Motion Control • Ball Splines

Type of linear motion bearing used for nearly frictionless linear motion while allowing the member to transmit simultaneous torque.

A type of linear motion bearing, a ball spline allows friction-free linear motion while transmitting torque, as ball splines feature a ball rolling on a grove – which is connected to the shaft. Because of their reliability and high efficiency – due to their round shaft shape - ball splines are used to replace conventional splines. Types of ball splines include rotary, high torque and medium torque.

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  • Isotech Inc

    Isotech's Ball Spline is designed for mechanical applications requiring both linear motion and torque transmission. The rolling contact of the balls reduces friction and all but eliminates backlash. SPR Rotary Ball Splines combine conventional ball splines and rotary function to eliminate parts used in your systems, diminishing the accumulation of minor errors that are often seen due to the installation process.

  • RotoPrecision Inc

    The NB rotary ball spline, consisting of a spline shaft and a nut, functions equally well in both rotational and linear motion applications. The nut has a rotating feature and a spline portion. Combining conventional splines and nuts contributes to eliminating the overall number of parts used, reducing the accumulation of minor errors that sometimes result from the installation process.

  • Danaher Motion

    Danaher Motion manufactures Thomson precision ball spline systems. They feature high speed, anti-friction linear motion under high torsional loads, and are reliable under varying operating conditions. Resisting radial displacements and requiring smaller forces to achieve axial displacement of the spline are two of the features these ball spline systems offer. Applications include helicopter motor couplings, translating dirve shaft couplings, non-swiveling telescoping struts, honing machine and drill press spindles, workhead and table ways, and remote and robot handling machines.

  • Nook Industries

    Nook manufactures PowerTorq™ Ball Splines. These devices allow friction free linear motion while transmitting torque. Nook's PowerTorq™ Ball Splines offer higher reliability and better efficiency than conventional ball splines. In a ball spline assembly, recirculating bearing balls carry the load between the rotating member (inner race) and the rotating/sliding member (outer race).

  • Advantech International

    Advantech is a distributor of NSB Precision Ball Splines, which offer an efficient means of transferring torque into an axial stroke. Steel balls located between the spline shaft and sleeve rotate and circulate, creating low friction that results in less needed force.

  • Technico Inc

    Technico Inc. is a distributor of THK Ball Splines. One difference between the THK design and a conventional design is that a single spline nut can exert a preload. As a result, the THK Ball Spline is suited for use under severe service conditions involving vibration and the application of impact loads. They also are applicable in locations where highly precise positioning and high-speed operation are needed.

  • NB Corp. of America

    NB Corporation manufactures SPR Rotary Ball Splines featuring conventional spline and rotary function that contributes to the elimination of parts used in your system. This helps avoiding the accumulation of minor errors that are often seen due to the installation process.

  • Maryland Metrics

    Maryland Metrics is a distributor of NB Ball Splines, designed for mechanical applications requiring both linear motion and torque transmission. Backlash is eliminated and friction is diminished through the use of rolling contact balls. The spline shaft facilitates additional machining and high accuracy because of a round shaft shape.

  • Tsubaki Nakashima

    Tsubaki is a manufacturer of Precision Ball Splines that feature zero angular backlash (maintaining axial positioning accuracy under preloaded conditions), high speed linear and rotary motion (all grooves are precision ground to circular shape with straightness in axial direction), compact design (the return ball track is at the same diameter as the loaded ball track), and easy installation.

  • PBA Singapore

    PBA Singapore is a provider of bearing solutions, linear systems and precision components. Their Precision Ball Splines offer zero angular backlash, high speed linear and rotary motion, and high load capacity incorporated into a compact design that is easy to install.

  • THK America, Inc.

    THK manufacturers high torque ball splines (no angular backlash to increase rigidity), medium torque ball splines (large load capacity in the radial and torque directions), a rotary model ball spline (a compact unit whose support bearings are directly integrated with the outer surface of the spline nut), and a rotary model with gears (gear teeth on the flange circumference).