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Motion control drives are used for converting standard control signals into higher powered currents and presenting these currents to the actuator. This process is performed by taking energy from a power source and keeping the output under control so that it matches the signal shape of the input (but with a higher amplitude).

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  • Anaheim Automation

    Anaheim Automation manufactures AC, DC and VAC type drives. Their AC Servo drives have power ratings from 200 to 5,000 Watts, industrial-grade power modules, and modbus for networking up to 32 motors. Their brushless DC drives/controllers were designed for high volume OEM applications; brushless speed controllers have input ranges of 10 to 50VDC or 85 to 135 VAC, peak current 5 to 30 Amps. Anaheim Automaton also manufactures stepper drivers and brush DC drivers/controllers.

  • Advanced Motion Controls

    Advanced Motion Controls manufactures a range of servo drives. Features of their wide range include  having continuous current of 3 A up to 50 A, with peak currents of up to 6 A, or as much as 120 A.

  • Galil Motion Control

    Galil Motion Control offers their Accelera and Econo series available in PCI bus and Ethernet/RS232 formats. Model options include plug-in drives for steppers and servos. The Accelera series is available in 1- through 8-axis models.

  • Precision Motion Controls

    Precision Motion Controls designs and manufactures stepping motor drivers and indexers. Motor sizes range from NEMA size 23, 34, and 42 to 65. The torque is delivered at the shaft of the motor from 60 oz-in to 5000 oz-in. The applications for the company's products include semiconductor equipment, disk drive testers and factory automation.