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  • Electric Motor Warehouse


    Electric Motor Warehouse distributes Baldor-brand right angle gear motors available from 1/50HP to 1/4HP, along with Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. right angle gear motors. The company also supplies 90 VDC right angle gear motors - from 30 rpm to 360 rpm - manufactured by Dayton, along with Lesson-brand right angle gear motors from 1/8HP to 1/4HP or 1/40 HP to 1/17 HP.


  • Bodine Electric Company


    Bodine Electric Company's line of DC right angle gearmotors includes 13 series, horsepower ranging from 1/4HP to 1/29HP. Depending on model, the gearmotors feature rated torque of 5.2 lb-in. to 380 lb-in., and speed of 6.2 rpm to 500 rpm.


  • Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.


    Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. manufactures three series of DC right angle gearmotors. The 746 series features input of 1/15HP and torque of 15 to 68 in-lbs., while the 750 series feature input of 1/4 or 1/8 HP and speed of 30 to 360 rpm. The VWDIR23 motor features input of 1/10 or 1/20 HP and torque of 34 to 250 in-lbs.


  • RAE Corporation


    RAE Corp. produces eight series of right angle gearmotors designed for applications requiring low output torque, moderate output torque at slow output speeds, high output torque, or back drive. The G250 series has an 80 to 90 percent efficiency rating, while the G16 model provide continuous duty torque of 95 inch pounds.


  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply distributes Dayton-brand right angle DC gearmotors that feature full load torque of 25 in.-lbs. and a voltage rating of 90 VDC.

  • Baldor


    Baldor designs and manufactures right angle DC gear motors with output ranging from 1.7 rpm to 500 rpm, torque of 0 lb.-in. to more than 400 lb.-in., voltage of 90 or 180, and ratios of 5:1 to 1100:1.


  • Global Industrial

    Global Industrial distributes Lesson right angle DC gearmotors that provide continuous service over a 60:1 speed range. The 12V, 90V, and 180V motors also provide constant torque of 5 lbs. to 135 lbs. The motors are designed for battery power or can be used with a low voltage controller.

  • Anaheim Automation

    Anaheim Automation's line of right angle gear motors are available in sizes from 40mm to 120mm, and with gear ratios ranging from 3:1 to 512:1. Ideal for redirecting power flow, the motors provide torque up to 36,816 ounce-inches and feature backlash of 5 arc-min.

  • Toledo Gearmotor

    Toledo Gearmotors provides a number of right angle gear reducers including the C55-HS model. This right angle gear reducer features output speeds of 172.5, 115, 86.25, 71.87, 57.5, 43.13, 38.33, 35.94, or 28.75 RPM; and ratios ranging from 10:1 to 60:1.