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  • National Instruments Corp.

    National Instruments Corp. offers MidRange, Low Cost, and High Performance stepper motion controllers. MidRange stepper motion controllers have the following features: a high-performance stepper generation for smooth motion at high velocities, real-time system integration for direct communication with image/data acquisition boards, and linear interpolation for coordinating multiple axes. These low-cost controllers are ideal for point-to-point applications.

  • Pro-Dex, Inc.

    Pro-Dex, Inc. offers the following stepper motion controllers: VME, USB, Serial, PCI Bus, and Ethernet. PC78 Multi-Axis motion controllers have axes ranging from 1 to 4, a 16 bit DAC analog resolution, and a configurable PID filter with feed forward coefficients. Additional features include: circular interpolation, electronic gearing, custom profiles, IO68 breakout board compatibility, constant velocity linear interpolation, etc.

  • Nippon Pulse America

    Nippon Pulse America offers Motion Checker, Chip Level, and Board Level stepper motion controllers. Chip Level stepper motion controllers have maximum output frequencies ranging from 400K to 9.8M pps, easily programmable registers, and they come in more than 15 models. These controllers have applications for automatic handling machines, medical examination equipment, analyzers, robots, inspection equipment, etc.

  • Varedan Technologies

    Varedan Technologies offers VMC 2000 and VMC 1400 motion controllers for stepper applications. VMC 1400 PC ISA controllers feature 4 axes of simultaneous motion, up to 32 axes of control, step rates ranging from 1 to 500 kHz, and ACK outputs for data acknowledgement. These controllers have the following outputs: 4 step/direction commands, 12 Mux, and 16 Microstep Selects.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering, Inc. offers SiNet stepper motion controllers for multi-axis motion applications. These controllers can power and control optional MMI, they are powered by Drive #1, they can get up to 24 VDC, and they are programmable with an Easy-toUse SiNet Hub Programmer.

  • Aerotech, Inc.

    Aerotech, Inc. offers Soloist and Ensemble stepper motion controllers. Ensemble stand-alone/multi-axis motion controllers are capable of running voice coil, stepper, brush, and servo motors. In addition to this, they have the following motion capabilities: velocity profiling, electronic gearing, circular/linear interpolation, and point-to-point. These controllers have architecture that is capable of coordinating the motion of up to 5 independent tasks.

  • Trust Automation

    Trust Automation offers stand alone stepper motion controllers in TA600 and TA620 configurations. TA620 spindle controllers have power ranges from 110 to 220V AC, spindle controls up to 30,000 RPM, 4 high-speed position capture inputs, and an integrated motion stop circuitry. These controllers have applications for disk drive test systems, and semiconductor processing equipment. They come in velocity, SCurve, trapezoidal, and custom move profiles.

  • Griffin Motion LLC

    Griffin Motion LLC offers MCA-ST Series stepper motion controllers. MCA-ST Series motion controllers are capable of controlling 1 to 3 axes, they have stand-alone operations ranging from 12 to 40V, micro-stepping up to 1/256, and an integrated Z axis brake driver. Additional features include: DC power inputs, quiet cooling fans, lighted power switches, adjustable mounting brackets, etc.

  • PMC Corporation

    Precision MicroControl (PMC) offers stepper motion controls. DCX-PCI 100 controllers have operating temperatures ranging from 32 to 131°F, a +/-10V command signal, and a 32 bit velocity, acceleration, and dynamic range position. These controllers feature an independent point-to-point velocity or position control for all 8 axes.

  • Galil Motion Control

    Galil Motion Control offers a variety of stepper motion controllers, including: Single Axis, Econo, and Accelera. Accelera Series controllers accepts encoder inputs as fast as 22 MHz, process commands as fast as 40 seconds, servo loop updates as fast as 22 MHz, and axis models ranging from 1 through 8. These controllers can handle virtually any mode of motion with ease.