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  • Parker Hannifin Corporation

    Parker Motion Control Systems offers the following rotary tables: RT Series precision, RM Series industrial, and R Series direct drive industrial. RM Series industrial rotary tables feature an aluminum construction, stainless steel top plates, built-in limit switches, and a high-load capacity (robust bearing) design. These tables have a solid/thru-bore construction, unique self-compensating pre-load-to-limit backlashes, and worm/direct drive actuations. They have accuracies up to 2 arc-min, lengths ranging from 127 to 410.7 mm, and maximum loads ranging from 90 to 460 kg.

  • Excitron Corp.

    Excitron Corp. offers 6 to 12" rotary tables. Heavy duty tail stock 8-10" rotary tables are easily adjustable from 5.20" to 7.20", they have center heights up to 5.985", and adjustable angles from -11 to +11°. These tables have applications for rotating heavy parts and supporting machining long parts. Heavy duty 6" rotary tables have applications for horizontal/vertical mounting, strengths up to 65K PSI, resolutions ranging from ±0.0020 to ±0.0100 deg/step, and 20V/90W DC power supplies.

  • Dover

    Dover offers precision and high-precision rotary tables in a wide range of configurations. Model DRT-100 rotary tables feature speeds up to 10 rev/sec, 2 micro-radian resolutions, and ultra-stiff 4 point contact ball bearings. These tables have 25mm through-bores, and they have no backlash, torque variations, or gear wear. Tables have peak currents up to 6.5 Amps, peak torques up to 2.5 Nm, and 20 micro-radian resolutions.

  • ALM

    Ralmtec offers small rotary tables in the following models: H60, R60a, H43, and H35. These tables range in diameter from 2.9 to 5.9", they have output torques ranging from 27 to 100 lb-in, and input speeds up to 1350 RPM. Tables feature gear pitches ranging from 24 to 48, horizontal capacities up to 500 lbs, and accuracies ranging from 2.2 to 4.4 arc-min. In addition to these standard rotary motion units, Ralmtec also offers special or modified units for precise applications.

  • Griffin Motion LLC

    Griffin Motion LLC offers RTS-DD Series rotary tables for the increasing demands of the semiconductor industry. These direct drive rotary tables come in an ultra-compact/tall package, they feature three-phase brushless motor drives, and through holes for beam paths or vacuum lines. Tables are available in 0.36 arc-sec resolutions, sizes ranging from 100 to 200 mm, and optional low out-gassing components. They are ideal for eliminating sliding friction/backlash and improving reliability.

  • IntelLiDrives

    IntelLiDrives offers rotary tables in the following configurations: direct drive, worm gear driven, belt driven actuator, large aperture, low profile, air bearing, and compact. These tables have speed ratings ranging from 3 to 800 RPM, peak torques ranging from 1 to 950 Nm, repeatability ratings up to 36 arc-sec, and ball, cross roller, or air type bearings. Tables have applications for electronic manufacturing, medical component laser machining, semiconductor equipment, assembly, machine tools, vision systems, photonics, robots, etc.

  • Velmex, Inc.

    Velmex, Inc. offers two motorized rotary table designs. Model B4836TS rotary tables feature 200 lb load capacities, diameters up to 5", and the three optional gear ratios (72, 36, and 18:1). These tables have vertical load capacities up to 25 lbs, input shaft speeds up to 600 RPM, input shaft torques up to 150 oz-in, and accuracies up to 100 arc-sec. Optional features include encoders on motor shaft extensions, magnetic reed home switches, and black anodized finish.

  • Newmark Systems Inc

    Newmark Systems, Inc. offers rotary positioning stages for a variety of industrial automation applications, including: electronic manufacturing, medical component laser machining, semiconductor equipment, assembly, machine tools, vision systems, photonics, industrial robots, etc. RT-2 Series rotary stages are capable of up to 360° continuous travel, maximum loads up to 15 lbs, 80:1 gear ratios, and 0.32 arc-sec resolutions. These stages feature NEMA 17 motors and a zero backlash construction.

  • Thermal Press International

    Thermal Press International offers rotary dial table systems for a wide variety of applications, including: pagers, cell phones, digital cameras, blue-tooth devices, circuit board staking, computer disk drives, PDA assembly, internet smart phone assembly, etc. These systems are configured for 120/240 Volts AC, they have 80 PSI minimum pressures, two assemblies per station, and heat-staking/automotive shift PRNDL bezels.

  • QCS Workholding LLC

    QCS Workholding LLC offers precision rotary tables in up to 58 different models. 10" precision tilt rotary tables are low profile, they feature extra deep coolant channels, dual positive action locks, and optional dividing plates/tailstock. These tables have gear drives immersed in oil, 10 second vernier readings, 10" table diameters, and 1.2" centering hole diameters.

  • LinTech

    LinTech offers 300 Series low cost and 400 Series large load rotary positioning tables. 300 Series low cost rotary tables have worm gear drive types, load capacities to 200 lbs, speeds to 0.66 rps, and breakaway torques to 20 oz-in. These tables feature angular contact bearings, aluminum components, threaded steel inserts, NEMA 23/24 sized motors, and 0.75" through holes.

  • Techno Inc.

    Techno, Inc. offers rotary positioning tables in reduction, compact, and precision gear configurations. Model ZR20 rotary tables feature 20:1 reductions, small footprints, belt/timing pulley reductions, 4 tapped M6 holes, and stepper motor applications. These tables can handle speeds up to 60 RPM, holding torques up to 14 Nm, and maximum loads to 10 kg.