Motion Control • Nano/Micro Positioning

Micropositioners are designed for positioning applications requiring accurate positioning on a micro scale.

Nanopositioning systems are based on frictionless drive and guiding systems, while micropositioning systems are motor-driven stages that feature travel ranges of a few millimeters up to a few hundred millimeters. Nanopositioning and micropositioning equipment includes: micropositioning stages, integrated nano/micropositioning stages, nanopositioner controllers, actuators, piezoelectric actuators, piezo drivers, linear stages, rotation stages, goniometers, modular actuators, motorized linear stages, miniature motorized stages and motion controllers.

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  • Advanced Photonics

    Advanced Photonics provides solutions for researchers in the field of Laser Spectroscopy, Reaction Kinetics using optical methods, Fluorescence Studies and Optical Tomography.  Products are also offered for the semiconductor and photonics industries.  Products include Flip-Chip Bonding systems, Automatic Die-bonder, Under Fill Dispenser, Solder Reflow systems, Wafer Handling and Polishing machines as well as Alignment and Attachment systems for both active and passive devices, Laser Diode Burn-in racks and Test and Measurement instrument racks for the photonics industries.

  • MCL (Mad City Labs)

    Mad City Labs, Inc. is a manufacturer of nanopositioners and nanopositioning products including axis motion, nanometer measuring, micropositioning stages, integrated nano/micropositioning stages, microscopy applications, nanopositioner controllers, actuators, software and custom nanopositioners.

  • Newport Corp.

    Newport is a manufacturer of motorized position and nanopositioning products including air bearing solutions, controllers, amplifiers, custom motion systems, hexapods, motion outlet, motorized actuators, linear stages and rotation stages.

  • nPoint

    nPoint, Inc. is a manufacturer of nanopositioning stages which are available in one, two, and three axes configurations. nPoint stages employ closed-loop capacitive feedback for linearity and position accuracy and scanning ranges from 25 to 400 µm.  Addition capabilities include custom stages for researchers and OEMs.

  • PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

    Physik Instruments is a manufacturer of nano and micro positioning solutions.  Products include nanopositioning and scanning piezo stages, fast pieze top/tilt mirrors, piezoelectric actuators, piezo drivers and nanopositioning controllers and piezo motors and motor stages.

  • Piezosystem Jena

    Piezosystem Jena is a manufacturer of piezo actuators, nano stages and positioning equipment.  Products include high power actuators, piezo controllers and amplifiers, optical fiberswitches and multiplexers.

  • Viking Industrial Products

    Viking Industrial Products is a manufacturer of OEM high voltage amplifiers in standard, tailord and custom models.

  • Queensgate Instruments

    Queensgate Instruments is a manufacturer of nanomechanisms, objective lens positioners, tip-tilt nanomechanisms, digital piezo translators, nanosensors, control electronics, MTP translators and software.  Markets served include the semi-conductor, disk drive, scanning probe microscope, space qualified nano mechanisms, vibration control, material testing, molecular biology and interometry industries.

  • SmarAct

    SmarAct GmbH is a manufacturer of linear and rotary positioners which may be used for both micro- and nanopositioning.  Other products include complete systems, end effectors and control systems.

  • ThorLabs

    Thorlabs is a manufacturer of 3-,4-,5- and 6-axis stages for use in nano-positioning applications.

  • Dynamic Structures & Materials, LLC

    Dynamic Structures & Materials is a manufacturer of precision motion control and positioning technologies.  Products include piezoelectric actuators, motion control systems and PZT amplifiers.

  • Zugo Photonics

    Zugo Photonics is a manufacturer of manual motion control and motorized motion control products, customized motion systems, nano positioning devices including piezo actuators, nano positioning stages and 3D micro piezoactuators.  Products include linear stages, rotation stages, tilts, goniometers, modular actuators, motorized linear stages, rotation stages and actuators, miniature motorized stages and motion controllers.

  • Ocean Optics, Inc.

    Ocean Optics manufactures a software-controlled linear nanopositioning system that combines high-resolution incremental movement and extended travel range to 10 mm (NTS-10), 25 mm (NTS-25) or 100 mm (NTS-100). The systems offer long-term stability in open loop mode of less than 2 nm drift/hour at 20ºC for high repeatability and accuracy. Other products include spectrometers, sensors, light sources and optical fibers.

  • Invenios

    Invenios is a manufacturer of precision linear and rotary stages, piezo flexures, anthropomorphic platforms and PC-based control components.

  • Kinetic Ceramics, Inc.

    Kinetic Ceramics, Inc. is a manufacturer of PZT stack actuators, piezomotor actuators, piezo drives, piezoelectric fluid pumps, accelerometers and optics fabrication equipment.

  • Attocube Systems

    Attocube Systems is a manufacturer of nanopositioners, linear positioners, rotators, goniometers and scanners.

  • PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

    Micos is a manufacturer of motion control systems, positioners, direct drives, controllers and accessories.

  • Applied Precision Inc.

    Applied Precision is the manufacturer of the NanoMotion Micropositioning system which combines the NanoMover® Precision Linear Actuator with a precision motion control chassis and software. It is used to automate existing processes for greater process control in both laboratory and production environments.

  • Orlin

    Orlin is a manufacturer of piezo actuators and mechanisms including voice coil motors, micro gearboxes and actuators, motirized stages, motion controllers, manual stages, opto-mechanics, vibration isolation and calibration standards.

  • Asi Inc.

    Applied Scientific Instrumentation is a manufacturer of micropositioning solutions.  Products include microscope automation stages, controllers, piezo stages, linear and manual stages, robotic systems, micromanipulators and piezo devices.