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  • Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp.

    Oriental Motor USA Corp. offers AC torque motors. These motors have the following features: frame sizes ranging from 2.36 to 3.54 in-sq, output power ranging from 3 to 20W, voltages ranging from 110 to 230 VAC, up to 88 lb-in torques at maximum output, and up to 900 RPM speeds at maximum output. Motors come in round, parallel, and pinion shaft gearhead types.

  • Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH

    Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH offers DSt Series high torque AC motors for a variety of applications, including: special machines, woodworking machines, machine tools, stretching units, wire-drawing machines, winders, press technology, rotary tables, plastics machines, etc. These motors have the following features: torques up to 32,000 Nm, IP54 protection, a smooth housing surface, a compact/robust design, low-noise output, low velocity, suitable for sophisticated direct drive technology, energy-efficiency, optional thrust bearings, etc.

  • Bodine Electric Company

    Bodine Electric Co. offers AC torque motors in K-2 Series, 30R Series, 42R Series, and 48R Series configurations. These motors have no load RPMs ranging from 1300 to 1690, torques ranging from 4 to 65 oz-in, voltages ranging from 83 to 115 V, and watts ranging from 13 to 120. Additional features include: totally enclosed/non-ventilated, an IP-20 rating, special windings, special rotors, permanent lubrication, noise tested, etc.


  • B & R Industrial Automation

    B & R Industrial Automation offers Series 8LT high torque AC motors for applications requiring positioning precision, extraordinary dynamic characteristics, and reduced weight. These 3-phase synchronous motors have the following features: stall torques ranging from 50 to 408 Nm, SpeedTEC circular plug connections, preloaded groove ball bearings, no mechanical transfer elements, a minimum moment of inertia, three-phase winding, sinusoidal commutation, NdFeB permanent magnets, a high overload capability, etc. These motors are available in externally-cooled or self-cooled formats.

  • Telco Motion

    Telco Motion offers NEMA frame AC motors. These motors have input voltages ranging from 115 to 120 VAC, output power ranges from 118 to 360 W, speeds up to 1650 RPM, and core thicknesses ranging from 20 to 50 mm. Additional features include: 4-8 available poles, rated power up to 340 W, a variety of enclosures, doubled shielded bearings, single and three-phase ODP/TEFC, etc. Motors have applications for blowers, material handling, conveyors, pumps, air compressors, and general industrial equipment.

  • M.G.M. Electric Motors

    M.G.M. Electric Motors offers BA Series high torque AC brake motors. These motors have the following features: power ranges from 0.12 to 60 HP, CCC/cCsAus approval, single or two speeds, an engineered design, NEMA-MG1 electrical standards, pressed-steel brake covers, a manual brake release, TEFC construction, extremely low rotor inertias, etc. Motors have a variety of applications, including: crane hoist, winches, transfer cars, synchronized systems, conveyors, packaging machinery, palletizers, standard induction duty, etc.

  • Anaheim Automation

    Anaheim Automation offers high torque AC industrial motors for OEM applications. These motors have input voltages ranging from 220 to 380 VAC, motor speeds ranging from 1634 to 1710 RPM, torques ranging from 170 to 602 oz-in, and up to 750W rated power. AC motors can be ordered with foot (leg) or flange mount options.

  • Fasco

    Fasco offers parallel shaft high torque AC gearmotors. These motors come in 2-4 pole configurations, they have speeds ranging from 5.9 to 464 RPM, and torques ranging from 26 to 600 lb-in. Additional features include: all position mounting, machined aluminum gear cases, hardened gearing, oil bath lubrication, needle bearings, etc. Typical applications include conveyors, food service equipment, switchgear, ice-making equipment, etc.