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  • Dynapar

    Dynapar has a range of absolute encoders, including magnetic, single turn and single/multi-turn. Magnetic absolute encoders are available in explosion-proof, submersible, stainless steel/aluminum housing and can be formatted for single- and multi-turn from 12 to 16 Bit. The 8mm hubshaft, single turn absolute encoders have a short mount depth for small endbells, and is designed for speeds up to 10,000RPM. Single-/multi-turn has up to 22 Bit single-turn and 12-bit multi-turn, and are built for use with size 15 resolvers.

  • Amci

    Advanced Micro Controls has a variety of absolute rotary shaft encoders in standard, single turn, multi-turn and single-turn digital. Standard rotary encoders are available in single- and multi-turn versions, and have powder-coated housing designed for heavy vibration and high-shock systems. Absolute single turn digital rotary shaft encoders are designed for all mounting types, and have a stainless steel shaft and can deliver up to 12 hit resolutions. Absolute analog multi-turn rotary shaft encoders have a 5/8 stainless steel shaft, and are IP67 rated for rough, high shock/vibration environments.

  • Sensor Systems, LLC

    Sensor Systems have absolute encoders in a variety of voltages, leads and shaft seals. All absolute encoders are available in flange, servo or face mounts, and are designed to operate at speeds up to 200 RPM, in temperatures from 0 to 70C.

  • Allen-Bradley, a Rockwell Automation Brand

    Allen-Bradley has a large variety of absolute encoders, including single turn, multi-turn and sine/cosine. Single turn absolute encoders are available in standard for heavy-duty projects, size 20 zero set pins for harsh conditions, and single-turn high performance for size 25 systems. Multi-turn magnetic absolute encoders are available in 25- and 26-bit designs and can produce up to 8192 pulses per rotation. Sine/Cosine absolute encoders are 15-bit, high performance devices for digital servo systems.

  • Photocraft, Inc.

    Photocraft, Inc. has a variety of absolute encoders in miniature, industrial or modular formats. Miniature absolute encoders come in 9-bit, and are single-turn and can be used as a non-contact potentiometer. Industrial absolute encoders come in 10-bit single turn digital absolute position encoder, for use with systems needing up to 1024 unique positions per revolution.  Modular absolute encoders are 11-bit digital, and are designed for relaxed precision alignment tolerances.

  • SICK, Inc.

    SICK offers absolute encoders in both single-turn and multi-turn designs. Single-turn 18 bit absolute encoders have a 60mm compact design with a flexible programming setup, and have both M12 and M23 connectors. Multi-turn encoders are available in 18 and 30 bit versions, and have a standard 5 duo-LED display and a device level ring.

  • Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

    Allied Motion's 800/900 series absolute encoders are available in both solid and hollow shaft designs, come in size 25 (2.5 inch) and offer resolutions up to 5 million per revolution. The 800 series have a square or servo flange and a solid shaft, while the 900 series are hollow shaft and accept hub shafts up to 0.5", with a face-mounted spring to reduce misalignment.

  • BEI Sensors

    BEI Sensors has single-turn rotary absolute encoders in solid and hollow shafts, with up to 15 bits of resolution.

  • Avago Technologies Ltd.

    Avago Technologies' absolute encoders are designed to be direct replacements for US Digital/Renco encoders, and are available in both single- and multi-turn versions. Both versions have resolutions from 12 to 16 bit, and are compact for use with applications where space is at a minimum.