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  • The Precision Alliance

    The Precision Alliance offers crossed roller slides in the following configurations: RTS frictionless low profile, RTNG dust-protected (sealed) precision, RTNA/RTLA frictionless aluminum, and RTN/RTL frictionless precision. Model RTS frictionless low profile slides are low in profile, mount-ready, pre-loaded, and able to carry medium moments/loads in every direction. These slides have dynamic load ratings ranging from 208 to 3672N, lengths ranging from 25 to 205mm, and travel ranges from 12 to 130mm. They are ideal for applications where price and height is limited.

  • Isotech Inc

    Isotech, Inc. offers crossed roller slides, precision crossed roller slides, and flange base high precision crossed roller slides. Crossed roller slides feature lightweight aluminum bases/carriages, alternately crossed rollers for handling force in every direction, and positive stops for over-travel prevention. These slides are available in lengths ranging from 1.06" to 15", travel ranges from 0.50" to 12", and load capacities from 30 to 779 lbs. The rolling elements and bearings can be custom-designed to meet the specific needs of most applications.

  • Reid Supply Company

    Reid Supply Company offers DT-81, DT-73, DT-71, DT-124, and DT-121 crossed roller slides. These slides come in travel ranges from 0.50" to 6", carriage widths ranging from 0.56" to 2.62", and carriage lengths ranging from 1.06" to 9". They are available in load capacities from 30 to 704 lbs, heights ranging from 0.32" to 1", and rail widths ranging from 0.250" to 1.500". Model DT-81 crossed roller slides are RoHS compliant, they have 0.0001" repeatability ratings, lightweight aluminum carriages, and four tapped/threaded carriage holes.

  • American Linear Manufacturers

    American Linear Manufacturers (ALM) offers standard crossed roller linear slide assemblies, low profile slide assemblies, and double "V" rail sets. Standard crossed roller linear slide assemblies feature 0.0001" positioning accuracies, viscosity ranges from 15 to 30, and they have long/trouble-free work lives. ALM's low profile slide assemblies and double "V" rail sets have travel ranges from 0.708" to 2.755", lengths ranging from 1.181" to 4.724", and RPR ratings up to 21.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers crossed roller slides for the promotion of exact, low friction, linear motion. These slides have the following features: 0.00008" straight-line accuracies, travel ranges up to 300mm, precision ground mounting surfaces, non re-circulating bearing styles, and higher normal/moment load capacities.

  • Del-Tron Precision, Inc.

    Del-Tron Precision, Inc. offers ball and crossed roller slides. These slides have straight-line accuracies ranging from 0.0000040" to 0.0005" per inch/travel, a design that reduces the coefficient of friction to 0.003, and a one-piece ball retainer for maintaining ball bearing position.

  • Specialty Motions, Inc.

    Specialty Motions, Inc. offers ball slides and crossed roller slides that utilize True Travel anti-cage creep technology. These slides are predictable, smooth, pre-loaded, pre-assembled, black anodized finished, and ready for immediate installation. They have 0.0005"/inch straight line accuracies, 0.001" positional repeatability ratings, and a 0.003" coefficient of friction.

  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF USA, Inc. offers crossed roller precision rail guides. These guides facilitate fast engineering, retrofitting, or redesign of existing applications.

  • AG Slides

    AG Slides Withstands offers Ironman roller slides for carrying increased loads and withstanding higher cycle rates. These slides feature partially flatted steel rods, 90 degree rotated rollers, and an exclusive/easy to use US patented wedge adjustment. Model RK-42 Ironman roller slides have 2" travel ratings, 45 lb loads, 0.0001" accuracies, and 0.00005" repeatability ratings. They are constructed from steel and cast iron materials.

  • Nordex, Inc.

    Nordex Incorporated offers crossed roller slide assemblies in a variety of configurations, including: counter bore screw size, base hole BHD, base hole BHT, base hole BHB, and 4 hole carriage. These assemblies come in load capacities ranging from 30 to 108 lbs, lengths ranging from 1.06" to 4.56", 0.0001"/inch of travel straight line accuracies, and travel ranges from 0.50" to 3.00". They are constructed from stainless steel, aluminum, hardened steel, and black anodized materials.

  • Tusk Direct, Inc.

    Tusk Direct, Inc. offers linear crossed roller slides with flat raceways and high capacity rollers. These slides feature travel ranges from 0.5" to 12"; 6-8 times the capacity of ball slides; and an aluminum, hardened/stainless steel, black anodized construction. They have 0.000020" repeatability ratings, 0.000040"/" of straight line accuracy, and a 0.002 coefficient of friction.

  • QBC - Quality Bearings

    Quality Bearings offers crossed roller slides in a variety of types. These slides come in weights ranging from 27 to 368g, lengths ranging from 50 to 400, and dimensions ranging from 1x25 to 15x25.

  • Techno Inc.

    Techno, Inc. offers crossed roller slides for higher load and impact resistance applications. These slides have travel ranges from 0.50 to 6.00, static load capacities ranging from 30 to 704 lbs, 0.0001" repeatability ratings, and dimensions ranging from 1.06 x 0.32 x 0.56 to 9 x 1 x 2.62. They are constructed from stainless steel, hardened steel, aluminum, and black anodized materials.