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Driven by an alternating current, an AC motor is an electric motor comprised of two main parts.

Driven by an alternating current, an AC motor is an electric motor comprised of two main parts: an outside stationary stator and an inside rotor attached to the output shaft. AC motors can feature a brush or be brushless. A synchronous motor and an induction motor represent the two AC motor types. The synchronous motor rotates exactly at supply frequency, with the magnetic field on the rotor generated by current delivered through slip rings or permanent magnet. Induction motors run slower than supply frequency, with the magnetic field on the rotor created by an induced current. Most AC motors typically use a squirrel cage rotor, however other rotors include a wound rotor and magnetized rotor. AC motors are available in single, two and three-phase configurations. A common single-phase motor is the shaded-pole motor, which is used in devices requiring low starting torque such as electric fans and household appliances. Another common single-phase AC motor is the split-phase induction motor that is used in washing machines and clothes dryers. Two-phase, AC servomotors are high-speed, low-torque devices that are heavily geared down to drive a load. Three-phase AC synchronous motors are occasionally used as traction motors and in a power factor correction scheme.

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  • Anaheim Automation

    Anaheim Automation offers AC induction, AC synchronous, and industrial AC motors. AC induction and synchronous gearmotors are also available. Their induction motors offer torque of 5.38 to 122 oz in, with eight varying sizes from 60mm to 100mm, 110 vac or 220 vac, 1800 rpm.  These motors are round bodies with a square mounting flange, self-starting, and reversible. Synchronous motors: 28  to 708 oz-in (with maximum torque of 1841 oz in), motor lengths from 2.6 inch to 5.9 inch, 60 Hz, 72 RPM 110 or 220 vac. AC industrial motors: 220 or 380 vac, 1634 to 1710 rpm, torque 170 to 602 oz in, length 7.1 to 8.9 inches. These motors are CE certified.

  • Arc Systems, Inc.

    ARC Systems offers induction, servo, and synchronous AC motors. Their AC servo motors operate at 60 or 400Hz, 6000 to 10500 rpm, and are available in 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12 poles. AC induction motors are a 20 motor type, with with 1/1000 to 1/8 hp and 3300 to 15000 rpm.

  • B & R Industrial Automation

    B & R makes industrial AC motors including stepper, synchronous, and three-phase motors. The 8LS three-phase synchronous motor features sinusoidal commutation with EnDat encoder, NdFeB permanent magnets, two circular plug connections, stall torque ranging from 0.2 Nm to 115 Nm, low torque ripple, and high overload capability.

  • Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp.

    Oriental Motor sells AC induction, reversible, electromagnetic brake, torque, clutch and brake, low-speed synchronous, watertight dust-resistant, and synchronous motors. Their V Series AC induction motors feature frame sizes from 2.36" to 3.54", output power from 6 W (1/125 HP) to 90 W (1/8 HP), and rated torque from 1.59 lb-in to 350 lb-in.


  • Bodine Electric Company

    Bodine Electric Company provides AC motors, torque motors, parallel shaft gearmotors, right angle gearmotors, AC capacitors, and more. Their standard AC motor line features 1/1600 to 1/2 hp, rated torque of 0.31 to 296 oz-in, and come in single and three phase configurations.

  • Brook Crompton

    Brook Crompton makes single phase, 3 phase, brake, and variable speed AC motors, as well as hazardous area AC motors in cast iron and aluminum models. Their W Premium Efficiency three-phase motors come in cast iron, in 0.75kW to 400kW with 90 to 355L frames. W NEMA three phase motors come in aluminum and are rated to 0.07kW to 22kW (63 to 180L frames).

  • Electric Motor Warehouse

    Electric Motor Warehouse sells AC gearmotors, single and three phase motors, Ametek vacuum motors, C-frame skeleton motors from AO smith, Dayton, and Fasco, Bison gear motors, brake motors, Broan Fan motors, capacitor testers, AC drives, adjustable speed drives, phase inverters, and much more.

  • Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH

    Baumueller offers several types of AC motors, including compact servo, dynamic servo, high torque motors, three-phase, synchronous and geared motors. Their general purpose servo motors come with a shaft height from 45 to 280, in asynchronous and synchronous types, are IP64/65 non-ventilated or IP54 surface-ventilated, come with resolver encoders, and more. High torque motors range up to 32,000 Nm torque.

