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  • Nippon Pulse America

    Nippon Pulse America offers a variety of chip level single axis motion controllers, including: PCD6113 Chip Level, PCD4511 Chip Level, PCD2112 Chip Level, and FMC32 Board Level. PCD6113 Chip Level motion controllers have deceleration rate setting ranges from 2 to 16,535383, an 8 or 16-bit bus CPU interface, a power supply voltage of +3.3V +/-10%, and a 9.8m pps maximum output frequency. Additional features include: a speed multiplication range from 0.1 to 600x, RoHS compliance, an 80-pin QFP package type, steps to set/change the speed ranging from 1 to 16,383, etc.

  • Aerotech, Inc.

    Aerotech, Inc. offers stand alone single-axis motion controllers. These controllers have RS-232/USB/Ethernet connectivity, a digital current loop, an integral shunt resistor network, CE approval, and linear amplifiers. Additional features include: up to three-axis PSO, an optional encoder multiplier, up to 150A peak currents, and positioning control for stepping, DC brush-type, or brushless motors. Controller applications include rotary, linear, master-slave, etc.

  • Autonics USA

    Autonics is a supplier of automation products such as sensors and controls. Motion controllers offered include 1/2 axis programmable motion controllers 12 control command and 64 steps of operation, maximum 4MHz high speed operation and parallel I/O terminal connection on PLC as well as scan, continuous, index and program operation modes.

  • Delta Computer Systems, Inc.

    Delta Computer Systems, Inc. offers single or dual axis RMC70 Series motion controllers in the following control modes: closed loop, open loop, configurable response to fault conditions, axis mechanical, feedback types, etc. These controllers have discrete I/O ratings ranging from 12 to 24 VDC, differential analog inputs up to +/-10V, up to 4 expansion modules, and a 16 bit analog input resolution.

  • Yaskawa Electric America

    Yaskawa Electric America offers single axis motion controllers in MP2000iec Series and Sigma FSP configurations. MP2000iec Series controllers have the following design features: communication protocols, IEC61131-3 standard programming languages, Sigma-5 programmable amplifier outputs, a 200 MHz CPU, 10 LEDs, and third-party remote I/O modules.

  • Varedan Technologies

    Varedan Technologies offers single axis motion controllers. Controllers have power requirements up to 0.25 Amps, storage temperatures ranging from -40 to 85°C, 25 MHz encoder bandwidths, a 32-bit position counter, and dual 16-bit DAC outputs. Additional features include: an analog torque mode, a friendly built-in user interface, field programmable, a small form factor, simple/easy to use command set, a sinusoidal commutation, encoder start-up, etc.

  • Galil Motion Control

    Galil Motion Control offers single axis motion controllers in DMC-1415, DMC-1425, and CDS-3310 configurations. These controllers have digital I/O ranging from 3 to 10, an auxiliary encoder, form-factors up to 5.15" x 8.25", and 37-pin D connectors.