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  • Anaheim Automation

    Anaheim Automation together with Estun Motor develops servomotors available in sizes of 80mm to 180mm square. Used for industrial motion control applications, the servomotors feature power ratings of 200-1000 watts, 3000-5000 watts, or 1500-2500 watts. All the motors are equipped with a self-cooled IP 65 rated enclosure, and feature maximum speed of up to 1,500 rpm or 3,000 rpm - with peak torques up to 2,025 oz-in. or 4,064 oz-in.

  • Aerotech, Inc.

    Linear servomotors developed by Aerotech are used in robots, actuators, tables/stages, fiberoptics/photonics alignment and positioning, assembly, machine tools, semiconductor equipment, vision systems, and electronic manufacturing. The majority of the linear motors are brushless, with continuous force up to 1063N and peak force up to 4254N. The company's rotary servomotors provide continuous torque up to 29.09 Nm, and are used for various industrial automation applications.

  • Allen-Bradley, a Rockwell Automation Brand

    Allen-Bradley manufactures linear servomotors for applications that require extremely smooth motion such as scanning or printing. The company also produces rotary servomotors that meet the requirements of high-performance motion systems. Rotary motor types available include stainless steel, food grade, and low and medium inertia.

  • Moog, Inc.

    Moogs engineers and develops compact dynamic, brushless servomotors; explosion-proof dynamic brushless servomotors; and maximum dynamic, brushless servomotors for various motion control applications. The maximum dynamic servomotors are commonly used within injection molding machines, while the compact servomotors are used in applications that require positioning times of 30 ms or less. Depending on type, the servomotors are available with continuous stall torque ratings of 0.15 to 307.4 Nm and with rated speeds up to 9000 rpm. The company also develops pitch servomotors for wind turbines.

  • Galil Motion Control

    Galil Motion Control manufactures NEMA 23 brushless servomotors with 1000-line encoder. Designed for precise position and velocity control applications - along with point-to-point applications - the servomotors provide 55 oz-in. of continuous torque, 120 oz-in of peak torque, 4.6 amp continuous current, and 48 volts for 5000 rpm maximum speed.

  • Parker Hannifin Corporation

    Parker Motion Control's linear servomotors are available as slotless, ironless, and ironcore types. The slotless servomotors feature peak force of 2650N and maximum load capacity of 1148 kg. The company's line of rotary servomotors are available with power ratings of 100-3000 watts, 500-1000 watts, up to 500 watts, or more than 3000 watts. Rotary servomotor design types include slotless, bridged stator, and segmented lamination.

  • National Instruments Corp.

    National Instruments Corp.'s brushless servomotors feature a low-cog, low-harmonic distortion magnetic design intended for use in high-efficiency motion systems. Available in six different frame sizes and with a variety of speed/torque combinations, the servomotors are certified to several international standards including cURus and CE.

  • Elmo Motion Control, Inc.

    Elmo Motion Control Inc. distributes servomotor control, drive motor packages for industrial motion control applications. The packages are available with feedback options including incremental encoder, analog encoder, and absolute encoder. IP 55 or IP 65 rated, the servomotor packages are used in high speed, low inertia applications, and feature maximum speed rates of 3000 rpm or 5000 rpm.

  • Kollmorgen Corp.

    Kollmorgen's brushless rotary servomotors types include AC synchronous servomotors, brushless DC and AC servomotors, high voltage servomotors, explosion proof servomotors, and submersible brushless servomotors. The various servomotors feature high speed capability up to 8,000 rpm for standard designs, and up to 70,000 rpm for special designs.

  • Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

    Allied Motion Technologies engineers and manufactures high torque brushless servomotors available as frameless or NEMA-housed versions. Designed for precision velocity and positioning applications, frameless servomotors have a continuous stall torque of 0.08-14.1 Nm. The NEMA servomotors are available with NEMA 17, NEMA, 23, NEMA, 34, or NEMA 56 frames, along with continuous stall torque ranging from 11.5 oz-in to 10.4 ft-lb.

  • MacFarland Associates

    MacFarland Associates offers brush servomotors and brushless servomotors. The five series of brush servomotors are rated anywhere from 12 oz.-in. to 350 lb-in. with speeds and torque stability up to 3000, 3500, 4600, or 6500 rpm. The brushless servomotors are available as direct drive, linear, and econoline types.