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  • Groschopp Inc

    Groschopp designs and manufactures planetary gearmotors in AC, DC and brushless DC designs. All come in planetary or planetary right angle configurations. The AC gearmotors feature 5 - 686 RPM with 3.2 - 322 in/lb rated torque. DC types offer 5 - 550 RPM and 4.9 - 322 in/lbs rated torque.

  • Anaheim Automation

    Anaheim Automation offers over a dozen series' of in-line planetary gearboxes designed for motion control applications requiring moderate or minimal backlash and stiffness. Torque ranges from 54 in/lbs for the GBPA-055x-CS Series to 10,488 in/lbs for the GBPH-180x-NP Series. All planetary gearboxes are designed to fit NEMA motors.

  • Igarashi Motor Sales

    Igarashi is a designer and manufacturer of planetary gearmotors for the OEM market. The IG22 is a 22 mm design capable of mating with Igarashi 15 and 18 series DC motors. IG30 planetary gearmotors are a 30 mm design capable of mating with the Igarashi 27 and 29 series of DC motors. The IG42 is a 42 mm design capable of mating with the Igarashi 36 and 42 series of DC motors.

  • Micro-Drives

    Micro-Drives manufactures DC gearmotors with planetary gearheads for OEM applications. These are miniature slot wound iron core drives ranging in power output from 0.6 W up to 60 W. DC gearmotors feature outer diameters of 16 mm to 40 mm, lengths of 41.55 - 52.5 mm to 98.5 - 125.3 mm, shaft diameters of 3 mm to 8 mm, nominal voltages of 6v, 12v, 24v and 30v, rpm of 5970 to 13500, and rated torque of 150 to 300 mNm.

  • Composite Motors

    Composite Motors Inc. (CMI) engineers and manufactures planetary gearheads for lower speed and higher torque applications. The GRMA Series features a Mil-Spec compliant IP67 enclosure with a 125˚C in 25˚C ambient temperature range. The BLDA Series comes in a compact Mil-Spec 810 compliant IP-65 package and is available as air cooled or water cooled up to 12 hp.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker's PV Series planetary gearbox features a wide combination of competitive output faces and high radial load capacities. These planetary gearboxes are available in four metric/NEMA frame sizes and a variety of ratios. Backlash (arc minutes) ranges from <3, <4, <10, <14 and <18. Continuous torque is available from 3 to 60 Nm, 5 to 1808 Nm, 18 to 158 Nm, 11 to 1808 Nm, and 7 to 45 NM.

  • RAE Corporation

    RAE Corporation is a manufacturer of planetary gearmotors. Their GP300 Series is an in-line planetary gearbox designed for high torque applications in a limited space. Features include continuous duty, 300 in/lbs rating, speeds up to 400 RPM, 12 up to 180 VDC, 5:1 up to 125:1 ratios, 0.750" standard shaft diameter, and Class "F" insulation.

  • Telco Motion

    Telco Motion designs and manufactures right angle, parallel shaft, micro DC, plastic, ODM/OEM, and induction gear motors with planetary and spur gear designs from 8 mm up to 120 mm in diameter with reduction ratios from 3:1 to 5625:1. Micro DC gearmotors feature an output speed range of 1.8 - 2520 rpm and 5 types of backlash at no-load (from ≤ 1.50 to ≤ 40).

  • PE (Power Electric)

    Power Electric offers planetary gear motors ranging from 10 mm to 110 mm that can be configured to your exact requirements. Rated torque of 12V models ranges from 1.3 to 100 in/lbs with rated speeds of 8.3 to 1568 RPM. 24V models can be configured with 1.8 to 100 in/lbs of torque and speeds of 8.4 to 1524 RPM.

  • Precision Microdrives

    Precision Microdrives is a manufacturer of flange type planetary gearmotors. Body diameters range from 6 mm to 12 mm, body lengths range from 15.8 mm to 22.2 mm, and gear ratios include 25:1, 120:1, and 170:1.

  • Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

    Allied Motion designs and manufactures right angle, parallel, in-line planetary gearmotors (shaft versions). Options include a choice of PMDC or BLDC motor, cast aluminum precision gearing and gearboxes, continuous output up to 1/2 HP, and custom versions for specific applications. Rated torque of 20 lb-in (2.3 Nm) to 150 lb-in (16.9 Nm), and rated speed of 49 - 57 RPM to 100 RPM are available. Products can be 12 VDC, 12 / 115 VDC, or 22.5 / 24 VDC.

  • Transmotec

    Transmotec offers their PD Series 1W-40W DC planetary gearmotors. Options include diameters of 13 mm to 42 mm, voltages of 2.4 - 3.0 VDC to 12.0 - 24.0 VDC, rated speeds of 1.6 - 1250 RPM to 2.8 - 2500 RPM, and rated torques of 20 - 2000 G-CM up to 500 - 30,000 G-CM.

  • Dynetic Systems

    Dynetic Systems manufactures a half dozen models of planetary gearmotors. Offerings include a 1.5" diameter brushed planetary gearmotor with 50 watts of power, up to 78 oz/in of torque, and gear ratios up to 7000:1. Other sizes include a 2.25" diameter, 145 watt, 260 oz/in, 700:1 ratio model, and a brushed motor with a right angle planetary gearbox (backlash beginning at 8 arc/mi) and NEMA 34 enclosure.

  • Stainless Motors, Inc

    Stainless Motors' inline planetary gearmotors feature cast T304 housings with sanitary footmounts. Custom modifications such as flange or C-face mounts, or altered shaft dimensions can be produced. Planetary reducers are available with extra short output shafts as a standard option. Standard planetary gearmotors come with 3:1 up to 25:1 ratios, output rpm of 69 to 580, and a range of 0.5 to 30 HP. Ratios above 26 (output less than 68 RPM) are available and produced to order.

  • SEW-Eurodrive, Inc.

    SEW-Eurodrive offers their P.2 Series helical bevel planetary gearmotors with 210,000 to 3,200,000 in/lbs of torque. These gear units are designed so that the gearmotor is directly mounted in front of the planetary gear unit. SEW's "P" Series planetary gearmotors can be used in all applications where heavy weights have to be moved at low speeds. Four and five stage are available with reduction ratios of 100 to 4200 and 140 to 4200.

  • Merkle-Korff Industries, Inc., A Kinetek Co.

    Merkle-Korff PMDC planetary gearboxes feature a compact, low-weight design. Low noise is achieved by using first stage planet gears made of helical plastic. The pinion is hobbed directly on the motor shaft. The ring gear and secondary planet gears are made of sintered metal. The  stainless steel output shaft is supported by dual ball bearings.