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  • Arrick Robotics

    Arrick Robotics offers Z-Axis positioners and X & XY-Axis linear positioners. Z-Axis positioners are constructed with anti-backlash nuts, precision ground lead-screws, and an aluminum frame. These positioners can handle speeds up to 1" per second, 0.002" repeatability, 2" of travel, and ±0.005" per ft accuracies. They are ideal for X, XY, XYZ, camera positioning, sensor positioning, factory automation, and laboratory automation applications.

  • Aim Controls, Inc.

    Aim Controls, Inc. offers X-Y positioning tables for dispenser, inspection system, router, micro-positioning, laser, milling, robotic, industrial, and commercial applications. These tables range in size from 12" x 12" to 48" x 96", they are available in almost any accuracy, and can be ordered in high speed configurations. For most X-Y applications, G5 motion control systems can be utilized to comply with high precision requirements.

  • Velmex, Inc.

    Velmex, Inc. offers motor driven XSlide assemblies, motor driven BiSlide assemblies, manual mid-profile XY tables, manual low profile XY tables, and manual high profile XY tables. Series AXY40 XY tables have travel ranges from 2" x 2" to 5" x 5", load capacities ranging from 25 to 60 lbs, heights up to 3-3/4", and lead screw advances of 0.100"/rev. These tables feature crossed/inverted sliders, stable base plates, large top work surfaces, and optional black anodized finishing, lead screw pitches, or locking screws.

  • Dover

    Dover offers Z stages and linear XY tables. Model XYMR open frame microscope XY table have travel ranges from 50 to 200 mm, 38 x 38 apertures, and straightness/repeatability ratings to <±2.5 μm. These tables are available in open or solid top aperture configurations, they can be used in inverted or upright microscopes, they have precision crossed-roller ways, and high repeatability friction nuts. Tables have applications for video profilometry, counting/cell analysis, die inspections, masks, and wafers.

  • Macron Dynamics, Inc.

    Macron Dynamics, Inc. offers screw driven multi-axis positioning tables for a variety of industrial automation applications, including: waterjet/laser cutting gantries, theatrical automation, packaging handlers, sorting/inspection systems, Cartesian robotics, pick/place systems, etc. These tables can handle speeds to 18" per second, load sizes from light to 2,000 lbs, linear accuracies to ±0.005, and they have travel ranges from 6" to 48". They are swift, maintenance-free, and they are available in simple or complex dynamic system configurations.

  • Newmark Systems Inc

    Newmark Systems, Inc. XY and XYZ linear positioners for the following high-performance applications: electronic manufacturing, medical component laser machining, semiconductor equipment, assembly, machine tools, vision systems, fiber optics, robotics, etc. These positioners have travel ranges from 25mm to 1.5 meters, large mounting areas, ultra-precise positioning capabilities, and highly repeatable trajectories. Model NLS8 linear stages have accuracy ranges from 5 to 30 μm, load sizes up to 250 lbs, and travel ranges from 8" to 20".

  • NSK

    NSK offers XY positioning tables for vacuum elements, non-magnetic elements, special conditions, and electronics industry applications. These tables feature high motion accuracies, multi-axis combinations, multiple motor options, easy PA term operations, etc. Tables come in positioning actuator, XY module, or precision positioning configurations.

  • Techno Inc.

    Techno, Inc. offers standard duty X-Y positioning tables. These tables are available with inline or side mount motor orientations, and they come in crank handle, stepper servo, or no motor configurations.

  • IntelLiDrives

    IntelLiDrives offers combination XY and rotary tables that are available with ball screw-based mechanics or direct drive linear motors. Screw driven stages are low profile, compact, and constructed from lightweight machined aluminum alloy. These stages feature ultra-fine positioning resolutions, exceptional repeatability, and accuracy. Direct drive linear motor combination stages are plug-and-play, easily mounted, pre-engineered, ready-to-run modules. These stages feature highly repeatable positioning capacities, high accelerations, and quick settling capabilities.