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Motion control drives are used for converting standard control signals into higher powered currents and presenting these currents to the actuator. This process is performed by taking energy from a power source and keeping the output under control so that it matches the signal shape of the input (but with a higher amplitude).

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  • Copley Controls Corp.

    Copley Controls has ruggedized servo drives, digital servo & stepper drives designed for brushless and/or brush motors and stepper motors. The ruggedized drives feature operating tolerances such as -400m to 5,000m in altitude, vibration of 5 Hz to 500 Hz, up to 3.85 grms. and ambient temperature from -40°C to 70°C. Their digital drive models feature continuous current of 1-20 A, 1-12 A, 2-10 A, 3-12 A and 5-15 A, and input powers of 100-240 VAC and 20-180 VDC.

  • Performance Motion Devices (PMD)

    PMD manufactures the ION family of products - compact and fully enclosed motion control digital drives for DC brush, brushless DC, and step motors. Features of the range include an up to 500 W or 3000 W rating, up to 20 A continuous and up to 30 A peak current, and 40 kHz PWM frequency, with 102 µsec servo loop rate.