Motion Control • Motion Control Systems

Systems that use some type of hydraulic pump, linear actuator or actuator to control position or velocity of other components.

A motion control system is comprised of a motion controller, drive or amplifier, actuator, one or more feedback sensors, and various mechanical components – including gears, shafting, ball screws, belts, linkages, and liner and rotational bearings.Common control functions of a motion control systems include: velocity control, position control, pressure or force control, trans-mutational mapping, and electronic gearing. Motion control systems are found within the semiconductor, medical, laboratory, packaging, laser, solar panel, flat panel inspection and repair, aerospace, life science, industrial actuation, commercial and military aircraft, armored vehicle, and shipboard landing system industries.

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  • Aerotech, Inc.

    Aerotech develops turnkey motion control systems for applications including pattern media inspection, 4-axis coordinate measuring, rapid prototyping, high-speed optical indexing, printhead inspection, electronic inspection, and more for semiconductor, medical, laboratory, packaging, and laser industries.

  • GE Intelligent Platforms

    GE Intelligent Platforms makes motion control systems such as PACMotion, which offers flexible configuration of the master axis, system architecture, and I/O as well as offering centralized or hybrid distributed control and amplifiers that can be up to 400 meters from the rack or centrally located.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker Hannifin offers motion control systems with custom mechanical design, software development, electrical design, and system integration for applications such as semiconductors, solar panels, flat panel inspection and repair, aerospace, and life sciences.

  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric offers linear motion control systems including linear modules, dual and triple axis systems such as positioning systems, robots, wall=mounted robots, and portal robots as well as low-mass systems, with their portal axes available with toothed belt or ballscrew drives.

  • Bishop-Wisecarver Corp.

    Bishop WiseCarver offers motion control systems including custom automation, rotary hexapods, conveyors, and more for harsh environments, can run at high temperatures, offer smooth motion, long lengths, and more.

  • Emerson Control Techniques

    Emerson Industrial Automation offers engineered motion control systems services including design, software, manufacturing, communications, printing systems, moveable structures, and more.

  • The Timken Company

    Timken designs motion control systems including speed and direction sensors such as high and low resolution off-highway transmission speed sensors, industrial package magnetic encoders, and modular magnetic encoders, as well as angle sensors for linear and angular position sensing.

  • Curtiss-Wright Corp.

    Curtiss-Wright offers engineered motion control systems for applications such as industrial actuation, commercial and military aircraft utility actuation and secondary flight controls, armored vehicle suspension & turret stabilization, shipboard landing systems, and more.

  • Axsys Technologies, Inc.

    Axsys designs high-precision motion systems that utilize gimbal cartridges, rotary actuators, oscillating scanners, polygon scanners, closed loop control, 2-axis gimbal assemblies, and more.

  • Motion Control Systems

    Motion Controls Systems offers design and development of their namesake via large scale and servo-based network controlled flexible tooling as well as robotics based manufacturing & control systems, with options such as partial systems, engineering, custom software, and more. Custom specialized actuators and lean manufacturing control systems are also their specialty.

  • Electronic Machine Parts (EMP)

    Electronic Machine Parts makes single and multi-axis servo systems, for turnkey motion control needs, featuring closed-loop systems for real time feedback, is shaftless, reducing maintenance, and is custom designed for your needs.

  • Faulhaber

    Faulhaber makes motion control systems offering velocity control, positioning control, stepper motor modes, analog positioning, flexible inputs and outputs, integrated servomotors, custom configurations, and more.

  • ORMEC Systems Corp

    Ormec offers motion control systems from controllers, to servo drives, to gearboxes to more, custom engineered for your application integrating logic control and more.

  • Macron Dynamics, Inc.

    Macron Dynamics offers motion control systems in the form of multi-axis gantry systems and cartesian robots, with custom automation design and engineering, for pick & place systems, indexing systems, camera mounts, sorting, and more.