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  • SEW-Eurodrive, Inc.

    SEW-Eurodrive, Inc. is a supplier of automation equipment and components. Helical gear motor products offered include the R series in single stage, two stage and three stage models, featuring foot or flange mounted design, high torque density and motor power ranging from 0.12 hp to 215 hp.

  • Emerson Power Transmission

    Emerson Power Transmission is a manufacturer of bearings, components and power transmission drives. Available products include in line helical gear motors featuring 1/6 hp through 75 hp ratings, gear ratios from 1.25:1 to 6300:1, oversized bearings, magnetic drain plug, cast iron housing and output torque to 155,00 in/lbs.

  • Sterling Electric

    Sterling Electric is a manufacturer of motors and grear motors. Helical gear motor products available feature cast iron construction, 7.2:1 nominal ratio, 20 HP rating, 4862 torque output in/lbs, foot mounting and factory filled with EP320 grade lubricant.

  • DieQua

    Diequa is a manufacturer and distributor of gearboxes for power transmission and motion control applications. Inline helical gear motors are avilable with gear ratios from 15;1 to 1800:1, torque capabilities to 6,000 ft/lbs, power rating from 0.6 hp to 60 hp and class 12 gears.

  • Cone Drive Gearing Solutions

    Cone Drive Gearing Solutions is a supplier of double enveloping worm gear products. Helical gear motors feature inline design, unit sizes from 01 to 14, input power up to 90 kW, torque output to 11,000 Nm, gear ratios up to 16,2000:1 and high load carrying capacity.

  • Demag Cranes & Components Corp.

    Demag Cranes & Components Corp. is a supplier of crane equipment and related components. Type D helical gear motors are available in 9 sizes in both foot and flange mounted designs. Helical gear motors also feature torque ratings tom 60 ft/lbs to 8,900 ft/lbs..

  • Siemens

    Siemens is a supplier of automation equipment. Helical gear motors are available featuring 1, 2, or 3 stage construction, foot or flange mounting, solid shafts, and high power range. Typical helical gear motor applications include conveyor belts, vertical conveyors and packaged good transportation.

  • Clearwater Technologies Inc

    Clearwater Tech is a supplier specializing in industrial automation parts and components. Product offerings include helical gear motors featuring NEMA C design, foot or flange mount, double output seal design and steel construction.