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Motion control software can be used to increase usability of a variety of motion control systems including PLCs, positioning equipment and more.

A variety of software is available for VFDs, soft starters, and servo products. Motion control-related software can create and model production processes, program automation controls, and develop estimation and production simulation for material handling systems, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, printed circuit board manufacturing equipment, gantries, packaging machines, and test and measurement equipment. Providers of motion control-related software include MDSI, National Instruments, Motion Control, Elmo, Cimetrix, Kaidan, Aerotech, and Rockwell Automation.

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  • ACA Conductor Accessories Div. of AFL Telecommunications

    ACA manufactures motion control accessories, including spacer dampers, designed to maintain the original geometry of the bundle system against loads; and vibration dampers, an energy dissipation device for removing the energy of vibration imparted to a conductor by wind.

  • Aerotech, Inc.

    Aerotech offers a range of software packages readily available for download. Products include Automation 3200 Intelligent 32-Axis Motion, Vision, PLC, Robotics, & I/O Platform, Ensemble Stand-Alone Motion Controller, and Soloist Single-Axis Servo Controller.

  • Baker Motion Control Systems

    Baker Motion has developed a full line of servers to allow users an easy way to communicate between popular HMI packages and Delta Tau's PMAC series of motion controllers. All major HMI packages are fully supported and we offer servers built on both DDE and OPC technology.

  • Cimetrix Inc.

    The Cimetrix Open Development Environment (CODE™) is a suite of open architecture machine modeling and motion control software products designed to control the most challenging multi-axis machine control applications. CODE has been successfully deployed on a wide range of demanding applications in various industries-from surface mount (SMT), semiconductor, and electronic assembly to multi-axis robots, packaging and machine tools.

  • Delta Tau

    Delta Tau has a variety of software applications, wizards, drivers and utility programs. These programs are designed to assist our customers in developing their application quickly, easily and effectively.

  • Douloi Automation Inc.

    Manufacturer of motion software that features Point and Click Windows Based Functionality, Up to 12 Independent or Concurrent Threads, and High Speed Position Capture Tools Available.

  • G&L Motion Control

    PiCPro Programming Software offers the most flexible toolset for motion application programming available. Motion instructions are as simple to use as ladder logic counters and timers. Sophisticated functions like multi-tasking provide the headroom to solve the toughest applications.

  • PIC-SERVO Motion Control (Jeff Kerr, LLC)

    Jeffrey Kerr Diagnostic and Utility Software will allow you to test all functions of your PIC-SERVO, PIC-STEP and PIC-I/O controllerss and verify operation of your motors.

  • Performance Motion Devices (PMD)

    Performance Motion Devices provides Pro-Motion, VB-Motion, and C-Motion software tools provided with PMD’s motion control products for simplifying the development of motion applications.

  • Precision MicroDynamics Inc.

    Precision MicroDynamics, (PMDi) is the industry leader in motion control and data acquisition offering high-performance, high-value products. Software products include MCI-SoftLIB, MotionSuite CNC, and MotionToolsTM 2.

  • Rockwell Automation

    Rockwell Automation's Design and Configuration software provides integrated environments for creating and modeling production processes, programming automation controls, as well as tools to setup equipment, order and product definitions. This integrated approach streamlines the overall planning, development and deployment processes resulting in faster, lower-cost implementations.

  • Technosoft

    Technosoft offers EasyMotion Studio and EasySetUp software platforms for the setup and motion programming of the Technosoft intelligent drives and motors.

  • Trinamic

    Trinamic offers Integrated Development Environment for TMCL (PC-Software) and PC-based TMCL interpreter for control of multiple modules.

  • National Instruments Corp.

    National Instruments offers several different software packages to help you develop powerful motion control applications. Included with all NI motion controllers is NI-Motion driver software, which offers LabVIEW VIs, firmware updates, and LabVIEW example programs to help you get started. NI-Motion driver software also offers DLLs and example programs to aid when developing motion control applications with other development packages such as Measurement Studio, LabWindows CVI, or other programming languages.

  • Manufacturing Data Systems, Inc.

    MDSI's WinMotion combines soft motion, soft PLC, and HMI in a single, scaleable software application that provides single or multi-axis control across a full range of general motion applications including: material handling systems, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, printed circuit board manufacturing equipment, gantries, packaging machines, and test and measurement equipment.

  • Allen-Bradley, a Rockwell Automation Brand

    Allen-Bradley provides motion analyzer software.

  • BaseBlock Software

    A provider of software solutions and innovations for the motor control industry. Software development of easy to use energy estimation and product simulation software to sophisticated software for VFDs, Soft Starters and Servo products.

  • Copley Controls Corp.

    Copley Controls offers motion control software tools. Products include CME 2 - Configuration & Indexing, CML - C++ Motion Libraries, and CMO - Motion COM Objects.