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  • The Precision Alliance

    The Precision Alliance is a manufacturer of a large catalog of components including ball screw actuators. TPA's ball screw actuators are customizable allowing a selection of screws and ball nuts to create an assembly specific for a variety applications.

  • NSK America

    NSK ball screws have been continuously developed through cutting-edge tribology (friction control technology), and NSK has taken its place as the largest volume manufacturer in the world with its outstanding production and quality control techniques.

  • Motion Systems Corp.

    Motion Systems Corp. is a New Jersey based designer and manufacturer of ball drive actuators in various sizes for a wide array of applications. The 85151-85152 Ball Drive Actuator from Motion System handles loads up to 500 lbs and is designed for versatility in a wide range of applications. The Motion 85559/85560 Ball Drive Actuator utilizes the Motion Ball Drive 85039 along with a larger series motor and gear reducer than the 85199/85200 to permit Load capacity up to 1500 lb.

  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF offers a variety of ball screws including ball screw assemblies suitable for a wide range of applications where precision driving systems are needed. SKF provides complete assemblies with customized screw shaft. A complete range of accessories is available and can be delivered completely assembled.

  • LinTech

    LinTech is a manufacturer of ball screw assemblies in a variety of metric and standard sizes. The LinTech PS062 series features complete ball screw assembly with end supports, precisions screw style, screw lengths up to 73 inches and English and metric mounting options.

  • Barnes Industries, Inc.

    Barnes Industries is a manufacturer of precision ground, semi-precision, and commercial grade ball screw products with internal or external ball return systems. Barnes also offers new and used ball screws and ball screw reconditioning services.

  • Lead Screws International, Inc.

    Lead Screws International is a designer and manufacturer of precision-ground ball screw assemblies, commercial grade ball screw assemblies, acme screw assemblies and specialty threading applications, either English or metric. LSI can custom design and manufacture lead screws, ballscrews and acme screws to meet specific customer needs. LSI Also offers repair and reconditioning services.

  • Rockford Ball Screw Co.

    Rockford Ball Screw is a manufacturer of ball crew products for a wide array of applications. Rockford ball screws come in a wide array of nominal diameter sizes ranging from .375 to 4.0 with a maximum static load of 476,950 lbs.

  • Nook Industries

    Nook Industries manufactures ball screw assemblies in standard and metric sizes. Nook's ball screw assemblies feature alloy and stainless steel screws, and come in metric sizes from1mm to 50mm and standard sizes from 0.125" to 1.875".

  • Thomson

    Thomson Industries is a manufacturer of ball screw drive is an assemblies for rotating linear motion systems. Thomas offers multiple configurations in most sizes including round vs. square body shapes, multiple circuit and load options, various mounting configurations (flange, thread, cylindrical), high capacity options and high speed products as well as installation and maintenance services.

  • Hiwin Corporation

    Hiwin is a manufacturer of ball screw products ind linear actuators in a wide array of sizes. Hiwin offers ball screw actuators for a wide array of custom applications including rotating nut models, self lubricating models and hollow shaft models.

  • Bosch Rexroth

    Ball screw assemblies from Rexroth Bosch come in a wide array of models including the standard range with preloaded or adjustable nuts, eLine ball screws, drive units with ball screws and electromechanical ball screw actuators for a variety of industrial applications.

  • Skytronics Inc

    Skytronics Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of ball screws for aircraft and aerospace applications. Products include horizontal stabilizer ball screw assemblies for Boeing commercial airplanes in a wide array of sizes.

  • Beaver Aerospace & Defense, Inc.

    Beaver Aerospace & Defense offers a large inventory of Boeing 737, 747 and 767 horizontal stabilizer ball screw assemblies and component parts in stock. Inventory is also available for 737 classic series ball screws and a variety of thrust reverser ball screws.

  • Specialty Motions, Inc.

    Specialty Motions Inc offers ball screw products from Thomson, NSK and Abba including a variety of ball screws, ball splines, linear screws, cross roller ways and rail linear assemblies.

  • Thread-Craft Inc

    Thread-Craft Inc manufacture ball-screw products for a large variety of applications, Thread-Craft specializes in new design, repair, engineering services, and OEM replacement of precision or rolled ball screws. Ball screw assemblies feature ball screws, return systems and high carbon alloy or stainless steel construction.

  • Techno Inc.

    Techno Inc. is a manufacturer of linear motion components including linear rails, carriages, actuators and accessories. Techno Inc.'s ball screw models include acme screws in inch and metric sizes and ball screws in stock length up to 6 feet.

  • SDP/SI

    Stock Drive Products is a manufacturer of automation shafts and accessories including ball nuts, ball screws, and bearings as well as a variety of metric ball screw actuators. Models are available with machined and unmachined ends in a variety of materials.

  • Precision Screw Thread Corp

    Precision Screw Thread Corp is a manufacturer of a variety of standard and custom ball screw products including metric lead ball screws, inch lead ball screws, miniature ball screws and hybrid lead ball screws.

  • Torque Drives Inc

    Torque Drives Inc. is a supplier of power transmission products that distributes a variety of ball screws, brakes, actuators, cluthes and more from manufacturers including Danaher, Baldor, Warner Electric, Stearns and more.