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  • Advanced Motion Controls

    Advanced Motion Controls offers brush drives in two configurations: BRUSH Series panel mount/analog and AZ Series plug-in/analog. Drives have voltage ratings range from 20 to 400 VAC, peak currents up to 100 A, a 60 V maximum tachometer feedback, and peak rated power ranging from 0.5 to 38 kW. All models are compatible with inductive load, voice coil, and brushed motors.

  • Texas Instruments

    Texas Instruments offers brushed DC drivers. Drivers have RMS output currents ranging from 1 to 7A, peak output currents ranging from 0.1 to 12A, operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 125°C, and rDS on Ohms ranging from 0.2 to 1.25. Additional features include: 1X brushed @ 12/24A, current sense pin, 12C I/F, Spi-Control interface, voltage regulation, etc.

  • Toshiba

    Toshiba offers brushed DC motor drivers for medical equipment, industrial X-Y tables, office automation products, and toy applications. Motor drivers range in peak motor bridge voltage from 6 to 50V, they have a maximum peak current of 4.5A, and have 1 to 2 available brushed DC motors. Other functions include: standby (power save system), a logical 2/3 bit interface, multiple function modes, 2 PWM driving schemes, a low RDSon, etc.