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  • Baldor

    Baldor is a supplier of motion control products such as servo drive. Servo drive products include AC, DC and DC brushless adjustable speed models. DC servo drives include the UM/LD series featuring up to 6 axis multi-axis servo control, 6 and 15 amp continuous operation, 100 and 150 volt bus, LED status indicators, test points, reset button and chassis mount configuration.

  • Emerson Control Techniques

    Emerson is a supplier of motion control products. Products include servo drives for continuous duty applications featuring integrated universal encoder interfaces, high resolution analogue input and servo network compatibility as well as onboard motion and positioning.

  • Anaheim Automation

    Anaheim Automation is a provider of motion control products. AC servo drive products feature integration with PLC, DCS, intelligent instruments, touch screens and other interfaces with 200 VAC ratings and power rating from 200 watts to 5,000 watts.

  • Copley Controls Corp.

    Copley Controls Corp. is a supplier of motion control equipment. Servo diver products include ruggedized servo drives featuring -40°C to 70°C operating temperatures, vibration tolerances to 5 Hz to 500 Hz, up to 3.85 grms and 40 g peak acceleration shock resistance. digital servo drives are also offered.

  • Elmo Motion Control, Inc.

    Elmo Motion Control is a supplier of motion control products including digital and analogue servo drives. Digital servo dives are available in both AC and DC versions with brush and brushless versions. Feedback options include incremental encoder, resolver, analog and digital Halls, analog sin-cos, absolute, tacho and potentiometer.

  • National Instruments Corp.

    National Instruments Corp. is a provider of motion control products. Servo drive products include 1, 2 or 4 axis designs, panel or rack mounts, built-in power or DC power options as well as compact enclosure size. Additional features include anti-resonance filters, encoderless stall detection and up to 5 A continuous current for four or two axes of DC brushed servo motors.

  • Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

    Allied Motion Technologies Inc. is a supplier of motors and drives. Servo drive products include motor integrated and stand alone models. Additional features include 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1- or 3-phase AC power supplies and internal regenerative energy control circuit.

  • Advanced Motion Controls

    Advanced Motion Controls is a supplier of motion control products. Plug in brushless servo drives have a voltage range of 10-175 VDC, tachometer, hall sensors and TTL encoder. Panel mount brushless servo drives feature AC voltages from 30 to 265 volts and DC models range from 20 to 400 volts.

  • Kollmorgen Corp.

    Kollmorgen is a motion systems and components supplier. Products include AC servo drives include brushless servo drives feature velocity loop bandwidth of 800 Hz, high resolution (24-bit) feedback and high performance (3-5 kHz) current loop bandwidth, optically isolated inputs and outputs, positive locking connectors and full fault protection.

  • ElectroCraft

    ElectroCraft is a supplier of motors and related products. Servo drives offered are AC or DC powered and include features such as torque control, power ranges from 9 VDC to 400 VDC and upgradeable firmware. Case types available include book shelf, open frame, rack and module.

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation

    Mitsubishi Electric Automation supplies servo drives with features such as vibration suppression, multi-axis movement support, average speed frequency response of 2100Hz, 18 bits 262,144 P/rev encoder, Sinusoidal PWM control / current control system and weight from .8 lbs to 19 lbs.

  • Parker Hannifin Corporation

    Parker Motion Control Systems is a supplier of motion control systems and equipment. Servo drive products available range in power to over 7500 watts. Additional product features include outputs of 2.5A RMS continuous and 5A RMS continuous, RS232C interface, multiple digital inputs and outputs as well as encoder, smart encoder, EnDat absolute encoder or resolver feedback.

  • Logosol, Inc.

    Logosol, Inc. is a motion equipment provider. Products include servo drives such as an intelligent servo drive with analog feedback featuring 14-bit servo feedback input, output currents of 12A peak, 8A or 20A peak, 12A continuous. Additional features include 9 to 90V single power supply, 14-bit position, 24-bit velocity and acceleration, 16-bit PID filter gain values, 2kHz servo rate, forward and reverse over travel inputs and overheating protection.

  • Tolomatic, Inc.

    Tolomatic, Inc. is a motion control products supplier. Servo drives include brushless models in 10, 20 and 30 Amp peak rated models featuring space vector commutation, 25W or 50W internal regeneration.

  • Trio Motion Technology Ltd.

    Trio Motion Technology Ltd. is a motion controls manufacturer. Servo drive products include analogue servo motor controls feature update periods down to 250usec (For 8 axes), industry standard +/-10volt drive command, 16-bit or 12-bit voltage output DAC.