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  • Click Automation

    Click Automation offers brush DC motors in a wide variety of models, including: 2600 Series, 6000 Series, 8000 Series, 9000 Series, and 14000 Series. Motors have diameters ranging from 0.86" to 2.6", peak torques up to 350 oz-in, non-load speeds up to 10,158 RPM, 5 to 11 slot armatures, and 2-pole permanent magnet stators. Additional features include: sintered bronze bearings, precision ground stainless steel shafts, standard graphite bushes, silicon-steel laminations, etc. Click also offers 3400 and 4000 Series brush motors.

  • Anaheim Automation

    Anaheim Automation offers brush DC motors in a variety of configurations, including: Standard PMDC w/Gearboxes, Small DC, PMDC w/Spur Gearboxes, PMDC w/Planetary Gearboxes, and 56C Frame PMDC. These motors have body diameters ranging from 20 to 90 mm, nominal voltages ranging from 1.2 to 230.0 V, no load speed RPMs of up to 26100, continuous torques of up to 4166.22 oz-in, and shaft diameters ranging from 2 to 23.8 mm. Anaheim Automation also offers DC speed controllers for over-current/short-circuit limiting protection.


  • Kollmorgen Corp.

    Kollmorgen offers a variety of brush DC motors, including ServoDisc, PMDC, and DC torque. ServoDisc motors have a torque range from 0.12 to 33 N-m, and a speed range from 0 to 4,000 RPM. PMDC motors have horsepower ranges from 1/8 to 3 HP, voltages from 24 to 180, and speeds up to 1750 RPM. DC torque motors are ideal for speed control or positioning systems that require a high torque at a low speed, a high stall torque, or an optimum torque at a high speed.

  • Moog, Inc., Industrial Controls Div.

    Moog Components offers a variety of DC brush motors. D-1125-A-4 brush torque motors have peak torque ratings of 6.6 oz-in, 4 poles, voltages up to 26.4 V, and 1.91 amps at peak torque. Other product features include: plated magnet assemblies, special magnetic material alloy, a stable high temperature encapsulation, a molded brush block assembly, a double insulated magnetic wire, etc. These motors have the following applications: space/vacuum instruments, missile seeker systems, cockpit instrumentation, fire control radars, stabilized gun/fire control systems, gimbals for FLIR, etc. Moog also offers PMDC servomotors, optical encoders, and gearmotors.

  • Telco Motion

    Telco Motion offers low cost, industrial grade, and gearbox-brushed brush torque PMDC motors. Low cost PMDC motors range in size from 10 to 51 mm, they are available in up to 240 VDC/VAC, and can get speeds up to 3000 RPM. Industrial grade PMDC motors have diameters ranging from 1.57 to 7.87", up to 180 volts, and up to 32 maximum rated currents. Gearbox-Brushed PMDC motors can handle output speeds up to 2520 RPM, gear ratios up to 4096:1, and come in sizes ranging from 8 to 90 mm. These motors have applications for medical beds, office supplies, gym equipment, electric tools, household appliances, personal care products, etc.

  • SL Montevideo Technology, Inc (SL-MTI)

    SL-MTI offers BDC Series brush motors for specialized applications, including: missile seeker/guidance control, small radar systems, capstand/reel recorder, optical sight mechanisms, missile fin control systems, autopilot mechanisms, avionic flight heading instruments, etc. These motors have the following features: continuous stall torque ranges from 0.55 to 85.79 oz-in, a high altitude operation, high temperature insulation, mechanical/performance stability, Alnico/rare earth magnet materials, specialized brush materials, and an extended shelf life, etc.

  • H2W Technologies, Inc.

    H2W Technologies, Inc. offers DC linear brush motors. These motors have travel ranges from 1 to 120 inches, velocity ranges from 1 to 100 inches/sec, acceleration up to 12 G's, a 207 lbs maximum peak force, and a continuous force of up to 69 lbs. Additional features include: a low cost PWM amplifier, high speeds, high acceleration, available in many widths/lengths, and a low profile/small cross section. These motors have applications for inspection machines, parts transfer, coordinate measuring machines, and pick/place machines.

  • Hansen Corporation

    Hansen Corporation offers PMDC brush motors in brush, encoder, geared brush, new DC brush, and new DC step configurations. Series 21 brush PMDC motors have rated voltages ranging from 12 to 24 V, stall torque ratings from 62 to 234 oz-in, speeds up to 4800 RPM, and a terminal resistance range from 0.60 to 5.24 Ohms. Other features include: stainless steel output shafts, precision die-cast end bells, ball bearings a low cogging armature, a reversible configuration, etc. These motors are ideal for applications requiring low inertia loads and a high starting torque.

  • NMB Technologies

    NMB Technologies offers brush DC motors for computer peripherals, appliances, and motorized toy applications. These motors have rated voltages ranging from 1.5 to 42 V, rated loads ranging from 0.1 to 49 mN/m, and rated load speeds ranging from 1363 to 16426 min-1.