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  • LINAK U.S., Inc.

    Linak offers LA36, LA31 Techline, LA28 Compact, LA23, and LA12 linear actuators. LA31 Techline linear actuators feature high-strength plastic housings, electric chromated/teel piston rod eyes, zinc alloy back fixtures, and built-in limit switches. These actuators come in speeds up to 32 mm/s, thrust ratings up to 6,000 N, IPX1 standard class protections, and 48 dB noise levels. Optional features include: mechanical spines, flexible back fixtures, reed switches, halls, safety nut in push, etc. Linak also offers LA37 big/solid, LA34 compact, LA32, LA22, etc.

  • Duff-Norton

    Duff-Norton offers TAC Series linear actuators and Anode Jack Screw mechanical actuators. TAC Series linear actuators feature automatic thermal overloads, load limiting balls, double clevis mounting, stainless steel translating tubes, and aluminum housings. These actuators are IP50 protected, they have temperature ranges from -20 to 120°F, tube restraining torques up to 40 in-lbs, capacities up to 500 lbs, and static loads up to 1,000 lbs.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers OSP-E BHD electric linear and HTR hydraulic rack/pinion rotary actuators. OSP-E BHD electric linear actuators feature dovetail profiles, motor mounts, clamp/standard shafts, integrated roller guides, and interplanetary gearboxes. They are low maintenance, easy to install, high in force output, high in load capacity, and ideal for multi-axis applications.

  • Bishop-Wisecarver Corp.

    Bishop-Wisecarver Corp. offers belt, chain, lead screw, and ball screw actuators. Model PSD ball screw actuators can handle thrust loads to 300N, high load capacities to 500N, speeds to 1m/s, and lead screws ranging from 4 to 70mm. These actuators are corrosion-resistant, easy to integrate, and ideal for assembly, pick, and place applications. They come in closed, open, non-driven, or double-acting formats. Model DAPDU2 double-acting belt units are available in forces up to 280N and lengths up to 6m.

  • Allied Electronics, Inc.

    Allied Electronics, Inc. offers heavy duty actuators in over 100 configurations. Cherry Electrical model GPTCNH11 heavy duty actuators feature snap action operations, ultra-miniature body styles, SPDT contact forms, screw terminations, and UL listed standards. These RoHS compliant actuators have dialectic strengths up to 1000 VAC, mounting hole sizes up to 0.14", current ratings up to 15 AAC, and operating temperatures ranging from -20 to +85°C. They can provide current switching up to 15A and a mechanical life tested to 1 million cycles.

  • E-Drive Design, Inc.

    E-Drive Design, Inc. offers The Eliminator HDL heavy duty linear actuators for product testing, component insertion, and bearing press applications. These actuators feature forces to 25,000 lbs, a heavy wall steel construction, high dynamic capacity components, compressive/tensile force measurement capabilities, load cell options, and a sealed assembly design. They are durable, long-lasting, rugged, clean, and economical.

  • Tolomatic, Inc.

    Tolomatic, Inc. offers IMA linear servo actuators for a variety of applications. These actuators have the following features: threaded rod ends, four integral mounting holes, a variety of connection options, high positional accuracies, multiple motor windings, a zinc plated alloy steel construction, and ball/roller screw technologies. They have temperature ranges from -50 to 122°F, vibrations up to 2,000 Hz, dynamic load ratings up to 11,750 lbf, and strokes up to 18".

  • Flowserve

    Flowserve offers ARG Series heavy-duty actuators for the following applications: refining, petroleum production, petrochemical processing, organic chemical, oil production, offshore, mining, industrial waste, high temperature service, etc. These actuators have output torques up to 2.2 million in-lobs; on/off modulating controls; NAMUR VDE/VDI accessory mounting options; and IEC, ISO, and ATEX certifications.

  • offers heavy duty actuators that start at 850 pound force rating and go up to 1600 and 2000 pound force strengths. They are available in a range 1" to 24" stroke sizes for stock items. Custom stroke lengths up to 40" are available.