Motors • Hazardous Location Motors

Designed for use in applications where they may exposed to conditions such as explosive gases, vapors or liquids such as gasoline as well as explosive or ignitable dusts.

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  • Baldor

    Baldor offers hazardous location motors in a variety of configurations, including: CDX1875, CDPX3426, CDPX3416, CDPX3406, and CDPX3545. Baldor motors have horsepower ratings ranging from 0.25 to 2 HP, speeds up to 1750 RPM, and field armature voltages ranging from 90 to 180. Other motor features include: a NEMA-C face, a removable base, a TEFC enclosure, a shunt wound, class F insulation, UL/CSA certification, a thermostat/explosion proof conduit box, etc. These motors have the following applications: machine tools, textile equipment, printing, conveyors, feeders, pumps, etc.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply offers a variety of hazardous location motors, including: 56T17G15551, 56C17E15503, 56T17G15540, 56C17G15526, and 5KC36PNB169X. These motors have horsepower ratings ranging from 1/3 to 500 HP, RPM ranges from 1000 to 3600, voltages ranging from 115 to 460 V, and NEMA/IEC frame sizes ranging from 56 to 586/7S. These motors have totally enclosed fan-cooled/non-ventilated enclosures, and they come in foot, base, face, and rigid mounting types. Motor types offered include split-phase, capacitor-start, capacitor-run, and 3-phase.

  • Electric Trading Company

    Electric Trading Co. offers explosion proof and hazardous location motors for air compressor, pump, blower, and fan applications. These motors have horsepower ratings ranging from 1/4 to 1 HP, speeds ranging from 1200 to 1800 RPM, and voltages ranging from 115 to 230 AC. Motors have a rigid mount configuration and a TEFC 56 frame.

  • Elwood Motors

    Elwood Motors offers SX Series hazardous location rated servo motors for dust and gas environments. These motors come in frame sizes ranging from 3" to 7", they have torque ranges from 12.2 to 440.4 lb-in, rated speeds ranging from 3,600 to 5,700 RPM, and 230/460V windings. Additional features include: a rear-exit NPT pipe thread, resolver/encoder feedback, UL/ATEX certifications, custom shafts, rear-exit NPT pipe threading, etc.

  • Baldor-Dodge Reliance

    Baldor-Dodge Reliance offers Duty Master XP brake motors for industrial applications containing hazardous dust, vabor, gas, fibers, or other explosive materials. These motors have the following benefits/features: vertical mountings, separate XP conduit boxes, actuated AC solenoids, manual release levers, UL/CSA listings, thermostats for temperature protection, class F "Centriseal" insulation, etc.

  • Toshiba

    Toshiba offers definite purpose motors. These motors have horsepower ratings ranging from 1 to 200 HP, speeds ranging from 1200 to 3600 RPM, voltages ranging from 230 to 575 V, and frame sizes ranging from 143T to 447T. Additional features include: class F insulation, 0.12 in/sec of unfiltered vibration, IP65 protection, a totally enclosed explosion-proof enclosure, and a cast iron construction.

  • Ohio Electric Motors, Inc.

    Ohio Electric Motors, Inc. offers explosion proof motors. These motors have diameters ranging from NEMA 48 to 56, volts ranging from 12 to 180, RPMs ranging from 500 to 4,000, and horsepower ratings ranging from 1/8 to 1 1/4 HP. Additional features include: low low steel laminations, long life sealed ball bearings, precision dynamic balancing, high startup torque, high-temp polyester varnish, and UL/CSA listed. These pumps have applications for reels, winches, blower drives, and pump drives.

  • Advanced Industrial Devices, Inc.

    Advanced Industrial Devices, Inc. offers single phase explosion-proof motors. These motors come in a rigid base, 56 frame configuration, and range in voltages from 115 to 230 V. They are UL listed, CSA certified, and they meet the UL frame temperature limit code T3B. Additional features include: an automatic reset thermal protector, an explosion-proof conduit box, a 1.0 service factor, a size 56 frame, etc. These motors have Class I/II Groups C, D, F, and G approvals.

  • Bluffton Motor Works

    Bluffton Motor Works offers explosion-proof general purpose and gasoline dispensing motors. These motors have horsepower ratings ranging from 1/4 to 3 HP, speeds ranging from 1140 to 3450 RPM, ball bearings, reversible rotation, and an automatic reset thermal protection. Additional features include Class I/II Group C-G ratings, an on-off line switch with a rotating actuator, a conduit kit box, etc.