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  • RAE Corporation

    With over eight series' of right angle gearmotors to choose from, RAE Corporation has nearly every torque rating, input HP and speed rating you need. For example, the G4 Series features a 7 in-lbs rating, speeds up to 400 rpm, 12 up to 115 VDC, 12:1 up to 47:1 ratios, 0.250" maximum shaft diameter, and Class "F" insulation.

  • Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

    Allied Motion offers BLDC gearmotors in right-angle shaft versions. Custom designs are also available. Right-angle gearmotor options include power ratings of 1/30 HP to 3/8 HP, torque ratings of 20 in/lbs to 150 in/lbs, speed ratings of 33.5 to 170 RPM, and voltages of 12, 24, 22.5/24 and 12/115 VDC.

  • Bodine Electric Company

    Bodine Electric offers AC, DC and brushless DC right angle gearmotors. AC types come in a half dozen models with torque ratings ranging from 16 to 37 in/lbs to 290 to 380 in/lbs. There are over a dozen DC right angle gearmotors to choose from with 1/28 hp to 1/4 hp, and speeds from 0.7 rpm to 500 rpm. BLDC right angle gearmotors are also available.

  • Groschopp Inc

    Groschopp manufactures AC, DC and brushless DC gearmotors in right angle and right angle planetary designs. AC parallel shaft gearmotors feature 115 & 230 VAC, 5 – 686 RPM, 3.2 – 322 in-lb rated torque, 1/20 – 3/4 HP, 5:1 – 320:1 standard ratios, and single or three phase operation.

  • Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.

    Bison manufactures both AC and DC right angle gearmotors. AC designs come in 1/15 to 1/4 HP, 15 to 250 in/lbs of torque, and speeds of 1.5 to 330 RPM. DC models feature 1/20 to 1/4 HP, torque ratings of 14 to 250 in/lbs, and speeds of 3 to 360 RPM.

  • Toledo Gearmotor

    Toledo Gearmotor right-angle gearmotors are designed for smaller, lighter, and energy efficient power transmission applications. Options include input from 1/6 to 3 HP, gear ratios from 5:1 to 60:1, hp in .27 to 3.36, hp out .14 to 3.06, torque out (in-lbs) 239 to 1138, and a 56C frame (143 frame and shaft-mount unit available).

  • Telco Motion

    Telco Motion provides standard right angle gearboxes and also features right angle gearmotors such as wiper motors. Telco Motion right angle speed reducers come with ratios from 1:5 to 1:5000. Special ratios are also available. Very low backlash is optional. Output torques range from 1.8 to 2430 Nm.

  • Electric Motor Center, Inc.

    Electric Motor Center offers Baldor AC gearmotors available in a torque range from 15 to 627 in-lbs in right angle designs with standard industry mounting configurations. Baldor DC gearmotors come in 90 and 180 volts with right angle designs, as well as with industry standard mounting configurations. Enclosures can be TENV or TEFC with 14 to 335 rpm speeds. Units are 50/60 hz, single or three phase.

  • Dumore Motors

    Dumore Corp. offers a half dozen series' of right angle gearmotors. The DR18 Series features 18 in-lbs torque, 2 - 83 rpm, and 12 - 240 VDC. The DR60 Series offers 60 in-lbs of torque, 35 - 600 rpm, and 12 - 240 VDC. The DR500 Series features 500 in-lbs of torque, 6 -58 rpm, and 12 - 240 VDC.

  • Bluffton Motor Works

    Bluffton offers right angle worm gearmotors with reductions up to 70:1. Typical specs for a 36 frame motor include 1725 rpm,, 1/4 hp for ODP, 1/6 hp for TEFC, 1/8 hp for TENV, and 1/2 hp for intermittent duty. Other frame sizes offer different specs. Right angle single and worm types also feature a 31:1 gear ratio, output speeds of 44-55 rpm (1350-1725 rpm motor), and output torque of 43 in-lbs (1/12 hp motor).

  • Dynetic Systems

    Dynetic Systems is a manufacturer of right angle gearmotors. Four series' of standard right angle gearmotors are produced. The MS15, 22, 31 GCRA series brushed motors come in 1.5", 2.25", and 3.125" diameters. The MS31GH(RA) series brushed motors offer a 3" size diameter. The MS22GCP & GC(RA) series features backlash starting at 8 arc/min and a NEMA 23 enclosure. The MS31GCP & GC(RA) series offers backlash starting at 8 arc/min and a NEMA 34 enclosure.

  • Fasco

    FASCO manufactures right angle FHP gearmotors, from long-life high performance types to light duty sub-FHP gearmotors. AC gearmotors are available from 1-500 rpm, up to 3000 in-lbs torque, single rotation or reversible. DC gearmotors feature single rotation or reversible action, 25-800 in-lbs of torque and 6-300 rpm. AC/DC right angle gearmotors are series wound motors with an output of 4-600 rpm, and up to 250 in-lb of torque.

  • DieQua

    Diequa is a North American marketing, sales, engineering, and manufacturing partner of several European manufacturers of right angle gearmotors. Servo worm right angle gear reducers are available in three backlash levels, and single or two stage designs. The Tandler Series SK2PFS right angle servo gearheads feature ratios of 6:1 up to 60:1, nominal torque of 32 in-lbs to 810 in-lbs, and inertia 10-5 kgm2 of 9.2 up to 482.

  • SDP/SI

    SDP/SI is a manufacturer of a variety of right angle gearheads, including right angle planetary and spur gear designs, as well as speed reducers. Their right angle planetary Economy Series features gear ratios or 3:1 to 5.5:1, continuous peak torque of 120/150 in-lb to 1726/2398 in-lbs, and max rated input rpm of 4000 to 5000.

  • All-Lift Systems

    All-Lift Systems offers Demag right angle (type W) gearmotors in 10 gearbox sizes for flange, foot or universal mounting. Gearbox size W10 features 90 ft-lb of output torque with gear ratios of 5:1 - 10:1. The W100 gearbox size, by contrast, offers 8851 ft-lbs of output torque and gear ratios of 16:1 - 485:1.

  • PE (Power Electric)

    Power Electric offers right angle gearmotors. Voltage ranges from 1.2 volts to 120 volts. Speeds range from 2 rpm to 1,000 rpm. Brush, brushless and stepper motor technologies are utilized.

  • Brother International Corp.

    Brother manufactures their GTR Series of hypoid/helical right angle and helical inline gearmotors designed for lighter, smaller, and more energy efficient power transmission applications. Brother uses a CBN grinding process, high ratio hypoid gearing, and die cast aluminum housings for their right angle gearmotors.