Inc.

    KROHNE has a variety of ultrasonic flowmeters available in single and tri-beam loadouts. The UFM is a universal three beam flowmeter with no moving parts, and is designed to measure independent of temperature, conductivity, viscosity and pressure. The ALTOSONIC III has all the same features of the UFM, and is designed to be maintenance free and measures liquid hydrocarbons. The UFM 530 is accurate and repeatable, made for high-temperature liquid measurement, such as crude, petroleum and heat transfer oil. The OPTISONIC clamp-on flowmeter is available in single or dual sensor layout, and mounts/measures data easily.

  • FTI Flow Technology Inc.

    FTI has ultrasonic flowmeters for a range of systems. The SLF-500 is designed for industrial pipe systems from 1-12 inches, and has an accuracy rating of +/- 2% and can measure temperatures from -4F to 140F.  The SLF-200 is meant for 1-6 inch process lines, with an accuracy rating of +/- 1.5%. The SLF-100 is made for 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 inch PFA tube systems, and have an accuracy of +/- 2%, with temperatures from 50F to 140F. The Micro LF 100 is designed for low-flow systems in either 3mm or 6mm tubes, with an accuracy of +/- 2%, with temperatures from 50F to 158F.


  • Smart Measurement Inc

    Smart Measurement Inc has a range of ALSONIC ultrasonic flowmeters in both fixed and portable designs. Both the FDSP and DDPL systems are clamp-on, non-invasive systems that measures flow in pico-second intervals. The ALSONIC-EG system is available in clamp-on, inserted or in-line setups and have a variety of mounting options for accurate BTU measurement. The ALSONIC-DHL is a hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter that can be clamp-mounted and has high visibility and multiple outputs for different polling options.

  • Yaskawa America, Inc.- Drives & Motion Division

    Yokogawa ultrasonic flowmeters are available in both fixed and portable designs for use with a variety of systems. The US300PM portable ultrasonic flowmeter is used for measuring completely filled pipes and gives fast, accurate non-zero measurements in all types of fluid. The US300FM fixed ultrasonic flowmeter has the same characteristics of the US300, but has transducers in three pipe sizes from 25mm to 6500mm.

  • Dynasonics

    Dynasonics has ultrasonic flowmeters in both doppler and hybrid designs. Their doppler ultrasonic flowmeters are built to measure flows in liquids containing either bubbles or solids, and are available in fixed, portable or compact styles. Hybrid ultrasonic flowmeters uses both doppler and transit time measurements to calculate accurate flow rates, and will not clog, damage or give an inaccurate flow-through meter design.

  • JLC International

    JLC ultrasonic flowmeters are designed to test low and extremely low flows (0.0005 gpm at lowest), at pressures of 3,300 PSI or higher and with an accuracy of +/- 1.5%. JLC ultrasonic flowmeters have pulse NPN or analog PNP outputs, and have a LCD display for quick and accurate readouts.

  • Global Water Instrumentation, Inc.

    Global Water offers SonicPro ultrasonic flowmeters, that utilizes doppler and transit time measurements for better accuracy. It is designed to for clear or dirty water systems, and has clamp-on transducers for contact-free testing. The system's built-in datalogger exports to a standard SD card.

  • Sure Flow Products, LLC

    Sure Flow Products' non-invasive ultrasonic flowmeters can be calibrated to measure acoustic velocity, is unaffected by line pressure and has a highly visible LCD readout. The doppler-based system is built to measure liquids between clear and slurry, so long as they contain air or solids.

  • Brooks Instrument

    Brooks Instrument ultrasonic bi-directional liquid flow controllers have an all-PFA wetted flowpath, and is resistant to almost every chemical, and is designed to control fluids from slurry to ultra-high purity. They're available in pinch or needle valve options.

  • Siemens

    Siemens ultrasonic flowmeters are available in clamp-on, in-line and open-channel flow systems. Siemens In-Line ultrasonic flowmeter is available with a variety of sensors and is designed for electrically conductive and non-conductive liquid measurement. Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters are designed to measure gas and liquids with zero pressure drop. Open channel ultrasonic flowmeters have a few different versions to chose from, to fit each measurement condition.

  • FMC Technologies

    FMC Technologies MPU ultrasonic gas flowmeters are available in three-, four- and six-path, and have a digital signal output for the MPU WinScreen diagnostic system. In most cases, the MPU's titanium wrapped 150,000 MTBF transducers can be removed or replaced on-site without reading loss.

  • Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.

    Hoffer Flow Controls has ultrasonic flowmeters available with or without high-visibilityreadout rate displays, and have either AC- or battery-powered systems.