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  • Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions

    Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions offers a line of stepper motor drives that includes microstepping drives, which reduce the step increment of a motor. The drives are used within a number of applications including laboratory automation, medical instrumentation, semiconductor fabrication, military, aerospace and industrial.

  • Schneider Electric Motion USA

    Schneider Electric designs and manufactures PCB mounted microstepping drivers that provide 16 microstep resolutions, current control for smoothness and precision, and short circuit and over temperature protection. The drivers are available as 12 to 48 VDC or 12 to 75 VDC models, with 2.1, 4, or 7 peak amps.

  • Micromo

    Micromo's line of microdrives are available as fractional horsepower micro DC motors, BLDC motors, gearheads, gearmotors, and encoders. The drives are used for applications within the medical and laboratory equipment, safety and security, transportation, automation, and energy industries.

  • ABB

    ABB manufactures micro drives used for low power applications including pumps, fans and conveyors. The drives are available as 0.5 to 5 HP or 0.25 to 3 HP models, and provide flexible mounting alternatives along with straight forward configuration.

  • Johnson Controls, Inc.

    Johnson Controls' VSD series micro drives are designed for low-horsepower applications and available as 115V, 230V, 480V, or 575V models. The drives can provide variable speed control for 3-phase motor applications up to 10 HP, and feature IP-20 rated enclosures.

  • Danfoss

    The VLT series micro drive manufactured by Danfoss controls AC motors up to 22 kW, and is used for industrial appliance, HVAC, and OEM applications. Drive specifications include voltage level of 0-10V, current level up 20 mA, and output frequency of 0-400 Hz.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton Corp's MVX9000 micro drives provide adjustable speed control for three-phase motors, and offer PID control of process variables including pressure, flow, temperature and liquid level. The drives are equipped with a LED display and a serial communication port for RS-485 communications.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct designs AC micro drives available as 1/4HP to 1HP, 115 VAC single phase AC drives; 1/2HP to 7.5 HP, 230 VAC drives; 1 to 10 HP, 460 VAC drives; or 1 to 10HP, 575 VAC drives. With outputs of 1.6 to 25 amps, the drives are used for motor speed control applications including conveyors, fans, pumps, compressors, HVAC, material handling, mixing and shop tools.

  • Precision Motion Controls

    Precision Motion Controls offers low EMI noise microstepping drives, 115 VAC input microstepping drives, DC input microstepping drives, and 115/230 VAC microstepping drives. The low EMI noise drives offer torque from 60 to 380 in-oz.