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  • Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp.

    Oriental Motor USA Inc. manufactures hollow rotary actuators available in frame sizes ranging from 2.36 in. sq. to 7.87 in. sq. These single or three-phased actuators are single or double-shafted and have permissible torque ranging from 7.9 lb.-in. to 440 lb.-in.

  • Helac Corp

    Helac Corp. designs and manufactures compact medium-duty, standard duty, heavy duty, and higher cycle rotary actuators that feature maximum drive torque of 1.7 to 25, 4.5 to 39, 17 to 740, and 25 to 60. Available with flange or foot mounting, the company's actuators are used in a number of applications and industries including buses, forklifts, marine, sweepers, scrubbers, utility work, platforms, aerial work, agriculture, construction, mining, and recycling.

  • Exlar Corporation

    Exlar Corp supplies actuators for motion control applications. Rotary actuation products include the SLM series featuring 60, 90 , 115 and 142 mm frame size, 1, 2 or 3 stack lengths in 8 pole configuration, 115, 230 and 460 VAC operation, speeds up to 5000 rpm and IP65 sealing.

  • Harmonic Drive LLC

    Harmonic Drive LLC manufactures a series of rotary actuators used for semiconductor manufacturing systems, FPD manufacturing systems, electronic component insertion machines, and measurement analytical and test systems. The compact actuators feature rated output of 111-310W, rated torque of 19-98 Nm, and rated rotational speed of 30 or 60 r/min.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering distributes pneumatic rotary actuators that are flange or shaft mountable. The flange mountable actuators are used in industrial, R&D, laboratory, and production and quality inspection applications - with rotation up to 180 degrees. The shaft mountable actuators are available in 90 degree or 180 degree units, and used in diverter gates, escapements and ejection station applications.

  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF designs and manufactures two series of rotary actuators that feature maximum dynamic output torque of 100 Nm, maximum dynamic input torque of 40 Nm, and maximum radial force of 200 N.

  • Moog, Inc., Industrial Controls Div.

    Moog Flo-Tork Inc. designs pneumatic rotary actuators, naval rotary hinge actuators, and hydraulic rotary actuators. The rotary hinge actuators are used for applications that require high torque in a compact package; while the hydraulic rotary actuators are used for industrial applications that require 900 to 600,000 lb-in. or 600,000 lb-in. to 50 million lb-in. of torque. The pneumatic rotary actuators are provide industrial automation solutions.

  • Micromatic LLC

    Micromatic LLC manufactures a line of rotary actuator types including base mount, foot mount, end mount, single vane, double vane, cutaway, hydraulic, and pneumatic. The hydraulic actuators are capable of 2000 psi for severe duty applications; while the pneumatic actuators are designed to operate on dry, non-lubricated air and feature torque of 50-150 psi depending on model.

  • Bishop-Wisecarver Corp.

    Bishop-Wisecarver Corp. manufactures rotary actuator systems that utilize oval and rectangular track systems and provide actuation via high tensile strength timing belt. Rotary actuator options include: AC geared motors, IEC frame gearboxes, pully bearing units, trip latches, and sensor mounting brackets.


  • Curtiss-Wright Corp.

    Curtis Wright Controls Inc. manufactures rotary actuators used in commercial and military aircraft. The actuators position a wing's lead-edge flap and slat surface in accordance to pilot or flight control computer demands, which improves low speed performance and control characteristics.

  • BEI Kimco Magnetics

    BEI Kimco Magnetics manufactures rotary voice coil actuators that feature maximum stroke of plus or minus 60 degrees, maximum torque of 20Nm, and through hole, set screw hole, or two through hole mounting. Available with arc-segment and cylindrical designs, the actuators are used in semiconductor lead bonding equipment and pick and place robotics.

  • Indelac Controls Inc

    Indelac Controls Inc. manufactures four series of rotary electric actuators designed for small ball valves, quarter turn valves, and damper applications requiring up to 100 lb-in, 300 lb-in. 1500 lb-in., or 3840 lb-in. of torque.

  • Bimba Manufacturing Co.

    Bimba Manufacturing Co. produces rotary actuators that provide up to 1080 degrees of rotary motion. The actuators are available in single rack and double rack design - with double the output torque. Corrosion resistant and compact, the actuators are also available with position feedback.

  • SMAC

    SMAC manufactures linear rotary actuators with direct drive or gearbox equipped rotary units. Used for applications including pick and place and assembly, the actuators feature maximum force of 5N-202N, stroke of 15-100mm, and maximum torque ranging from 0.008 Nm to 4.5 Nm.

  • Wittenstein

    Wittenstein engineers rotary servo actuators used in robotics, rotary table, tool changer, and material handling applications. The actuators feature high rigidity, and integrated low-backlash high precision planetary gearing and servo motor.

  • Numatics, Inc

    Numatics Inc. manufactures five series of rotary actuators including rack and pinion style actuators. The company's R series rotary actuators are heavy-duty rack and pinion style and used in rigid applications. The actuators feature a nominal pressure rating of 150 psi, standard temperature of -10 to 165 F, and standard rotations of 45, 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees.

  • Exlar Corporation

    Exlar Corporation designs and manufactures rotary electric actuators that feature load ratings to 40,000 lbs., speeds up to 60 in/sec, and compact sealed packaging.

  • AGI Automation Components

    AGI Automation Components manufactures rotary actuators with rotations of 45, 90 and 180 degrees. The actuators are ideal for payloads ranging from 1 lb. to 30 lbs., and for tight space applications. The actuators feature torque ranging from .56 Nm to 29 Nm.

  • SMC Corporation of America

    SMC Corporation of America manufactures two types of rotary actuators: rack and pinion and vane style. The company actuators can achieve arc lengths of 90, 180, 190 or 270 degrees.

  • PHD Inc

    PHD Inc. manufactures rotary actuators, pneumatic rotary actuators, hydraulic rotary actuators, air/oil tandem rotary actuators, and multi-position hydraulic or pneumatic rotary actuators. The pneumatic rotary actuators are available in three, five and eight sizes with six standard rotations.