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Motion control drives are used for converting standard control signals into higher powered currents and presenting these currents to the actuator. This process is performed by taking energy from a power source and keeping the output under control so that it matches the signal shape of the input (but with a higher amplitude).

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  • Siemens

    Siemens offers high performance drive systems including standalone AC drives and multi-axis drives (common DC bus); servo drives like the SINAMICS S110 with a power range from 0.12 kW to 90kW; and vector control, and machine position drives for synchronous and induction motors. Siemens' Simovert MASTERDRIVES AC drives are completely uniform from 1HP to 5000 HP, with typical applications for elevators, centrifuges, presses, etc.

  • Superior Motion Control, Inc.

    Superior Motion Control Inc. offers a variety of products and services, including drives, motors and controls, rotary and linear actuators, gearboxes, gearing and gear trains, design and development, manufacturing and testing, and build-to-print capabilities. They can build their products to military qualifications, offer fast delivery and total support from start to finish.

  • Aeroflex

    The Aeroflex 2 Channel Universal Stepper Motor Controller (USMC) provides two configurable stepper motor drive circuits, suitable for driving either two independent stepper motors or one dual-redundant stepper motor pair. The 4-Channel Electronic Control Unit is capable of driving 4 independent brushless DC motor windings.