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  • RAE Corporation

    RAE Corporation manufactures right angle worm gearmotors in eight different series'. The G4 Series single worm reduction gearmotors are designed for applications requiring low output torque. The G7 Series double worm reduction worm gearmotors aree designed for applications requiring moderate output torque at slow output speeds. RAE's oil filled G16 right angle gear train gives you up to 95 inch pounds of torque.

  • Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

    Allied Motion offers PMDC worm gearmotors in right-angle shaft configurations. Their RAA Series gear motor is designed for battery powered medical mobility applications, such as wheelchair and scooter lifts, and wheelchair seat actuators. The RAB Series are designed for battery-powered lifting and moving applications such as swivel actuators. Allied Motion also offers their RAC, RAD and RAE right-angle worm gearmotors.

  • Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.

    Bison is a manufacturer of AC right-angle worm gearmotors. Their 746 Series features 1/15 input HP, 20 to 75 in-lbs of torque, and speeds from 27 to 157 RPM. The 756 Series offers 1/8 and 1/4 input HP, 15 to 130 in-lbs of torque and speeds of 28 to 330 RPM. Bison's VWDIR03 AC worm gearmotors feature 1/15 input HP, 27 to 250 in-lbs of torque, and speeds of 4.5 to 100 RPM.

  • Bodine Electric Company

    The Bodine Electric Company offers over a half dozen series' of AC right angle worm gearmotors. Their 30R-3RD Series has 88 to 148 in-lbs of torque. The 34R-3F Series features 16 to 37 in-lbs, while the 34R-5F offers 16 to 121 in-lbs of torque. Bodine's highest torque AC right angle worm gearmotors are their 42R-GB/H Series with 290 to 380 in-lbs.

  • Baldor

    Baldor offers their GM25280 worm gearmotor in three and single phase motor designs. Features include a helical output stage and ground worm first stage, factory lubricated for life, bidirectional motor seals, no maintenance required, and completely sealed from the environment.

  • Electric Motor Warehouse

    The Electric Motor Warehouse is a distributor of Leeson DC right angle worm gear motors, featuring a hardened steel worm with a bronze worm wheel. Precision machined aluminum housings are used. The gearbox has ball bearings while the housing is sealed and lubrication is permanent with an oil bath.

  • Bluffton Motor Works

    Bluffton Motor Works is a manufacturer of right angle worm gearmotors with worm gear reductions of up to 70 to 1 per stage. The sliding action of the worm gear engagement results in a lower noise level. The system uses needle or sleeve bearings in the gearcase and ball bearings in the motor.

  • Dynetic Systems

    Dynetic Systems is a manufacturer of medical gearmotors. Included in their offerings is a patient bed gearmotor with smooth and powerful worm gearing. Their bed lift actuator is a custom right angle gear motor. The Dynetic Systems axis drive motor is a custom designed hollow shaft gear motor with a worm drive reduction for powering scanning equipment.

  • Toledo Gearmotor

    Toledo Gearmotor offers right angle speed reducers, parallel shaft gear reducers and gearmotors. Gearmotor features include bronze worm gears, ratios of 5.5 to 61, speeds of 28.8 to 375 RPM, .14 to .96 input HP, 114 to 332 in/lbs of torque, aluminum housings, and induction hardened worm gears.

  • SEW-Eurodrive, Inc.

    SEW-EURODRIVE "S" Series helical-worm gear units are helical/helical-worm combinations. These worm gearmotors can be used in industrial applications and tailored to individual torque and speed requirements. Features include gear unit reduction ratios of 6.8 to 288, output torque of 380 to 35,400 in-lbs, and a motor power range of 0.12 to 22 kW.

  • DieQua

    WATT Drive helical worm modular gearmotors and reducers feature power capabilities from 0.16 to 7.5 HP, gear ratios from 10:1 to 2000:1, torque capabilities to 1000 ft/lbs, and up to 90% efficiency. There are multiple input and output options available.

  • Leroy-Somer

    Leroy Somer offers six sizes of worm gear motors with features including output torque of 20 to 1500 Nm, power ratings from 0.18 to 9 kW, reduction ratios from 5.2 to 100, 55% to 88% efficiency ratings, and silent operation.

  • Transmotec

    Transmotec is a supplier of DC worm gear motors. Their WD Series comes in 25W-500W and offers nearly a dozen models to choose from. Other motor types offered by Transmotec include spur gear, planetary gear and no gear configurations.