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  • Circuit Specialists, Inc.

    NEMA 11, 14, 16, 17, 23, and 34 stepper motors distributed by Circuit Specialists Inc. are used for linear motion control. The 4-wire or 6-wire stepper motor types include permanent magnet, hybrid and variable reluctance.

  • Nippon Pulse America

    Nippon Pulse America designs linear stepper motors, rotary hybrid stepper motors, and tin can stepper motors. The linear motors are used for syringe/pumps, hexapods, and linear stage applications, and offered in diameters of 25mm and 35mm. The rotary hybrid motors are available in sizes from 20 mm to 57mm, and with bipolar windings. The tin can motors have the ability to change speeds depending on the frequency of a pulse signal.

  • Anaheim Automation

    Anaheim Automation manufactures a stepper motor product line that includes planetary gear stepper motors, high torque stepper motors, round-bodied stepper motors, spur gear stepper motors, permanent magnet stepper motors, linear actuator stepper motors, and specialty type stepper motors. The company's high torque motors feature torque from 2.5 to 5,700 oz-in., while the standard stepper motors feature torque from 40 to 1,575 oz-in. The permanent magnet motors produce torque of 1 to 23 oz-in, and the IP 65 rated sealed stepper motors feature torque from 35 to 5,700 oz-in.. The various motors are available in sizes including NEMA 8, 11, 14, 15, 17, 23, 24, 34, and 42.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct's nine types of SureStep stepper motors are available with NEMA 17, 23, and 24 frame sizes. Used to handle automation applications including woodworking, assembly, and test machines, the stepper motors offer output torques ranging from 61 oz-in. to 1292 oz-in., and phase currents from 1.7A to 6.3A.

  • National Instruments Corp.

    National Instruments Corp. offers stepper motors in NEMA size 17, 23, and 34. The motors provide up to 1710 oz-in of holding torque and are used in motion control systems.

  • Baldor

    Baldor designs and manufactures integrated stepper motors with micro-stepping drives. With operating temperature of -40 to 85C, the motors are suited for machine designers and available in three frame sizes: NEMA 14, 23, and 34. The motors feature torque values of 22.6 N-cm to 749 N-cm.

  • Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp.

    VEXTA stepping motors by Oriental Motor are available with frame sizes of 20-90 mm, and with bipolar, unipolar or new pentagon windings. The stepping motors are available as high-torque, high-efficiency, standard/high resolution, geared, terminal box, or high inertia types. The company also offers stepping motor and driver packages that form AC or DC input systems.

  • Detector Technology Inc

    Hybrid rotary stepper motors manufactured by Detector Technology Inc. are available in a number of NEMA sizes including 8, 11, 14, 17, 23, 34, and 42. The motors are used in automated test equipment, surveillance systems, avionics, labeling machinery, packaging, metering and dispensing, engraving machines, automatic feeding machines, bar code printing, antennas, fiber optics, laser measurement, press printing, and color/photo imaging.

  • Micromo

    Micromo's 2-phase stepper motors are used for positioning applications and feature brushless construction. With a speed range up to 16,000 rpm and holding torque of 0.2 to 26 mNm, the motors are available with diameters of 6mm to 22mm.

  • MacFarland Associates

    MacFarland Associates manufactures 2-phase and 5-phase stepper motors. The 2-phase motors feature a 39mm motor with high torque output, and holding torque of 8.3 oz-in., 13 oz-in. or 22 oz-in. The motors can operate at temperatures ranging from 0 to 50C.

  • Servo Systems Inc

    Servo Systems Inc. distributes intelligent stepping motors available in NEMA size 14, 17, 23, and 34. Featuring a 1.8 degree high torque motor with an intelligent motion controller, the stepper motors feature torque up to 1061 oz-in, and operating voltage range from 12 VDC to 75 VDC. They are used within motion control, speed control, and micro-stepping applications.