Motion Control • Actuators

Mechanical devices that introduce motion. Types include pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators, linear actuators and piezoelectric actuators.

Actuators utilize a form of energy - electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic – to put a load in motion or apply a force. They can also be a subdivision of transducers.Types of actuators include: electrical motors, pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators, linear actuators, comb drive, piezoelectric actuators, thermal bimorphs, micro-mirror devices, and electroactive polymers. Other actuator types include: rotary, heavy duty, AC servo, DC servo, multi-axis, cylinder, slide, gripper, coil, miniature, and modular.

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  • Duff-Norton

    Load capacities of actuators range from 100 pounds to 2000 pounds with gear or belt drives, acme screw and ball screw systems in both AC and DC voltages. Electromechanical designs are used for Heavy duty industrial, OEM and modular applications.