Motion Control • Amplifiers

Motion control amplifiers change the power of a motion controller signal into a higher power voltage/electrical current and then present it to the actuator.

Amplifiers utilize an external energy force in order to increase a signal's power without altering the signal itself. For motion control applications, amplifiers take a motion controller's control signal, transform it, and then present it to the actuator. "Intelligent" amplifiers are capable of internally closing the velocity/position loops, which results in heightened control accuracy.

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  • Aerotech, Inc.

    Aerotech digital servo amplifiers have a wide output power range from 10 A peak to 150 A peak at 320 VDC. Other features include 2- or 3-phase AC line input or DC input, continuous output current from 5 A to 75 A dependent on model.

  • Click Automation

    The type of servo amplifiers Click Automation offers include Stepper, digital amplifiers, DC brush, DC brushless (trapezoidal), AC brushless (sinusoidal), step & direction input, PWM input and networking.

  • Cleveland Motion Controls

    Cleveland Motion Controls offers web tension and embedded load cell amplifiers. Embedded load cell amplifiers feature an integrated signal conditioner, direct +/-10 VDC outputs, local signal conditioning, a 40:1 tension range, and a variety of style options, including: CLT, UPB, Slim Cell, or Cartridge. These amplifiers are capable of reducing hardware/wiring costs, freeing up panel space, bringing the signal directly to the local I/O, and eliminating amplifier setup/calibration.

  • Delta Tau

    Delta Tau offers a family of amplifiers of 1- to 4-axis 3-phase servo amplifiers that support a wide variety of motor type, power ranges and interfaces. One such amplifier is their 4 channel, digital direct PWM Quad Amplifier with specifications of 208/230 VAC or 380/460 VAC packaged compactly at 560mm high by 255mm wide by 190mm deep (22"x10"x7.5").

  • Elmo Motion Control, Inc.

    Elmo Motion Control offers analog servo amplifiers, for brush and brushless DC motors, including brushless motors for sinusoidal commutation. Features of Elmo's amplifiers include ambient temp tolerance from 0° - 50°C (32° - 122°F), with models for extended environmental conditions also available, maximum humidity at 90% non-condensing, and a max. operating altitude up to 10,000 m (30,000 ft).

  • Eltrol Corp.

    Eltrol linear servo amplifiers includes DC, 2-axis and linear sine drives with peak output power from 195 W up to 1400 W dependent on the model, with peak current any where from 5 amps up to 25 amps. Their PWM servo amplifiers include series designed for brushless, brush or voice coil motors, and features that include peak current of 18 amps, 20-60 amps and switching frequency of 40 kHz or adjustable 24-80 kHz.

  • GE Intelligent Platforms

    GE Intelligent Platforms offers the Alpha i and Beta i amplifiers. Alpha i models have continuous torque range that include 3.5-177 and 195-664 in-lb. The Beta i amplifiers have peak current of 10, 20 and 40 amps, models availabe in 1- and 3-phase.

  • Glentek, Inc.

    Glentek offers Analog PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) Servo Amplifiers for the control of both rotary and linear brushless servo motors. All models can operate in current (torque) mode and the SMA8200 series can also operate in velocity (RPM) mode. All models accept a +/-10V analog input as a command reference. They provide a range of continuous currents from 5 amps to 100 amps and peak currents from 10 amps to 150 amps. Operating voltages range from either 70-240 or 240-340 VDC for Module and 3U Plug-In configurations and either 110-130 VAC or 208-240 VAC for Stand Alone and Multi-Axis configurations.

  • IPC Automation

    IPC Automation specializes in single axis servo controls, with amplifiers configured to run from 24 VDC to 300 VAC, universal inputs, open or closed-loop operation, encoder or tachometer feedback, current or velocity regulation, internal or external power supplies, to custom configuartions. IPC servo amplifiers use PWM technology.

  • Logosol, Inc.

    Logosol's LS-56P/57P/58P servo amplifiers are designed for applications using Panasonic A or S series motors, brushless, or brush-commutated DC motors up to 1 HP. The LS-5Y  PWM servo amplifier is designed for applications using DC brush type motors up to 1/2 HP. LS-5Y-BL  servo amplifier is designed for applications using brushless or brush-commutated DC motors up to 3/4 HP. Peak current time can be adjusted from 3 to 0 sec on both LS-5Y models.

  • PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

    Physik Instrumente (PI) offers a large selection of digital and analog piezo drivers/linear amplifiers. These include single and multi axis, and modular, bench-top and card type, with analog and digital controllers available, for low voltage (~100 V) and high voltage (~1000 V) positioning systems.

  • Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

    Pilz servo amplifiers range from the standard series PMCtendo DD4, compact series PMCtendo DD5, to the PMCprotego D series, these can be used to operate common motor types from servo motors to asynchronous and linear motors. Plus rotary direct drives, servo linear actuators and applications with special motors.

  • Trust Automation

    Trust Automation linear servo amplifiers are designed for a wide range of applications including those that require high bandwidth, high precision and low electrical noise. Customized solutions are also available. Continuous output power ranges from 25W to 150 W, and 600 W in the medium-power models. Continuous output current runs from 1A, 4A, to 6A, with peaks varying at 8A, 2A, 12A and 18A depending on model.

  • Varedan Technologies

    Varedan Technologies supplies linear servo amplifiers, motion controllers and PWM servo amplifiers for OEM applications. Varedan offers linear servo amplifiers designed for AC brushless and DC brush servo motors, and voice coil motors. Features of Varedan design include +/-10 to +/- 75 Volts DC Operation (up to 150 Vdc bus), high-bandwidth, and single-phase or three-phase version availability.

  • Western Servo Design, Inc.

    Western Servo Design offers servo amplifiers for DC brush motors, AC servo and brushless motors. Units are available with analog, sinusoidal and PWM input. Torque and velocity modes available with Linear and PWM outputs. Western has linear AC drive and DC drive types as well as 20-80kHz PWM. DC drives also include 40kHz PWM models.

  • Midwest Motion Products

    Midwest Motion offers a variety of servo amplifiers. Brushed servo amplifiers are offered in models MMP M1525-BR Series, MMP M815-BR Series, and MMP MB2 Series. Brushless servo amplifiers are offered in MMP M1525-BL Series, MMP M815-BL Series, and MMP M1224-BL Series.