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  • Zaber

    Zaber offers T-LLS260, T-LLS260-S, T-LLS105, and T-LLS105-S dovetail slides. These slides feature travel ranges from 105 to 260mm, 0.16 um resolutions, RS-232 controls, and integrated 200 step/rev motors with hall-effect home sensors. Model T-LLS260 dovetail slides come in power supplies ranging from 12 to 16 VDC, 6-32 threaded hole mounting interfaces, operating temperature ranges from 0 to 50°C, and 90N peak thrusts. They are CE and RoHS compliant.

  • Reid Supply Company

    Reid Supply Company offers SKF-618, DV-430, DV-312, DV-230, and DV-110 dovetail slides. Model DV-430 dovetail slides feature 3" travel ranges, heights up to 1.75", 0.001" accuracies, and pressures up to 40,000 PSI. These slides are constructed from pearlitic grey iron materials that can be tapped, drilled, or milled for mounting/altering purposes. They have applications for assembly equipment, shuttle devices, checking fixtures, work holding devices, positioning fixtures, production milling, etc.

  • Generic Slides

    Generic Slides offers UDL Series, classic, and classic with lead-screw dovetail slides with the following slide options: motorized units, multi-access assemblies, digital position indicators, positioning dials, table locks, lead screw positioning, custom saddle/base lengths, and pre-drilled mounting holes. These slides are constructed from the following materials: PTFE, stainless steel, delrin, cast iron, and hard-coat aluminum.

  • Velmex, Inc.

    Velmex, Inc. offers offers modular dovetail slides in over 1,000 models for industrial and science applications. These slides come in base widths ranging from 1.5" to 9" and travel ranges from 0.5" to 20".

  • DuraBond Slide

    DuraBond Slide offers dovetail slides for a wide range of heavy load applications, including: work-holding device, special machine, shuttle device, CNC applications, etc. These slides come in widths ranging from 2" to 12" and base lengths ranging from 4" to 32". They are highly rigid, self-lubricating, long-lasting, low profile, and maintenance free.

  • Famco Machine Division

    Famco Machine Division offers ground IPM dovetail slides in any inch increment of base/carrier length. These assemblies feature gib lock handles for easy locking, standard cored pockets, and longitudinal cavities in the base.