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  • Tolomatic, Inc.

    Tolomatic, Inc. offers TruTrack TKB series, MXB series, and B3W series rodless belt drive actuators. TruTrack TKB series actuators have payloads ranging from 100 lbs to 750 lbs, a maximum belt dead length of 1069.8 mm, and a maximum breakaway torque of 10.0 lb-in. MXB series actuators come in six different belt drive body sizes: 16, 25, 32, 40, 50, and 63. The maximum belt dead length is 36.11", and the maximum breakaway torque is 25.0 lb-in. B3W series rodless belt drive (heavy load) actuators come in three different electric actuator body sizes, have a maximum breakway torque of 450 oz-in, and a maximum belt dead length of 690 mm.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers LR series linear roller, HTR/HZR series vertical, and ER series electric rodless actuators. LR series linear rollers offer carriage loads of up to 753 lbs, numerous mounting configurations, and standard lengths of 6 meters. HTR/HZR series vertical actuators are backlash/maintenance free, have a maximum load of 600 kg, and a maximum long stroke of 2500 mm. The ER series electric rodless actuators come in three profile sizes (32 mm, 50 mm, and 80 mm), and have a maximum load of 1375 kg. Other products offered by Parker Hannifin include: ERV Series electric rodless value series, HLE-RB, HLE-RB spliced, HLE-SR, HLE-Z rack and pinion drive, HPF friction drive, HPLA, and LCB series linear actuators.

  • Macron Dynamics, Inc.

    Macron Dynamics, Inc. offers MacStandard and MacBuilt belt drive actuators. MacStandard belt drive actuators come in horizontal and vertical orientations, have maximum load capabilities ranging from 25 to 500 lbs, and track lengths from 184mm to 2242mm. MacBuilt belt drive actuators are customized versions of the MacStandard belt drive actuators. MacBuilt actuators have load capacities of up to 2500 lbs, a maximum available length of 500 ft, and a maximum breakaway torque of 42-44 oz-in.

  • Amacoil, Inc.

    Amacoil, Inc. offers model AZ timing belt drive linear actuators. These actuators may be used horizontally or vertically, can achieve speeds of up to 4 meter/second, and are capable of axial thrusts from 67 to 560 lbs. Roller type and slide bearing designs are available.

  • offers model B-SQ-80 and model B-PL-40 belt drive actuators. B-SQ-80 actuators have an 80mm aluminum profile, an AC servo motor with encoder feedback, and up to 89 in-lbs in torque rating. B-PL-40 actuators have a 40mm aluminum profile, an AC servo motor with encoder feedback, and a torque rating of up to 11 in-lbs.

  • Isotech Inc

    Isotech, Inc. offers standard, plug-and-play, and custom belt drive actuators. Actuators have a maximum breakaway torque of 196 oz-in, a maximum load capacity of up  to 2,500 lbs, and a maximum length of 152.4 meters. Actuators are made of aluminum and steel materials.

  • Drive Systems Group

    Drive Systems Group offers belt drive linear actuators. Actuators offered have stock lengths up to 3 meters, custom lengths of up to 6 meters, and a maximum dynamic load per carriage of 22.3 kN.

  • Del-Tron Precision, Inc.

    Del-Tron Precision, Inc. offers high speed belt drive actuators. These actuators provide travel lengths of up to 6 meters while maintaining a repeatability of +/- 0.025 mm and a linear accuracy of +/- 0.083 mm per meter. These actuators are available standard to accept NEMA 17, 23, and 34 motors and can be configured to accept other sizes.

  • Nook Industries

    Nook Industries offers modular belt driven actuators. Actuator types include: EGZ, ELZ, ELZG, ELZZ, ELSZ, ELSD, ELZT, ELHZ, QLZ/QSZ, ELZU, etc. Sizing ranges from 30 to 200.

  • IAI

    IAI offers IF Series integrated flexible belt drive actuators in Small and Medium Type configurations. The Small Type has either a 60W or 100W motor, and provides a payload of up to 22 lbs. The Medium Type has a frame width that is 30 mm larger than the Small Type, and is available with either a 200W or 400W motor. Both series are available with a double slider option for higher moment load capabilities and larger overhang load length. Maximum horizontal payload is 88 lbs.

  • Specialty Motions, Inc.

    Specialty Motions, Inc. offers belt drive actuators. These actuators are compact in size, have a load capacity of up to 1955 lbs., and can handle speeds of up to 275"/sec. Other features include: an AC servo motor, a maximum stroke length of 2500 mm, a high rigidity base structure, a double slider option for large moments and overhang, etc.

  • PBC Linear, A Pacific Bearing Co.

    PBC Linear offers MT Series belt driven linear actuators are available in five models: MTB, MTC, MTD, MTE, and MTF. They have anodized aluminum bodies that range from 42 x 42 mm up to 80 x 80 mm, a steel reinforced timing belt drive, and stroke lengths up to 6 m. The maximum single carriage holds loads up to 7800 N and maximum moments up to 480 Nm. Speeds are available for up to 3 m/s.