  • Telco Motion

    Telco Motion sells AC motors, including high torque, NEMA frame, C-frame shaded poles, and universal motors. Their C-frame motors offer 100-240VAC, B/F/H or A/E/B/F/H insulation classes, 3000 hours minimum life time, 8-40 mm stack height, mounting and lead wire configurations, output power ranges from 6W to 75.2W, and more. NEMA frame AC motors offer frame options of 48, 48Y, 48Z, 56, 56C, 56J, 56CZ, and 56YZ.

  • Hansen Corporation

    Hansen Corporation makes AC synchronous motors, including a geared hysteresis motor, round 2- or 4-hole types, pear shallow and deep models, and dual motor types. Type "D" Mount AC synchronous motors are 2-hole-mount in speeds from 0.8 rpm thru 360 rpm. They are available with an operational 1-way clutch for resetting or with a 2-way clutch for gear train protection. 6 rpm and slower speeds are also available.

  • Leeson Electric, A Regal Beloit Co.

    Leeson makes one-phase and three-phase AC motors, including IEC metric models, IEE-841 models, inverter rated types, multi-speed motors, 200-208/400 and 575 volt models, 50Hz models, elevator duty, crusher duty, and vector duty models, medium voltage motors, general purpose motors, explosion-proof motors, and more. General purpose three phase motors have both ODP and enclosed designs in frame construction of either rolled steel, aluminum or cast iron with ratings of 1/6 HP through 700 HP.

  • SL Montevideo Technology, Inc (SL-MTI)

    SL Montevideo Technology offers high frequency AC induction motors that operate at 400Hz with high temperature capability using 220 C magnet wire. AC motors come in single or three phase, 7200 thru 11600 rpm, hp ranges of 0.014 to 1.987 hp, and peak stall torques ranging from 2.7 to 126 oz-in.

  • Panasonic Co.

    Panasonic makes AC servo motors and compact AC geared motors. Their MINAS A4P series has output of 50W to 5.0kW, super low intertia, low inertia, middle inertia, or high inertia motor types, built-in NC functions, preset positioning points, global standard rated, and IP65 rated. The MINAS E-Series offers a 50W to 400W output. Many other Series' are available.

  • Kostov Motors

    Kostov Motors makes single and three phase AC motors, with rotation axes height from 56mm to 100mm, a maximum altitude of 1000m, with their single phase motors having an output of 0.04 to 3.00kW operating on 110 to 250V and a frequency of 60Hz. Their Type MO Three Phase Series offers frame sizes from 56 up to 100 mm, supply voltage of 220/380 V, connection delta/Y and frequency of 50 Hz. Supply voltage up to 400V.

  • MAC

    Mac Motion and Current makes AC induction motors in NEMA standard sizes of 42, 48, and 56 frame types, in sizes from 70 to 370mm. They also offer special custom motors in 400Hz, hermetic, stainless steel, variable speed, explosion proof, and sealed types for rugged use, as well as heavy duty rolled steel sleeves and aluminum die cast end bells. Part sets are available in diameters from 70 to 370 mm (2.734 to 14.286 inches).

  • Sinotech Corp.

    Sinotech's AC motors are engineered in the U.S. and include gearmotor, induction, linear, synchronous types. They also produce starters, motor protectors, and special motors such as instrument and toothless motors. Instrument motors are precision machines with fractional horsepower ratings from 1/2 to 3/4hp. Toothless motors are generally smaller than conventional motors, and include many advantages such as low speed performance, lower Iron loss, and smaller more efficient magnets.

  • Century Electric Motors

    Century Electric Motors makes integral horsepower AC motors, from one to 400 horsepower, including their Rugged Century and Century II Industrial models, with a large array of ratings and styles, as well as the Century E-Plus motor which are totally enclosed fan-cooled in 20 to 400 HP types.

  • Baker Motion Control Systems

    Baker Motion sells Yaskawa servo AC motors, with MTBF exceeding 400,000 hours, 400Hz speed response bandwidth, compact size, and easy installation, for semiconductor, machine tool, automotive, robotics, packaging, pharmaceutical, materials handling, medical, converting, and textile applications.

  • Control Techniques

    Control Techniques makes Leroy Somer AC motors in a power range from 0.55 to 750kW with rugged and flexible design, with high shock and vibration resistance, as well as general purpose AC drives from 0.25kW to 132kW with ultra compact modules, ethernet connectivity, low power drives which can be DIN-rail mounted, and more.

  • Crouzet Motors

    Crouzet makes AC synchronous motors, including direct drive single direction motors with starting torque of 2.5mNm or 8mNm, reversible geared motors from 0.5nM/2.7 Watts to 5Nm / 3.5 or 7.2Watts, direct drive reversible motors, and single direction synchronous geared motors from 0.5Nm to 5Nm watts for volume applications.