Motion Control • Guides/Rails

Rails and guides are used in a variety of motion control applications to guide moving parts in automated systems.

Used for systems where linear motion is supported by rolling contact element, linear guides and rails are found in applications that feature unlimited stroke, self alignment, adjustable preload, high sealing performances, corrosion resistance, and precise positioning. Some linear guide rails can handle high load capacities their high capacities. Various guides and rails found in motion control systems include: Types include: whisper rails, linear guides, telescopic guide rails, linear motion guides, linear motion guide rails, mast guide rails, shaft guiding, profile rail guides, cam-roller guides, precision rail guides, and low-profile shaft support rails.

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  • PBC Linear, A Pacific Bearing Co.

    The Pacific Bearing Company manufactures round shaft, cam roller, integral, gliding surface, profile, linear actuator, and telescoping guides/rails. Ceramic coated aluminum linear rails come in nominal shaft sizes ranging from 1/2" to 2", diameter tolerances ranging from 0.5 to 2, and lengths up to 4'. These rails feature a vibration resistant/non-magnetic construction, non-sticking surfaces, and a one-piece design.

  • GSP - ThyssenKrupp Steel

    GSP manufactures custom steel guides and guide rails in the following configurations: mast, linear motion, telescopic, linear, whisper, etc. These rails come in lengths ranging from 100 to 10,000mm, and they are created via hot rolling, cold drawing, or hot extrusion processes.

  • Accu-Tech USA

    Accu-Tech USA offers ball, caged, and conventional (non-caged) linear guides. MSA Series conventional/heavy load type linear guides feature rail lengths up to 400mm and a 4-row/track design.

  • Anaheim Automation

    Anaheim Automation manufactures linear guide products in 3-15mm miniature and 15-30mm rail/block configurations. 15-30mm rails/blocks can handle static loads up to 10,900 lbs and dynamic loads up to 5,260 lbs. These rails/blocks feature medium, light, or standard pre-loaded classes and can be ordered with reinforced or standard end-seal options.

  • Bosch Rexroth

    Rexroth offers ball ball rail systems in the following configurations: mineral casting, integrated measurement, gear rack, miniaturized, corrosion-resistant, and wide.

  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF manufactures shaft, profile rail, cam-roller, and precision rail guides. LLR profile rail guides come in sizes ranging from 15 to 45, and they have the following applications: medical, packaging, printing, woodworking, platic-injection moundling, handling, and machine tools. These rail guides can handle operating temperatures ranging from -20 to +80°C, speeds up to 5 m/s, and acceleration ratings up to 500 m/s2.

  • Bishop-Wisecarver Corp.

    Bishop Wisecarver manufactures manual linear guides in the following configurations: DualVee, LoPro, Simple Select, UtiliTrak, GV3, HDS2, SL2, MHD, MinVee, and HTS. DualVee linear guides can handle temperatures ranging from -94 to +500°F, and they have sawmill and clean room applications. These rugged rails come in original, original/studded, or washdown configurations.

  • Isotech Inc

    Isotech manufactures a wide range of precision linear motion products, including motorized motion control, air powered motion control, positioning stages, linear shafting, linear brushes, ball slide guides/rails, linear slides, etc. Linear ball slides feature accuracy ratings ranging from 0.000040" to 0.0005"/"travel, lengths ranging from 0.52" to 15", travel capacities ranging from 0.33" to 30", and load capacities ranging from 0.75 to 225 lbs.

  • Chambrelan

    Chamberlain manufactures a variety of telescopic ball-bearing slides and linear ball rails for the following applications: locker systems, stowage, sliding doors, vertical guidance systems, etc. Telescopic ball slides feature load capacities ranging from a few kilos to over 1000 KGs, and they come in stainless steel, aluminum, or stainless steel configurations.

  • CPC Chieftek Precision Co

    CPC offers linear guides in the following configurations: ARC/HRC/ERC ball type, MR miniature, ST miniature stroke slide, and LM linear motor. MR Series miniature linear guides feature lubrication storage, steel plate reinforcement, embedded inverse hooks, and a unique re-circulation design.

  • Dover

    Danaher Motion manufactures profile rail guides in the following configurations: 500 Series ball, 500 Series roller, 400 Series automation guidance, AccuMini low profile, MicroGuide corrosion-protected, and T-Series reduced weight. 500 Series ball profile rail guides come in carriage sizes ranging from 15 to 45mm, and they have applications for material handling, machine tool equipment, industrial automation, industrial robots, etc.

  • Del-Tron Precision, Inc.

    Del-Tron Precision, Inc. manufactures a variety of linear motion guide products, including air actuators, recirculating slide guides, crossed roller rail sets, Posi-Drives, high speed belt-drive actuators, DL linear actuators, etc. Del-Tron's crossed roller and ball slides feature built-in holes, a lightweight/aluminum carriage, factory pre-loaded adjustments, and coefficient of friction ratings to 0.003. These slides have straight line accuracy ratings ranging from 0.005" to 0.0000040".

  • Eriks UK

    Eriks UK manufactures HSR industry standard, SSR automation, and SHS global standard linear motion guides.

  • Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions

    Haydon Kerk manufactures a wide range of linear splines, guides, actuators, and rails. Motorized RGS/RGW rapid guide screw linear rails come in lengths up to 8 feet, and they are capable of high RPM, linear, or critical screw speeds. These rails come in nominal thread lead sizes ranging from 0.025 to 2, wear-compensating/anti-backlash cages, TFE coating, and an integrated/fully programmable stepper motor drive.

  • Hepco Motion

    HepcoMotion manufactures a wide range of linear motion products, including linear guidance systems, heavy duty slide systems, single edge slide systems, and high load combined bearing systems.

  • Lee Linear

    Lee Linear offers linear guides for high precision applications. These guides are easily installed and capable of extending machine life. They feature standard bolt assemblies, and they feature a low coefficient of friction.

  • Linear Ways India

    Linear Ways India manufactures linear motion guides and blocks for industrial automation applications. LWI guide blocks feature smooth movements, high speed operation capabilities, self-aligning characteristics, and a four-way equal load design.

  • Modern Linear, Inc.

    Modern Linear offers a wide range of linear guide components, including guide rollers, adapter bushings, tracks, and a full line of linear guides. Guide rollers come in OD sizes ranging from 0.77" to 2.97", ID sizes ranging from 0.1875" to 0.8661", and widths ranging from 0.310" to 1". These rollers can handle working temperatures ranging from -30 to 100°C and speeds ranging from 2400 to 500 RPM.

  • NSK

    NSK offers ball screw support bearings, direct-dirve motors, Cartesian robots, actuators, ball screws, linear guides, mounted units, and roller/ball bearings. Services offered include product integration, ball screw repair, reconditioning, preventive/predictive reliability maintenance, etc.

  • Skamar Machine Co.

    Skamar Machine manufactures a variety of linear guides/rails, including carriage assemblies, dual shaft support assemblies, multi-axis linear slide systems, single axis linear slides, hardened precision ground linear shafting, etc. Single axis linear Sureslide systems come in shaft diameter sizes ranging from 3/4" to 1-1/2", and they feature acme or ball drive screws. These systems have applications for way-covers, limit switches, encoders, drive screws, and servo/stepper motors.