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Air compressors are used to convert power into kinetic energy by pressurizing/compressing air, so that the air can be strategically released in quick bursts.

Air compressors are used to convert power into kinetic energy by pressurizing/compressing air, so that the air can be strategically released in quick bursts.

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  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply offers Marathon Electric air compressor motors in the following models: 3K788, 3K785, 6KHJ5, 1ATA9, and 1ATA8. These motors feature Class B insulations, rigid welded base mounting, ball bearings, open drip-proof enclosures, capacitor-start/run motor types, and manual thermal protection. They come in horsepower ratings ranging from 1/2 to 7-1/2, RPM ranges from 1400 to 3600, voltages ranging from 115 to 230, and NEMA/IEC frame sizes ranging from 56 to G56H.

  • Koffler

    Koffler offers Leeson single and three phase drip-proof/rigid base compressor duty motors for fan, pump, and air compressor applications. These motors feature high breakdown torques, prelubricated double shields, Class "F" windings/varnish, and a rugged mechanical construction. Leeson single-phase compressor duty motors have horsepower ratings ranging from 1 to 10 HP, speeds ranging from 1725 to 3450 RPM, voltages ranging from 115 to 230V, and fluid amp ratings ranging from 6.4 to 43.

  • Wolters Motors & Drives

    Wolters Motors & Drives offers three-phase NEMA, premium efficiency, air compressor motors in TEFC C-Face (1-100HP), TEFC (1-500HP), and ODP (1-600HP) configurations. TEFC C-Face motors are built for operation in dusty/moist atmospheric conditions, and they are ideally suited for the following applications: packaging equipment, cement mills, fans, steel mills, pumps, refineries, crushers, etc. They have voltage ratings ranging from 208 to 575V, RPM ratings ranging from 1200 to 3600, and a three-phase 2-8 pole construction.

  • Baldor

    Baldor offers premium efficient AC and pump AC motors. Model EL3403 premium efficient AC motors feature TEFC enclosures, ball bearings, ISR copper windings, heavy gauge steel frames, and a low-loss electrical grade lamination steel construction. These motors have voltage ratings up to 230, speeds up to 1745 RPM, and 0.25 HP outputs. They are ideally used in applications where frequent or continuous duty is required.

  • Electric Motor Warehouse

    Electric Motor Warehouse single phase replacement air compressor motors in 12 configurations. These motors have the following features: rigid bases, NEMA/open drip-proof designs, ball bearings, manual reset buttons, Amps ranging from 11.5 to 31, RPM ratings ranging from 1725 to 3450, and horsepower ratings ranging from 2 to 7.5 HP.

  • Brance-Krachy Co., Inc.

    Brance-Krachy Co., Inc. offers Baldor, WEG, Reliance, and severe duty compressor motors. Baldor model CL5023-50 explosion-proof motors feature positively locked drive end bearings, corrosion-resistant epoxy finish, and CSA/UL approvals for Class I/II and Groups D/F/G. These motors have horsepower ratings up to 1 HP, speeds up to 1425 RPM, and +/-15% voltage variations.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers air compressor motor soft starters for a variety of motor control applications, including: air compressors, agitators, escalators, crushers, conveyors, chillers, mills, tumblers, transformers, rolling mills, pelletizers, mixers, etc. These motors have the following benefits: reduced maintenance, reduced motor starting currents, internal mechanical contacts, smooth accelerations, extended lifespans, etc. They have control voltages up to 24 VDC, 45 or 55mm widths, and two-face control options.

  • Northern Tool & Equipment

    Northern Tool & Equipment offers Leeson air compressor electric motors for compressor duty applications that require high breakdown torques. These motors feature high breakdown torques, clockwise/counter clockwise wiring capabilities, a secure mounting rigid base, a drip-proof design, and UL/CSA certifications. They come in 5/8" shank diameters, 1-7/8" shank lengths, voltages ranging from 208 to 230, and rated RPMs up to 3,450.