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Aerospace motors are rugged, long-lasting, high-performance motors used for a variety of applications, including: targeting systems, ground vehicles, satellites, etc.

Aerospace motors are rugged, long-lasting, high-performance motors used for a variety of applications, including: targeting systems, ground vehicles, satellites, etc.

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  • Arc Systems, Inc.

    Arc Systems, Inc. offers brushless DC and AC induction aerospace motors. Brushless DC aerospace motors come in sizes raging from 1.125 to 4.40, torque constants ranging from 1.75 to 390 oz-in, voltages ranging from 24 to 600 VDC, and shaft speeds ranging from 440 to 21000 RPM. These motors come with built-in controllers, and they utilize a variety of high-energy materials, including: Hyperco 50, samarium cobalt, boron, iron, neodymium, etc.

  • Ramco Electric Motors, Inc.

    Ramco Electric Motors, Inc. offers motor assemblies for the following industries: pump manufacturers, motor manufacturers, military, aerospace, machine manufacturers, generator manufacturers, etc. Ramco provides DC brush-type, DC brushless stator, or AC induction motor options with power ratings ranging from fractional to 200 HP. These assemblies are AS9100:2009 and ISO9001:2008 compliant.

  • Aero Space Controls Corp.

    Aero Space Controls Corp. offers aerospace motors in the following types: flap with gear reducer, landing gear with brake, blower, flap with gear reducer, air conditioner, etc. These motors come in diameters ranging from 2 to 4 inches, voltages ranging from 14 to 28 VDC, and speeds ranging from 70 to 5,800 RPM. They are ideal for a variety of applications, including: flap positioning systems, air conditioning systems, and actuator systems.

  • Dynetic Systems

    Dynetic Systems offers aerospace motors in wet fuel pump, camera lift actuator, gearmotor/encoder, custom shafts, high altitude, and low/high temperature configurations. Camera lift actuator motors come in temperatures ranging from -40 to +100°C, peak torque ratings up to 70 in-lbs, 5.3 Amps, and voltages up to 28V DC. These motors feature bulkhead mounting plates, EMI filters, worm drive/gear reduction holding brakes, and redundant dual drive motor/clutch assemblies. They are ideal for positioning optical/infrared cameras on security and surveillance aircraft.

  • J & N Metal Products

    J&N Metal Products offers mechanical and electromechanical assembly services for the following industries: aerospace, robotics, refrigeration, pharmaceutical, military, electronics, electrical, etc. J&N is capable of assembling a variety of products, including: power tools, motors, mechanisms, heaters, gauges, engines, brake systems, batteries, assemblies, appliances, etc.

  • Island Components Group Inc

    Island Components Group, Inc. offers precision motors and motor generators for the military and aerospace industries. Motor types offered include: hysteresis, universal, synchronous, induction, specialty split-field, shunt, converter-driven, DC brush-type, brushless, etc. These motors come in diameters ranging from 1/2" to 9".

  • Superior Motion Control, Inc.

    Superior Motion Control, Inc. offers motors and electronic controls for the aerospace and military industries. Areas of manufacturing and design including: precision manufacturing, gear cutting, electromechanical assembly, motor/electronic controls, gearing, gear boxes, and linear/rotary actuators.

  • BEI Kimco Magnetics

    BEI Kimco Magnetics offers motors for the following aerospace/defense industry applications: stabilized platform, robotics, gimbal drives, low-bandwidth torquers, etc. Motor types offered include: smart voice coil actuators with integrated position sensor, rotary voice coil actuators, linear voice coil actuators, BLDC motor controllers, and brushless DC motors. BEI Kimco fractional horsepower brushless DC motors (BLDC) that are currently manufactured in sizes from 1.1" up to 20” in O.D. diameter and capable of operating at speeds in excess of 70K RPM. BEI Kimco linear voice coil actuaors offer strokes up to 4” and forces up to 225 Lbs. Rotary versions are available with up to 30 degrees of total excursion angle and a maximum torque of 1000 oz-in. Both offer infinite positioning capabilities for your application.

  • Circor Aerospace, Inc. / Aerodyne Controls

    Circor Aerospace, Inc. offers DC motors for the aerospace, medical, military, industrial, computer, oil/gas, space, servo, robotics, and instrumentation industries.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers hydraulic motors for the following applications: military ground vehicles, space vehicles, general aviation aircraft, military aircraft, motor-pump packages for power transfer units, flight controls for flap drives, etc. These motors are capable of handling speeds up to 15,000 RPM, torques rated up to 135 Nm, and operating pressures up to 5000. They are reliable, efficient, and lightweight.