Motion Control • Linear Shafting

Shafting is a linear drive component that is critical for motion transfer in motion control systems and machinery.

Linear shafting is a heat- treated, rounded metal typically used with a linear bushing - within a linear motion system. Linear shafts allow the bushing’s rolling elements to smoothly run along the shaft diameter without damaging it. Linear shafts are available in steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and ceramic coated finish; and can be pre-drilled, non-drilled, threaded, grooved, ground, and ultra-ground.

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  • Maryland Metrics

    Maryland Metrics is a distributor of NB slide shafts. These shafts were developed to achieve greater accuracy in roundness, cylindricity, surface finishing and linear travel. The NB slide shaft is heat treated in both axial and radial directions, and comes in both high-carbon chromium bearing steel or Martensite stainless steel.

  • Parker Steel Company

    Parker Steel is a steel products distributor. The metric precision ground linear motion shafting they offer ranges ins sizes from 6mm to 60mm, and conforms to both AISI 52100 and AISI 440C. Parker Steel stocks only metric sized metals.

  • Republic Linear Shafting

    Republic Linear Shafting provides high quality linear shafting in Class L, Class S, Class CP in 60 Case Standard and Metric dimensions. They also offer Pre-Drilled Shafting, Keyed Shafting, Metric T.G.P. Keyed Shafting, T-303 Stainless Keyed Shafting, and Stainless Metric Keyed Shafting.

  • Bosch Rexroth

    Rexroth Bosch offers linear bushings and shafts in over 1,000 designs and variations to meet almost all applications. Products offered include a standard range of linear bushings and shafts, linear bushings and shafts in miniaturized configurations, an eLINE Series of bushings and shafts supplied in a clearance-free configurations, and steel shafts with a variety of tolerances made of heat-treated steel, stainless steel and hard chromium plating.

  • Brewer Machine & Gear Co.

    Brewer Machine % Gear Co. is a manufacturer of hardened linear 1060 shafting.  All ends chamfered 1/16 inch at 45 degrees; available from stock metric 1060 case 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 60mm shafting; shafts can be cut to specified lengths.

  • PBC Linear, A Pacific Bearing Co.

    The Pacific Bearing Company is a manufacturer of linear shafts available in steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy or ceramic coated finish, pre-drilled or non-drilled. Pacific Bearing linear shafting comes in inch and metric ceramic coated, steel and stainless steel. They also feature LAT linear actuator technology and a downloadable Pacific Bearing catalog.

  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF is a manufacturer of inch linear shafting.  SKF product materials include carbon steel in sizes 1/4" to 2" and 420 stainless steel in 1/4" to 2" sizes.

  • Danaher Motion

    Danaher Motion is a manufacturer of linear shafting.  The 60 case shafting comes in a variety of material types and diameters.  Shafting can be configured either mounted or delivered pre-assembled.

  • eShaft Case 60

    eShaft Case 60is a manufacturer of metric and linear shafting for the motion control industry.  Shafting is induction hardened, precision ground, and polished to the tolerances required by the Linear Motion Industry.

  • Isotech Inc

    Isotech, Inc. is a manufacturer of precision linear slide shafts.  Features include high precision roundness cylindicity, straightness, and surface finish.

  • Lee Linear

    Lee Linear is a manufacturer of precision linear motion components including linear shafting.  An automated hardening system utilizing an electromagnetic based proprietary harding system produces the next generation of precision shafting.  Solid Steel is C1060 carbon steel Precision Linear Shafting and is available in inch and metric sizes.

  • LinTech

    LinTech is a manufacturer of linear shafting products Which are cut to length, pre-drilled and cut to length or metric cut to length.

  • Lucas Industrial

    Lucas Industrial is a manufacturer of linear shafting including Class L pre-drilled, stainless steel, pre-drilled stainless and metric shafting.

  • Misumi USA

    MuSUMi is a manufacturer of linear shafts which can be configured in one-millimeter length increments.  A variety of shaft end configurations are available and standard length straight shafts are stocked and ready to ship in one day.

  • NB Corp. of America

    NB Linear Systems manufactures linear slide shafts which are heat treated in both axial and radial directions.  Shafts come in both high-carbon chromium bearing steel or Martensite stainless steel.  Custom shafts, such as spindle and roll shafts are also available.

  • Nook Industries

    Nook is a manufacturer of inch and metric linear shafting and support rails.  Products include inch and metric precision ground HRC 60 linear shafting and instrument series shafting.

  • Rino Mechanical Components

    Rino Mechanical Components, Inc. is a manufacturer of precision linear shafting suitable for miniature linear ball bushings and bearings. Sizes from 1/8 to 3/8 diameter, precision ground to tolerances of +0000, -.0002 and a hardness RC 40.  Custom precision shafts are available.

  • RotoPrecision Inc

    RotoPrecision Precision Linear Shafting specializes in offering a full range of precision ground, case-hardened linear shafting and rails for all linear shafting requirements.

  • Skamar Machine Co.

    Skamar Machine is a manufacturer of linear shafting including hardened and precision ground, predrilled and tubular, ground metric, standard and extra rigid.

  • W.M. Berg, Inc.

    Berg is a manufacturer of linear shafts including threaded stock, ground shafts, ultra-ground and ceramic coated shafts.