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Motion control systems use a wide variety of cables for a multitude of applications including brake cables, insulated cables and more.

Motion control cables are able to endure continuous flexing and bending, while withstanding constant movement.Available in general purpose unshielded, single shielded and double shielded designs, motion control cables features a variety wire options including: copper wire, fiber optic wire, coaxial wire, and multi-conductor wire. Types of motion control cables include push-pull cables, turn-to-lock cables, encoder cables, power cables, programming cables, motor extension cables, and communications cables.

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  • Motion Control Technologies, Inc.

    Motion Control Technologies makes motion control cables including wire rope cable and assemblies, pressure extruded plastic cable coatings, mechanical assemblies, and custom assemblies, with cable sizes from .009 to 1/4-inch in stainless or galvanized steel, bare and nylon, or vinyl coated.

  • igus Inc.

    igus makes continuous flex motion control cables that are oil resistant and flame retardant as well as flexible to a minimum bend radio of four times outer diameter, for use inside a cable carrier.

  • Allen-Bradley, a Rockwell Automation Brand

    Allen Bradley makes continuously flexing cables with a distinct outside jacket, filling material, shield braid, and insulation, designed for use with AB's servo motors.

  • Siemens

    Siemens makes Motion-Connect cable systems for open-loop control and driving automated machinery, with types for linear motors, cable drag for processing and production machines, oil resistant, and fixed cable routing.

  • Baldor

    Baldor has high-flex cables eith either pre-made connectors or without connectors, including ethernet cables, raw power cables, encoder cables, EnDat cables, and SSI cables, for flex drives, microflex drives, BSM motors, and more.

  • Automation Direct sells several types of motion control cables including encoder cables, power cables, programming cables, motor extension cables, and communications cables.

  • Eriks UK

    Eriks UK offers breakout terminal board and interface cables, power cables, and motor feedback cables in varying standard lengths as well as custom sizes (one foot increments).

  • Animatics Corp.

    Animatics offers communications, multidrop, add-a-motor, & custom order cables.

  • Flex-Cable, Inc.

    Flex-Cable offers servo cables (extension and AB compatible), box mounting cable sets, I/O fanout cables, transition cables, and breakout boards.

  • W L Gore & Associates, Inc

    W.L. Gore & Associates offers round cable for high flex cable assemblies including camera applications, ethernet applications, and more as well as hybrid round cable, and custom assemblies.

  • PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

    Physik Instrumente offers LEMO plug/solderable cables, extension cables, coax cables, and sensor cables.

  • Amphenol-Sine Systems Corp.

    Amphenol Sine Systems offers motion control cables such as feedback cables, power cables, and more.

  • Applied Motion Products, Inc.

    Applied Motion Products has servo cables for N, M, and A series motors available in lengths of four, 10, and 20 feet (custom lengths available).

  • PMC Corporation

    PMC Corp offers motion control cables including ones with high density connectors, ribbon connectors, and more.