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  • PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

    PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. manufactures and distributes several piezo actuators designed to combine ultra-high performance with long lifetime in industrial and scientific applications. PI's piezo ceramic design and manufacturing division, PI Ceramic, provides the capability and flexibility to offer highly engineered custom sub-assemblies. Models come in a variety of voltage ranges for many applications.

  • Kinetic Ceramics, Inc.

    Kinetic Ceramics Inc is a developer and manufacturer of piezo actuators for ultra precision motion control applications as well as use with sensor products, piezo electric drivers and hydraulic pumps. These actuators are used in many industry types including aerospace and defense, automotive, medical, telecommunications, semiconductor, metrology and laboratory research.

  • ThorLabs

    ThorLabs is a New Jersey based manufacturer of a wide array of fiber optic electronics equipment including piezoelectric actuators. These products include modular, screw, and replaceable-tip piezo actuators, single axis, multilayer, and open-loop actuators as well as piezo stacks.

  • Newport Corp.

    Newport manufactures the NPA series piezo translator actuator. These units are suited for integration into custom motion devices. They provide nanometer resolution, up to 100 µm travel range and micro-second response time in a very compact housing. NPA series translators can generate large forces up to 1000 N which makes them particularly useful for machine tools, active vibration isolation or adaptive mechanics.

  • APC International Ltd

    APC International Ltd designs and manufactures piezoelectric products including various piezoelectric ceramics and actuator devices used in aerospace, automotive, medical, defense, consumer products, engineering and design industrial applications.

  • Piezo Systems Inc

    Piezo Systems is a manufacturer of piezoelectric bending actuators in a variety of actuators including 4-layer bending actuators, bending disks, unmounted bending actuators, quick-mount bending actuators and custom accessories for a variety of applications.

  • TRS Technologies

    TRS Technologies manufacture piezoelectric actuators including 33-mode models, 31-mode models and 15 mode piezoelectric actuators. The three simplest piezoelectric actuator designs are the cylindrical actuator, the bimorph (and unimorph) actuator, and the multilayer actuator. Cylindrical actuators operate in 31-mode with the electric field applied across the cylinder wall to obtain an elongation of the length of cylinder.

  • Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd

    Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd offers piezoelectric actuators in a variety of models. These products feature miniaturization and very usable displacement with capacities reigning from 29 to 165 nF for a variety of applications.

  • Noliac North America Inc

    Noliac is a derringer and manufacturer of custom piezoelectric actuators for a wide array of applications. Products include ceramic multilayer benders and shear actuators as well as multilayer actuator rings and bender rings.

  • Piezosystem Jena

    piezosystem jena Inc manufactures piezoelectric actuators and nano stages for a variety of applications. these actuators provide a long lifetime under high dynamic applications with a protective flexible multilayer ceramic insulation.

  • Micromechatronics Inc

    Micemechatronics Inc. is a manufacturer of a variety of piezoelectric actuators. Types include NOLIAC-Ceramic multilayer actuators, stacked ceramic multilayer actuators, actuator rings, stacked ceramic multilayer actuator rings and rectangular area multilayer actuators in a variety of sizes.

  • Honeybee Robotics Spacecraft Mechanisms Corp

    Honeybee’s patented piezoelectric actuator technology uses a unique arrangement of piezoelectric elements to achieve multiple translational and rotational axis of motion. These actuators are extremely compact and lightweight and are highly reliable for uses in industrial and defense applications.

  • EPCOS Inc

    TDK's EPCOS division manufactures multilayer piezo actuators are used in state-of-the-art diesel and gasoline injection systems to improve engine performance as well as reduce emissions and save fuel. These actuators com in lengths ranging from 5 to 60 mm with a voltage range of 50 to 250 V. They are used in a wide array of applications including power actuation, fuel injector drives, micro automation and piezoelectric motors.

  • Mide

    Mide designs and manufactures a large array of piezoelectric products including bonded actuators, transducers, cables and amplifiers. Mide's QuickPack piezoelectric actuators come in a variety of models and can operate as sensors, actuators, vibration dampeners, and energy harvesters.

  • Discovery Technology International

    Discovery Technology International is a developer and manufacturer of specialized instrumentation and piezoelectric motors. DTI's piezoelectric actuators provide a superior cost-effective alternative to conventional electromagnetic motors and come in a wide array of sizes.