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Variable area flow meters are commonly referred to as rotameter and consist of tapered glass tube containing a float that is raised by the flow of a fluid and dropped by gravity.

Variable area flow meters are commonly referred to as rotameter and consist of tapered glass tube containing a float that is raised by the flow of a fluid and dropped by gravity.

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  • Brooks Instrument

    Brooks Instrument has a range of variable area meters, including low-flow glass, high-flow glass, plastic tube variable, armored metal and manual flow controllers. Low-flow glass variable area meters have integral needle valves on in/outlet, allow custom scales and have in-line field-replaceable tube and float kits. Armored metal variable area tube meters are designed for high pressure/temperature systems, hazardous environments, and operate without an external power sources. High flow glass tubes have rotatable connections, a single moving part, no power required for operation and are available with flow alarms. Plastic flow meters are designed to measure water, gas or air, and have a single-piece acrylic construction.

  • Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

    Dwyer Instruments has a wide range of variable area flowmeters, including DR4 high flow glass, fluoropolymer, rotatable scale and two patented flowmeters: Rate-Master and Visi-Float. DR4 high flow glass flowmeters have a fused ceramic scale and a 1.5 magnification transparent readout. Fluoropolymer flowmeters are designed for high purity or highly corrosive liquids, and have a leak integrity rating of 1x10sccs helium or better. The Rate-Master flowmeter has a direct drading scale for no conversion, and the scales are brushed aluminum with an epoxy coating. The Visi-Float flowmeter are precision machined from solid acrylic blocks, and have an accuracy -/+5% of full scale for VFA (-/+3% for VFB).

  • KROHNE, Inc.

    KROHNE variable area flowmeters including K20, H250 and VA40. The K20 is a plastic variable area flowmeter for liquids or gas with a direct flow indicator meant to operate without auxiliary power.  The H250/M40 has an all-metal design, a fireproof option and can measure and display accurately without auxiliary power. The VA40 flowmeters are designed for liquids and gasses, and features a glass measuring cone protected by a metal housing. KROHNE also offers mechanical differential pressure regulators and KROVASYS4 calculation tool for PC.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering has a wide range of variable area flowmeters, available with alarms and analog outputs. Omega has stainless steel frames, in-line, clear in-line, water/air, in-line liquid and economical in-line flowmeters.

  • ABB

    ABB has a variety of variable area flowmeters including standard high pressure/high temp designs, the armored Purgemaster for small gas/liquid metering, glass tube with bead design and flowmeters with corrosion resistant housing.

  • Aalborg Instruments & Controls, Inc.

    Aalborg Instruments has flow meters available in panel  and in-line. Panel mount flow meters are available in single flow, multiple flow, gas proportioner and meter kits. In-line flowmeters are available in V, M and F meters.

  • Smart Measurement Inc

    Smart Measurement has variable area flowmeters available in both metal and glass tube designs. Metal tube flowmeters can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, and can operate at temperatures up to 575F and pressures up to 930 PSIG. Glass tube flowmeters are designed to function at less than 100 PSIG and up to 350F.

  • Siemens

    Siemens variable area SITRANS F VA 50 flowmeters are designed for liquid/gas systems, have a completely metal design and a standard length of 250mm. There are many different flanges, liners and float materials to satisfy a range of industries.

  • Global Water Instrumentation, Inc.

    Global Water Instrumentation has a variable area flowmeter made from machined acrylic, and offers direct reading against a permanent scale. Reinforced connections and metal threading means it can withstand harsh conditions, and the thick tubing is designed for direct sunlight applications.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker Hannifin has Porter variable area flowmeters in 65 or 150mm scale lengh tubes, and are available in forged body or side-plate construction. Forged body designs have a 180 degree wrap-around window and a one-piece black anodized aluminum body. Side-plate variable flowmeters are designed to be interchangeable with competitive designs, and are also available in multi-tube versions.