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  • PIC-SERVO Motion Control (Jeff Kerr, LLC)

    Manufacturer of IC products including the PIC-SERVO SC Motion Control Chip is a complete servo motion control system based on the PIC18F2331 microcontroller, the PIC-STEP Motion Control Chip is a high-speed stepper motor indexer based on the PIC16C73 which provides trapezoidal position and velocity profiling control, the PIC-I/O General Purpose I/O Chip, and The Motion Basic controller chip.

  • Performance Motion Devices (PMD)

    Performance Motion Devices, offers IC's for industrial motion control solutions. Their motion processors provide high-performance motion control of servo microstepping motors while offering the flexibility of an IC-based building block. This chip based approach gives customers the choice of varying levels of integration with a powerful, easy to use programming environment.

  • Trinamic

    Trinamic offers comprehensive IC solutions to control and drive electric motors. Trinamic focus on developing Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs) for motion control. These dedicated ICs offer an economic approach to time critical motion control tasks thus lowering total system cost.

  • JRA Co

    JRA chips are high performance servo motor control ICs from National Semiconductor. They are designed to control brush dc servo motors with incremental encoder feedback. The LM628 features analog output, the LM629 supports PWM/SIGN output. Both chips are PID type controllers and communicate over an 8 bit data bus. The LM629N-8 is used in our Servo2 controller card. The IC’s provide complete control over position velocity and acceleration. Applications include CNC, robotics, pick and place and automation.

  • Mektronix Technology, Inc.

    Mektronix Technology's MCP-1200 motion control IC provides a stable platform for controlling servo and stepper motors. It easily upgrades HCTL-1100 designs and improves reliability. You control which advanced features you want to take advantage of by register configuration.

  • Mektronix Technology, Inc.

    The HCTL-1100 general purpose motion control IC is custom fabricated using CMOS technology. Mektronix Technology, Inc. will no longer manufacture or supply the HCTL-1100. The chip after many years of useful service in a multitude of applications has now been retired. Mektronix has developed the MCP-1200 as a backwards compatible upgrade to the HCTL-1100 with enhanced performance features. The HCTL-1100 has been used in many different automation applications that require closed-loop control of servo motors.

  • NOVA Electronics

    NOVA Electronics develops top range motion control ICs and related products to satisfy customer needs all over the world. Provides unique motion control chips, PC boards implementing such chips and stand-alone motion control units. Motion control ICs receive a high reputation for technology from global customers.

  • Avago Technologies Ltd.

    Avago Technologies offers the HCTL-1100 series high performance, general purpose motion control IC. The HCTL-1100, the complete control system consists of a host processor to specify commands, an amplifier, and a motor with an incremental encoder (such as the Avago Technologies HEDS-5XXX, -6XXX, -9XXX series). No analog compensation or velocity feedback is necessary.