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  • Active Sensors

    Active Sensors offers linear, rotary, and speed sensors for power generation, construction, mining, process control, and robotics applications. Their rotary models include Hall Effect contactless models, potentiometer sensors, high temperature RVDT sensors, and SRT DC sensors.

  • MicroSense (formerly ADE Technologies)

    MicroSense (formerly ADE Technologies) offers non-contact capacitive position sensors featuring detection of all conductive grounded targets (with no effect from surface finish or material), high accuracy, and fast response.

  • Amci

    Advanced Micro Controls Inc offers brushless size 11 resolver sensors that are optionally sealed to IP67 specs, and are available in over 20 different types with high angular accuracy and repeatability.

  • Balluff, Inc.

    Balluff makes linear position transducers and potentiometers including standard rod, standard profile, tubular, and explosion proof models for lumber, plastic injection, blow molding, stamping, die casting and other automated applications.

  • Celesco Transducer Products, Inc.

    Celesco offers rotary sensors including incremental encoders, transducers, inclinometers, and more such as the RT8000 series which gives an analog position feedback signal of a rotating object or shaft in three output signals.

  • Dynamation Transducers Corp

    Dynamation Transducers Corp makes rotary position sensors, automotive sensors, potentiometers, and more such as single turn rotational motion transducers and linear motion transducers that are servo mountable.

  • Everight Sensors Corp.

    Everight Position Technologies offers linear and variable inductive transducers, capacitive rotary encoders, integrated Hall Effect magnetic rotary encoders, Netzer encoders, L/RVDTs, and more.

  • Fraba Posital

    Posital makes position sensors including inclinometers, such as absolute inclinometers with micro conductive technology, and absolute encoders, including magnetic and optical singleturn and multiturn encoders, all using integrated interfaces for many types of parallel and serial connections, fieldbus systems and industrial ethernet protocols.

  • Gefran

    Gefran makes position sensors including linear position sensors and potentiometers, magnetostrictive sensors, melt pressure sensors, transducers, and resistance thermometers.

  • GE Energy

    GE Energy makes positioning sensors and transducers including rotary position transducers, valve position transducers, and DC LVDTs, for use in rotary or linear positioning of wicket gate position on turbines, or on control valves.

  • Gill Sensors

    Gill offers non contact linear, angular, and rotary positioning sensors including 25 and 60mm Blade sensors, a dual cavity sensor, a 360-degree Blade rotary sensor, and a rod sensor, all sealed to IP67 specifications.

  • MESA Systems Co.

    Mesa Systems offers linear position sensors for machine tool automation, valves, pistons, welding robots, and punching machines, featuring a 24VDC power supply, digital and analog interface, and a non=magnetic solid steel vernier coming in 16mm, 50mm, and 100mm sizes.

  • Midori America Corp.

    Midori America offers rotary position sensors at electrical angles of 20-, 80-, 90-, 100, 250-, 300-, 340-, 355-, and 360-degrees as well as linear position sensors with dust proof and/or waterproof seals.

  • Melexis Inc.

    MTS Systems makes linear position sensors including their R-Series, for fast, high precision and synchronized position control applications; their E-Series, designed for simple & economical position feedback; and their G-Series, programmable position sensors with built-in diagnostics.

  • New Scale Technologies

    New Scale Technologies offers Tracker position sensors offering direct digital output, non-contact sensing, 8mm travel with a standard 11mm linear magnet, and more.

  • Novotechnik U.S., Inc.

    Novotechnik offers linear position sensors including non-contacting and potentiometric models as well as rotary position sensors such as touchless angle sensors, non-contacting angle sensors, and potentiometric products such as panel mounted models, low torque models, precision models, industrial grade models, and hollow-shaft models.

  • PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

    Physik Instrumente makes capacitive sensors sub-nanometer resolution position sensors with a measuring range up to 1000 microns and a resolution to 0.01nm, bandwidth up to 10kHz, and custom designs.

  • Positek Ltd

    Positek makes linear and rotary position sensors as well as tilt sensors and sensors for hazardous environments including dust, mining, and gas/vapor. Their linear models include cylinder models, stand alone models, rugged models, gauge head models, and slim-line models.

  • Spectra Symbol

    Spectra Symbol offers linear position sensing and rotary sensing in a unique package. At a thickness of less than 0.5mm, Spectra Symbol membrane potentiometers are the thinnest linear position sensors on the market. The SoftPot and HotPot potentiometer acts as an infinitely variable analog voltage divider. Spectra Symbol designs the pots in a variety of linear and rotary configurations, with many standard and custom active areas.

  • The Timken Company

    Timken offers Universal Speed Sensor/Position Sensor that features a flexible design that is able to incorporate various sensing technologies, such as Timken’s encoder ASIC, to provide high-resolution feedback in motors and rotating axles and shafts in a variety of applications such as automation equipment, packaging and other factory equipment.