Motion Control • Positioning Tables

Used for a linear motion applications with features including direct-drive air bearing, mechanical bearing deisng and worm-gear-driven mechanical bearings.

Used to position sensors, automate pick-and-place operations, or perform light-duty machining, positioning tables are rotary or linear, and low-profile or multi-axis in design. Available with ring systems, slide rings, track systems, and clamping torques, some positioning table can travel up to 48 inches and feature a load capacity of 2,000 lbs.Manufacturers of positioning tables include: Aeroflex, Airpel, Bel-Air, Korfund Dynamics, Macron, Vibration Mountings & Controls.

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  • Aim Controls, Inc.

    AIM Controls multi-axis positioning tables and controllers are designed for “out of the box” set-up and operation. Just install the software from CD onto a PC with USB 2.0 port. The USB cable and separate joystick are included. A calibrating and test routine can be run from the PC software to verify the basic X-Y positioning table operations, and also to conduct metrology test.

  • Anaheim Automation

    Anaheim Automation manufactures two series' of low profile, screw-driven positioning tables.The LS100 Series (unsupported rails) and the LS500 Series (supported rails) feature lead screws that are stainless steel, precision rolled, with burnished finish and a zero backlash nut, accurate up to 0.003"/ft. These screw-driven positioning tables are available as open-Loop or closed-loop systems with several options available.

  • Arrick Robotics

    Arrick X and XY positioning tables are belt-driven and can be controlled easily with their MD-2ac or MD-2bc motion control systems, or any NEMA #23 servo or stepper motor. Just attach the motor and connect the home switch. All tools are included.

  • ALM

    Ralmtec manufactures rotary positioning tables, including the R50a model featuring a 200 lb vertical capacity, backlash-free design, 500 lb horizontal capacity, 48 pitch gearing, crossed roller main bearing, and 2.2 arc/min accuracy.

  • Circuit Specialists, Inc.

    Circuit Specialists manufactures several multi-axis positioning tables, including the 9" travel, 18" travel and the 30" travel tables. Each model utilizes automated pick-and-lace operation functions with a belt-driven design as an alternative to traditional lead-screw driven products.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker Hannifin manufactures a variety of motion and control system solutions, including several models of manual and motorized positioning tables from rotary to multi-axis configurations.

  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF offers a variety of guiding products, including positioning tables, shaft guidings, profile rail guides, precision rail guides, and camroller guides. SKF products feature a broad range of applications.

  • IntelLiDrives

    IntelLiDrives manufactures several rotary positioning tables, including motorized, low profile, and multi-axis types. Electronic controls are also available.

  • Cranfield Precision

    Cranfield Precision manufactures rotary positioning tables, including the 1604 high accuracy model that features a table diameter range of 685mm - 1000mm, with a max load of 2000 kg, and nominal air supply pressure of 80 psi.

  • CyberResearch, Inc.

    CyberResearch manufactures the MCS X9 single axis 9" linear positioning table. This product is designed to make it easier to position sensors, automate pick-and-place operations, or perform light-duty machining. The MCS X9 features a series of belt-driven models as an alternative to lead-screw driven tables.

  • Del-Tron Precision, Inc.

    Del-Tron Precision manufactures crossed roller positioning tables from aluminum and steel. These products provide high accuracy and heavy load carrying capabilities. Accuracies range from 0.0001/inch of travel straight line accuracy on aluminum tables, to 0.00008” of parallelism on steel crossed roller designs. These products are capable of carrying loads in excess of 2600 lbs.

  • Dover

    Danaher Motion's Dover division manufactures precision motion control products, including positioning tables in multi-axis, single-axis, and rotary configurations. A variety of motion control accessories are also available.

  • Excitron Corp.

    Excitron Corp. manufactures a variety of rotary tables in sizes including 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12". Models are available in both motorized and manual operation.

  • Griffin Motion LLC

    Griffin Motion manufactures rotary positioning tables, including the RTS-DD Series featuring an ultra-compact tall package, direct drive design, three phase brushless motor drive compatibility, vacuum preparation option, and size choices of 100mm or 200 mm.

  • IKO Nippon Thompson

    IKO Nippon Thompson manufactures precision positioning tables, including the TX model providing high running accuracy and high load capacity using linear rollers as a guidance components. 5-micron meter of positioning accuracy are possible in a full-closed-loop control system.

  • Isotech Inc

    Isotech manufactures a variety of positioning tables and stages, including pneumatic, rotary and motorized configurations.

  • LinTech

    Lintech manufactures a variety of mechanical motion control products, including multi-axis positioning tables in modular X-Y and X-Y-Z systems, custom multi-axis configurations, and X-Y water jet cutting, X-Y inspection station, and heavy machine assembly tables.

  • Macron Dynamics, Inc.

    Macron Dynamics manufactures several screw driven positioning tables, including models for screw driven positioning in one, two and three axis applications. Features include speed up to 18 inches/second, linear accuracy up to +/- .005, and smooth motion for complex dynamic applications.

  • MicroKinetics Corp.

    MicroKinetics manufactures CNC muilti-axis positioning tables featuring precision ground bedways and a 175 oz-in stepper motor. These products have an accuracy of +/- 0.002" and a 0.001" graduated handwheel for manual operation.

  • Newmark Systems Inc

    Newmark Systems manufactures multi-axis positioning tables including XY, XYZ and vertical assemblies. Newmark also offers a variety of other motion control produc, including rotary positioners, motion controllers and custom products.